I Found The Ticket!!!

I have exciting news: Last night, I found a “Lotería Nacional” ticket in my wallet!

So much for my “safe place.” I don’t know what I was thinking. A wallet was certainly not the safest place in the world for a piece of paper worth €400,000.

The strange thing is, however, the ticket I found was not actually mine. I have no idea who it belongs to (to whom it belongs, I know), but the ticket I found is not El Gordo. And, as we all know, MY ticket was [El Gordo]. That’s right. The Big One.

I went online and entered the number that appeared on not-my ticket and it, of course, came up a big goose egg. Zilch. Zip. Zippo. Squat. Naught. Nada!

I would love to know who swapped the tickets and is now out on the town celebrating.

I am extremely sorry to disappoint you, as I had planned on splitting the winnings evenly among us all. (Note: I do not plan to do so next year.)

Author: Moving with Mitchell

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