Are Trix for Kids? / ¿Trix Es Solo Para Niños?

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MY PAL LUKE and I went to the zoo (Bioparc Fuengirola) again yesterday and it made me think of my favorite breakfast cereals. Read on and you’ll see why. When I met San Geraldo (remember, I was just a child … of 27), I loved Froot Loops, Trix, and Lucky Charms. Like most children, I really only liked the marshmallow bits in Lucky Charms, and I loved making rainbow milk with the Trix and Froot Loops. My dear friend Susan — she of the recent care package (click here) remembered that.

Included in my box of goodies was a one-pound bag (half a kilo) of marshmallow bits. Susan attached a note saying we had to share the marshmallow bits with Luke. My first thought was, “Fat chance!” But yesterday I saw Luke floating in the ball pit at Bioparc’s brand new playground and it reminded me of a big bowl of Trix. And I thought, ‘Oh, go ahead. Share with the poor kid.’ Besides, I really don’t think a pound of marshmallow bits, is on any diabetic’s diet. Maybe Kathleen can use them to make some of her pseudo Rice Krispies treats (click here)— which I know changes the chemical structure of the marshmallow bits into something perfect for a Diabetic. That’s a scientific fact (that I just made up).


MI COMPADRE LUKE y yo fuimos al zoológico (Bioparc Fuengirola) otra vez ayer y me hizo pensar en mis cereales de desayuno favoritos. Sigue leyendo y verás por qué. Cuando conocí a San Geraldo (recuerda, yo era solo un niño … de 27), me encantaban los Froot Loops, Trix, y Lucky Charms. Como la mayoría de los niños, solo me gustaban los trocitos de malvavisco en Lucky Charms, y me encantaba hacer la leche del arco iris con Trix y Froot Loops. Mi querida amiga Susan: ella del paquete de cuidado reciente (haz clic aquí) lo recordó.

Incluido en la caja había una bolsa (medio kilo) de trocitos de malvaviscos. Susan adjuntó una nota que decía que teníamos que compartir los malvaviscos con Luke. Lo primero que pensé fue: “¡Ni hablar de eso!”. Pero ayer vi a Luke flotando en el hoyo de la pelota en el nuevo parque de juegos de Bioparc y me recordó un gran tazón de Trix. Y pensé, ‘Oh, adelante. Comparta con el pobre niño.’ Además, realmente no creo que medio kilo de trocitos de malvavisco, esté en la dieta de cualquier diabético. Tal vez Kathleen pueda usarlos para hacer algunos de sus seudo Rice Krispies Treats (haz clic aquí), que sé que cambian la estructura química de los trocitos de malvavisco en algo perfecto para un diabético. Eso es un hecho científico (que acabo de hacer).

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18 thoughts on “Are Trix for Kids? / ¿Trix Es Solo Para Niños?”

    1. Susan:
      Yeah, that was right after he threw balls trying to hit my camera! Charming.

    1. Mistress Maddie:
      Kind of you to share your Lucky Charms with the boys. I never got into Pebbles cereals. I loved Cocoa Puffs, but OD’d when I was 4. Not pretty.

    1. Jim:
      Either my lens was dirty or I have a light leak. I cleaned the lens. Here’s hoping!

    1. anne marie:
      I never liked Cap’n Crunch. My brother loved it, but I think that was all because of the TV commercials.

  1. I remembering getting Captain Crunch for a special treat once in a while but never on a school day. Love Grape Nuts the really old kind from when I was a child,
    that would take forever to eat but I must admit I like the little marshmallows also !

    1. Parsnip:
      I never did like Cap’n Crunch or even Grape Nuts (although I think I’d now like Grape Nuts).

  2. We were never allowed those sugary sweet cereals so i have never tasted any of them.
    Is that a form of child abuse? Or good parenting?

    1. Bob:
      As i think about, it’s very surprising my mother bought them for us. I understand her buying them for my brother, but I was feasting on Cocoa Puffs long before he was born. Out of character for her. For the rest of my life all I ever heard was “You really should watch your sugar. Both your grandmothers were diabetic.”

    1. Kirk:
      By the time Count Chocula was introduced, I had already gone years after my overdose on Cocoa Puffs. Haven’t had anything like it since.

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