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WE ARRIVED HOME Friday night to discover a new addition to our collection of stone sculptures created by My Mother the Dowager Duchess. I don’t think it’s another one of hers, although it fits in so well.

I know it’s a sculpture and not really Dudo because he’s not allowed on the coffee table (that The Dowager Duchess called the cocktail table). When we got home Saturday night, someone had moved the new sculpture.


LLEGAMOS A CASA el viernes por la noche para descubrir una nueva adición a nuestra colección de esculturas de piedra creadas por Mi Madre La Duquesa Viuda. No creo que sea otra de las suyas, aunque encaja tan bien.

Sé que es una escultura y no es realmente Dudo porque no está permitido en la mesa de centro (que La Duquesa Viuda llama la mesa de cócteles). Cuando llegamos a casa el sábado por la noche, alguien había movido la nueva escultura.

Lifelike, isn’t it? / Realista, ¿no es así?

Author: Moving with Mitchell

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18 thoughts on “Speaking of Art / Hablando de Arte”

  1. I want one! Obviously sculpted by the great Spanish Artist of Greek origins, El Gato! Beautiful! Now back to my commenting hiatus. This one i couldn’t resist.

    1. Kirk,
      I’ve given up. As long he doesn’t try that when we’re sitting there… and eating in front of the TV. But he still KNOWS the kitchen counter is not allowed. (Because he jumps off and runs the minute he sees me.)

    1. Debra,
      The kitchen counter is still off limits, so he only goes there when he thinks I’m not looking. But I’ve given up on the coffee table, as long as there’s no food on the table.

    1. David,
      Yeah, as Dudo would explain it, “allowed” is not in his vocabulary.

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