Conjoined Canary Banana / Plátano Canario Unido

La versión español está después de la versión inglés.

WE HAD DINNER at Restaurante Primavera the other night. I could safely make that statement any day of the week. Anyway, they regularly update their menu with new items and last week they added a prosciutto and buffalo mozzarella pizza that is out of this world. So, that’s what I had. Since I was allowing myself dessert, I decided to save half the pizza for breakfast the next day. When Miguel, the manager and our good friend, brought the left-over pizza back to the table in a box, he began to explain to me in Spanish how to enjoy it the next day. He mimed all the steps beginning with how to heat up the olive oil in a frying pan. He gracefully mimed pouring and swirling.

San Geraldo’s jaw dropped. I gasped and squawked back (in Spanish), “A frying pan? Olive oil? Swirl?!? Miguel, that’s cooking!”

“Noooooo,” he laughed, and then he continued to mime the process.

“Miguel,” I explained. “I take it from the refrigerator and I eat it cold.”

Now, Miguel’s jaw dropped and HE gasped. “But, Mitch…”

San Geraldo said, “It’s true. He doesn’t even use a plate.”

“Who needs a plate when you have a box?” I commented.

I’m sure Miguel would have something to say about how I prepared my beautiful and delicious Canary Island conjoined banana yesterday morning. I myself was impressed that I cut it up and enjoyed it with yogurt and cereal. And, you know, peeling is cooking.

By the way, the cold pizza was amazing.


CENAMOS EN EL Restaurante Primavera la otra noche. Podría hacer esa declaración con seguridad cualquier día de la semana. De todos modos, actualizan regularmente su menú con nuevos artículos y la semana pasada agregaron una pizza de jamón y mozzarella de búfalo que está fuera de este mundo. Entonces, eso es lo que tenía. Como me estaba permitiendo el postre, decidí guardar la mitad de la pizza para el desayuno al día siguiente. Cuando Miguel, el gerente y nuestro buen amigo, trajeron la pizza sobrante a la mesa en una caja, comenzó a explicarme en español cómo disfrutarla al día siguiente. Imitó todos los pasos comenzando con cómo calentar el aceite de oliva en una sartén. Graciosamente imitó vertiendo y girando.

La boca de San Geraldo cayó. Jadeé y chillé de regreso (en español), “¿Una sartén? ¿Aceite de oliva? ¿¡¿Remolino?!? ¡Miguel, eso es cocinar!”

“Noooooo”, se rió, y luego continuó imitando el proceso.

“Miguel”, le expliqué. “Lo saco del refrigerador y lo como frío”.

Ahora, la mandíbula de Miguel cayó y HE jadeó. “Pero, Mitch …”

San Geraldo dijo: “Es cierto. Ni siquiera usa un plato”.

“¿Quién necesita un plato cuando tienes una caja?”, comenté.

Estoy seguro de que Miguel tendría algo que decir sobre cómo preparé mi hermoso y delicioso plátano Canario unido ayer por la mañana. Yo mismo me impresionó que lo corté y lo disfruté con yogur y cereal. Y, ya sabes, pelar es cocinar.

Por cierto, la pizza fría fue increíble.

NOTE: SG just read this post and cracked up. “Mitchell,” he laughed, That’s vinegar!”
NOTA: SG acaba de leer esta publicación y se rió a carcajadas. “Mitchell”, se rió, “¡Eso es vinagre!”

Author: Moving with Mitchell

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28 thoughts on “Conjoined Canary Banana / Plátano Canario Unido”

    1. David,
      I had no idea we had that in common… the cooking part. Miguel was shocked that I enjoyed my pizza cold. But most people I know say the same. Who ever heard of sautéing pizza with olive oil? Much too gourmet!

    1. Mistress Maddie,
      I thought you’d LIKE a banana like that! Anyway, Canary Island bananas are the absolute best, so this was doubly good.

  1. I’m with David on the cold pizza;19 years into this thing and Carlos still goes nuts over the idea of cold pizza sans plate for breakfast.

    I’m also with Maddie; that banana has me scared,

    1. Bob,
      SG doesn’t even react anymore. And that banana… you and Maddie disappoint me. A double-wide banana? Heaven. But really Canary Island bananas ARE heaven.

  2. Pizza is one of those foods that someone else cooks, brings it to you and you never have to heat it again! Cold pizza and coffee for breakfast is, oops, was one of my favorite things. Mistaking vinegar for oil can be painful under certain situations.
    Why are Maddie and Bob complaining about the banana? I thought all of you gay guys liked for your bananas to be conjoined. My bad!

    1. Deedles,
      I don’t know about ALL us gay guys, but Maddie and Bob’s reaction surprised me, too. When Jerry read my blog and roared with laughter, I thought he found me brilliantly clever. Then he told me about the vinegar. At least I entertain.

  3. Weird double banana…I grew a tomato that looked like an ass, not really comparable though

    1. Cheapchick,
      I’ve seen ass and even boob tomatoes. I probably should have done some erotic-looking conjoined banana photos.

  4. I’m a good cook. Here’s my recipe for Swedish meatballs. Take it out of a box labeled STOUFFERS, cut the plastic covering, stick in a microwave on HIGH for three and a half minutes, wait of the microwave to ring, take it out, peel the plastic back, swirl the noodles, sauce, and meat balls around, put the plastic back on, stick it back in the microwave on DEFROST for five and a half minutes, and, viola, it’s done!

    Unless you left it on HIGH by mistake. Than it’s a bit overdone.

    1. Kirk,
      Wow! Then I’m a good cook, too. I used to take Lean Cuisine microwave meals to work for lunch on gym days. I always resented the complex ones that involved cooking — which meant peeling the plastic back, swirling stuff around, and cooking some more.

    1. Anne Marie,
      But cold pizza is SO good. And, yes, that banana was excellent. Canary Island bananas are truly superior.

  5. Gemelos de plátano canario en un delicioso y fresco yogurt y cereales del Mediterráneo, jejejeje ya se lo que desayunare mañana, gracias por la receta Mitch, pero una pregunta. ¿ El vinagre es para echarle a los plátanos? Jejejeje, les echare de menos estas vacaciones.

    1. Miguel,
      Te echo de menos. no te gusta vinagre con plátanos? Es delicioso! Soy peligroso en la cocina.

    1. Walt the Fourth,
      It was my most usual meal when Jerry was away. But frozen and I cooked it in the oven!

  6. Cold pizza for breakfast is just the best and your pick will be wonderful, It is my favorite pizza.
    Banana good people silly !
    also… can you send me your address ? if you want. I have something for you and Luke.
    If you put it on my blog I can delete it. I use to have my email on my profile

    1. Parsnip,
      Primavera’s pizzas are incredible. All fresh ingredients. Even the dough is better than I’m used to. And I love pizza dough. Will send address.

    1. Judy:
      The pizza was excellent. Two types of fresh mozzarella. Prosciutto, ham. Mmm mmm. That was my first conjoined banana, but I managed to “cook” it exquisitely.

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