Wimoweh, Wimoweh, Wimoweh, Wimoweh

Sunday afternoon, I had the great pleasure of Skyping with My Mother The Dowager Duchess and… drumroll please… The Kid Brother!

When I spoke with him during the week, he said he had an appointment Saturday. So I suggested he visit on Sunday and he immediately agreed. Dudo was happy to see him, too. When he hears The Kid Brother’s voice, he knows he’s going to get a treat. I put the laptop on the kitchen floor so the cats can see him and he can see them when they get their treat. (Click here to learn about Kid Brother CatSkype.)

The Dowager Duchess and The Kid Brother went out for lunch (across the avenue, which is quite a walk for the Duchess) and even did a little shopping. So, everyone was happy this weekend. (Oh, yeah, and the Dowager Duchess is amazing.)


Monday Morning’s Magic…

Don’t fear. I’ve been sleeping a lot better recently knowing The Duchess is doing well and the Kid Brother is back to his routine.

Note: The Tokens were from my neighbourhood in Brooklyn. I went to high school with their [also very talented] sister (Maxine Margo Rubin), who is host and executive producer of the radio show/podcast “The Many Shades of Green.” Check it out here.

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