Can’t You Smell That Smell? / ¿No Puedes Oler Eso Olor?

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FRIENDS RAÚL AND Lina invited us yesterday for a traditional Cuban lunch. They’re both great cooks. Raúl did most of the cooking this time. Lina threw together dessert just before we arrived (as easily as I cut up my orange this morning). It was another excellent and unusual, for us, meal. They served seasoned tomatoes; fried plantains; Ropa Vieja (the name means “Old Clothes,” one of Cuba’s national dishes that originated in Spain’s Canary Islands); and rice and beans.

Adding to the charm is their dog Lincoln, who thinks the only reason anyone visits is to see him. It’s understandable. He’s a sweetheart. Although, when we arrived home, Moose didn’t agree. San Geraldo had to go wash.


LOS AMIGOS RAÚL y Lina nos invitaron ayer a un almuerzo tradicional cubano. Ambos son grandes cocineros. Raúl hizo la mayor parte de la cocina esta vez. Lina preparó el postre justo antes de que llegáramos (tan fácilmente como corté mi naranja esta mañana). Fue otra comida excelente e inusual para nosotros. Sirvieron tomates sazonados; plátanos fritos; Ropa Vieja (uno de los platos nacionales de Cuba que se originó en las Islas Canarias); y arroz congrí.

Además de su encanto está su perro Lincoln, que cree que la única razón por la que alguien visita es para verlo. Es comprensible. Es un cariño. Aunque, cuando llegamos a casa, Moose no estaba de acuerdo. San Geraldo tenía que ir a lavarse.

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18 thoughts on “Can’t You Smell That Smell? / ¿No Puedes Oler Eso Olor?”

  1. Cats and their sniffers! They don’t miss a trick.
    Lincoln looks like the typical ‘lab’……always in search of food!!
    Speaking of which….looks really good!

    1. Jim:
      Lincoln just mostly wants love. There was no food on the table. I walked out on the terrace; he followed me out and then stood next to me with his front paws on the railing and leaned his head on me. Irresistible.

    1. anne marie:
      I should have done video. His nose was twisting and wrinkling in every direction.

    1. Kirk:
      He was clearly bent out of shape … and so was his nose. Jerry DID go wash.

  2. These pix are awesome! SG looks like he has a growth on his arm. Snoutitis I suspect. That Moose has such expressive body language. It’s amazing somebody didn’t get Freddy Kruegered big time!

    1. Deedles:
      Lincoln was a riot. As I stood at the terrace railing, he came walking out and jumped up next to me with his front paws on the railing. He looked up into my eyes and then leaned his head onto my side. Such a sweetheart. And if Moose could have twisted his nose off his face, he would have.

    1. Cheapchick:
      Raúl is originally from Cuba and his cooking is out of this world. Such good food. Lincoln is so sweet.

    1. Debra:
      The lunch was exceptional. And Moose clearly did NOT like what he smelled.

    1. David:
      This was the most dramatic reaction we’ve ever gotten from Moose. So funny.

  3. Lynyrd Skynyrd, ohhhhh those guitars. This fat old hippie is dancing in her chair. I don’t actually remember this song, along with a lot of other things that allegedly happened in the same era.

    1. Susan:
      Oh, I remember the song well. First thing that came to my mind when i saw Moose’s face (and twitching and wrinkling nose).

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