Luke, For What Ails You / Luke, Por Lo Que Te Aflige

MY PAL LUKE and I were back at Bioparc Fuengirola (our local zoo) again this morning. For some reason, the focus was on the fish today. We spent a lot of time looking through the glass and talking excitedly about each fish as it passed. Later when we saw the tapir, an animal I told him about last time, he remembered and said, “It eats ants.” When we saw the chimps and the gorillas, he again reminded me that “they eat poop.” Also, “they pee in the water.” All very good things to know. And this time, instead of another ice cream sandwich (click here), Luke chose a push-up ice pop. Strawberry, please. He told me I could share it with him. Um, I love you Luke, but no thanks. And, just so he wouldn’t feel badly (ONLY so he wouldn’t feel badly) I got myself a Magnum double chocolate. So, Luke and chocolate, good for what ails me.

MI COMPADRE LUKE y yo estuvimos de nuevo en Bioparc Fuengirola (nuestro zoológico local) esta mañana. Por alguna razón, el foco estaba en el pez hoy. Pasamos mucho tiempo mirando a través del cristal y hablando con entusiasmo sobre cada pez a medida que pasaba. Más tarde, cuando vimos el tapir, un animal del que le hablé la última vez, recordó y “Come hormigas”. Cuando vimos a los chimpancés y los gorilas, otra vez me recordó que “ellos comen caca”. Tambien, “se orinan en el agua”. Todas las cosas muy buenas para saber. Y esta vez, en lugar de otro sándwich de helado (haz clic aquí), Luke eligió un pop de hielo. Fresa, por favor. Me dijo que podía compartirlo con él. Um, te amo Luke, pero no gracias. Y, solo para que él no se sintiera mal (SOLO para que él no se sintiera mal), me compré un chocolate doble de Magnum. OK, entonces, Luke y el chocolate, bien por lo que me aflige.



How I was feeling before I saw Luke. / Cómo me sentía antes de ver a Luke.





Author: Moving with Mitchell

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28 thoughts on “Luke, For What Ails You / Luke, Por Lo Que Te Aflige”

  1. Lovely,little Luke is so lucky to have you for a friend! So self-sacrificing, throwing yourself on that Magnum just so your little buddy wouldn’t get hurt. *Sniff*! Oh the FEELS!

    1. Deedles,
      I know. I’m not sure he appreciated the sacrifice I made for him. But I don’t do it for the credit. I do it because I’m always all about everyone else.

  2. Looks like I have to look up some animal facts! The only thing he remembers from his dear Mama is about poop! A tapir? What the hell is a tapir!? I’ll tell you one thing. There’s a good chance it pees in the water!

    1. Kathleen,
      And boy does he love reminding me that they eat poop… and pee in that water!

  3. What a good friend you are, willing to take a bullet in the form of Magnum icecream for him so he didn’t feel bad 🙂

    1. Debra,
      Just an exceptional little person. Sweet, kind, loving, funny, smart. I can’t believe how lucky I am to have friends like these!

  4. What a wonderful day and a handsome buddy you’re running with. I hope he appreciates your sacrifice with the ice cream, and seriously, the chocolate bothered your fingers?? What the he’ll do you have a ….never mind, I answered my own question 😍

    1. Mary,
      After I e cream, I said, Time to go Home? He grew very serious and said, No, first we have to buy a toy. He and the cats have me trained.

      1. Judy,
        Not just one… two! And he lined up a few for next time!

    1. Bob,
      He fills my heart with joy. He talked nonstop and I understand about 90 percent!

    1. Jennifer,
      Thanks. And everyone should be lucky enough to have friends like Kathleen, Pedro, and Luke in their lives.

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