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GIVEN THAT I was told I shouldn’t eat canned (tinned) fruit, I’ve been having a fresh orange every day. When the oranges run out, I’ll have something else. But, it means I’ve been cooking every morning. Which in my case simply means, I’m using a knife. An entire week and I haven’t cut myself. Not even once. My recipe is too complex to put into words, so I’ve decided to provide step-by-step photos beginning with the one at top.


DADO QUE ME dijeron que no debía comer fruta enlatada, he estado comiendo una naranja fresca todos los días. Cuando las naranjas se acaben, tomaré algo más. Pero, significa que he estado cocinando todas las mañanas. Lo que en mi caso simplemente significa, estoy usando un cuchillo. Una semana entera y no me he cortado. Ni una sola vez. Mi receta es demasiado compleja para ponerla en palabras, así que he decidido proporcionar fotos paso a paso que comiencen con la de arriba.

Not to be outdone, San Geraldo turned cauliflower into rice. Show-off!
Para no quedarse atrás, San Geraldo convirtió la coliflor en arroz. ¡Alarde!

Author: Moving with Mitchell

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24 thoughts on “Hey Good Lookin’ / Oye Luce Bien”

    1. David,
      I wouldn’t want to get carried away. Besides, if I stepped up to actual cooking skills, I’d also have to clean up after myself.

    1. Bob,
      Again today and no blood. I’m gifted… or should I say “special”? Jerry does have skills…

  1. HEY!
    The first step is knowing there’s a first step!! lol
    Hank got Ron moving around the kitchen doing the dishes.
    Since you are from the ORANGE CAPITAL OF THE WORLD, I bet those oranges are wonderful!

    1. Jim,
      Yes, these oranges are so good. But I don’t plan to take any more steps.

  2. I think I like your recipe better than SG’s 🙂 Cauliflower raw is okay, but cooked? Bluuurrrrrggggghhhh! Of course after consuming it raw, along with broccoli , it seems that we get invaded by invisible barking skunks! One question, does cutting up the orange before eating it curb your appetite? I peel mine with a knife and eat them like apples. My stomach doesn’t register that I’ve eaten one before I scarf down another. Compulsive eaters should never get diabetes!

    1. Deedles,
      I have the orange and then cereal and yogurt, so I don’t immediately want anything else. Two hours later though… the cauliflower rice is moist and flavorful… and mild. And very healthy for a diabetic I think. Gas leak!

      1. I looked up a recipe for cauliflower rice. It’s so simple, if I can grate it without injuring myself. I think I’ll try it just for the psychological advantage of having something faux starchy on my plate. Baby steps 🙂

      2. Deedles:
        After having the cauliflower rice, i don’t have any need for old-fashioned rice… as long as Jerry is making it. He uses the food processor. Ooh, those dangerous blades. As for “simple,” Jerry regularly tells me a recipe is “as easy as pie” and I then ask “Have you EVER seen me make a pie?”

  3. You really shouldn’t reveal all your cooking secrets in one go. Just wondering if the next lesson is boiling water?

    And isn’t cauliflower rice good? Just started doing it ourselves!

    1. Willym,
      It’s difficult to hold back all my cooking secrets when I only have one. But I do know how to boil water as well. I just don’t want to.

  4. Fresh fruit is always good, but why is canned fruit a no-no? Too much sugar? I love canned peaches in plain yogurt. I throw away all that syrup they’re packed in.

    1. Walt the Fourth,
      That’s exactly how I ate my canned peaches. Always drained the syrup. But apparently they still have more sugar than necessary. This may all be unnecessary; seeing another doctor next week.

  5. Knife skills are kind of like a gateway drug, remember being warned about those. You never know what this could lead to, boiling water, the next thing you know you be making tea.

    1. David,
      I do every now and again make tea with real boiled water. As for the knife skills, I don’t want to get overconfident. It’s just a matter of time until there’s blood.

    1. Good idea, Debra! Slash Along With Mitch. If he’s allowed a bigger knife, it will be a bloodbath (his own). It will be a ratings giant 🙂

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