At First I Was Afraid / Al Principio Tenía Miedo

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HAVE I EVER told you how much I loathed the 1997 Hollywood blockbuster, multi-award-winning film, “Titanic”? San Geraldo’s mother, Alice, was visiting us in San Diego and we went to see it. I was seated between mother and son. I thought the love story, especially, was sappy and hard to believe. By the film’s mid-point, I was in serious need of a drink — or a tranquilizer. Just before the ship went vertical, I turned to my left and saw Alice with a soggy tissue to her tear-filled eyes. I turned to my right to see SG’s tear-streaked face as he blew his nose, again, into his handkerchief. I couldn’t help myself. I fiercely whispered to San Geraldo, “The ship DOES sink!”

Some Valentine’s decorations in our plaza here in Los Boliches in Fuengirola made me think of “Titanic” and Celine Dionne, and that’s not a good thing. The Christmas heart (click here ) is back. That’s actually, I think, kind of festive. But when it was installed for Christmas, instead of the usual Christmas tree, I thought it was odd. I now wonder if someone screwed up and mistakenly placed the heart on our plaza two months too early.

I said at the time I liked the heart but thought it would be better for Valentine’s Day. I wasn’t alone. Stranger still is that the the heart was un-installed mid-January only to reappear two weeks later. As Celine says, the heart will go on and on.

And then last weekend some other items joined the Christmas Heart on the plaza. There’s one of our public benches painted red and poorly positioned among the old ficus trees. The tree trunks are badly wrapped in red gauzy fabric. and, well, you can see in the below photos what else has been done to the bench. A romantic spot to pose for a photo?

Wood hearts have been attached to the lamp posts. On them are the stenciled words “Live Fuengirola with Love” (well, #VIVEFUENGIROLACONAMOR, to be more precise).

But the most peculiar for me is the red door (with the red picket fence and the orange and white traffic cones). The door has no handle and only opens in one direction. It, too, is imprinted with the Live Fuengirola with Love hashtag.

I was going to include with this post—after taking some strong medication—Celine Dionne singing “My Heart Will Go On.” But then I had a better idea. Go on now, go! Walk out the door!


¿ALGUNA VEZ TE dije cuánto detestaba la exitosa película de Hollywood de 1997, “Titanic”? Alice, la madre de San Geraldo, nos estaba visitando en San Diego y fuimos a verlo. Estaba sentado entre madre y hijo. Pensé que la historia de amor, especialmente, era cursi y difícil de creer. En el punto medio de la película, estaba en grave necesidad de una bebida — o un tranquilizante. Justo antes de que el barco se volviera vertical, giré a mi izquierda y vi a Alice con un pañuelo empapado en sus ojos llenos de lágrimas. Me giré a la derecha para ver la cara surcada de lágrimas de SG mientras se volvía a sonar la nariz con el pañuelo. No pude evitarlo. Le susurré ferozmente a San Geraldo: “¡El barco SE HUNDE!

Algunas decoraciones de San Valentín en nuestra plaza aquí en Los Boliches en Fuengirola me hicieron pensar en Celine Dionne, y eso no es algo bueno. El corazón de Navidad (haz clic aquí) está de vuelta. Eso es realmente, creo, algo festivo. Pero cuando se instaló para Navidad, en lugar del árbol de Navidad habitual, pensé que era extraño. Ahora me pregunto si alguien lo arruinó y por error colocó el corazón en nuestra plaza dos meses antes.

Dije en ese momento que me gustaba el corazón, pero pensé que sería mejor para el Día de San Valentín. No estaba solo. Aún más extraño es que el corazón se desinstaló a mediados de enero solo para reaparecer dos semanas después. Como dice Celine, el corazón contiuará sin parar.

Y luego, el fin de semana pasado, algunos otros artículos se unieron al Corazón de Navidad en la plaza. Hay uno de nuestros bancos públicos, pintados de rojo y mal ubicados entre los viejos ficus. Los troncos de los árboles están mal envueltos en tela de gasa roja y, bueno, puedes ver en las fotos de abajo qué más se ha hecho en el banco. ¿Un lugar romántico para posar para una foto?

Corazones de madera se han unido a los postes de la lámpara. En ellas están las palabras estampadas “#FUENGIROLACONAMOR” (Fuengirola con amor).

Pero lo más destacado para mí es la puerta roja (con la cerca roja y los conos de tráfico naranja y blanco). La puerta no tiene manija y solo se abre en una dirección. También está impreso con #FUENGIROLACONAMOR.

Iba a incluir en esta entrada de blog — después de tomar algunos medicamentos fuertes — Celine Dionne cantando “Mi Corazón Continuará”. Pero luego tuve una mejor idea. ¡Vete ahora, vete! ¡Sal por la puerta!

The Christmas heart will go on.
La corazón de la Navidad continuará.


Author: Moving with Mitchell

From Brooklyn, New York; to North Massapequa; back to Brooklyn; Brockport, New York; back to Brooklyn... To Boston, Massachusetts, where I met Jerry... To Marina del Rey, California; Washington, DC; New Haven and Guilford, Connecticut; San Diego, San Francisco, Palm Springs, and Santa Barbara, California; Las Vegas, Nevada; Irvine, California; Sevilla, Spain. And Fuengirola, Málaga..

26 thoughts on “At First I Was Afraid / Al Principio Tenía Miedo”

  1. Jay and I were visiting his mother in Cleveland when Titanic was released, she was upset because we went to see it without her. There are a couple of wonderful scenes and lines in the film. Regarding the park, someone is trying, without breaking the city budget.

    1. David,
      I think the City hired a new designer this year (or don’t have one at all). Lots of very strange decisions lately, and expensive at that. (Remember the painted rocks near the port?)

  2. Well, it’s quite festive, as Valentines decorating goes . . . . I’ve never seen “Titanic.” It’s a point of pride with me now.

  3. I would take GLORIA any day over Celine!! Kindred spirits I think we are, Mitch.
    Have never, and never will, see ‘Titanic’. Who wants to watch a load of people drown? Not I.
    Not to mention all the ‘sweet’ I hear is in that movie.!
    Happy Valentines Day…….kisses for everyone!

  4. People swimming around in ICE COLD water for what seemed like hours really made the movie so believable…
    Can’t say I’ve ever seen public Valentine decorations in the States outside of retail stores. It seems a bit tacky to me.

    1. Frank,
      My photos of the bench, trees, and light-bulbed heart make them look better than they are! So strange. But lots of people posing… Our first time with Valentine’s decorations in the neighborhood. I couldn’t believe they didn’t at least TRY to get both of them on the floating door.

  5. I actually LOVED “Titanic” when it came out. I saw it twice. But then, I was fascinated by the story of the Titanic as a kid, so seeing the movie was like bringing the drama of the sinking to life. I was less interested in the romantic elements. I did buy the soundtrack, though! LOL

    I actually like the bench, and the Christmas heart, but that doorway is bizarre. I’m glad you brought the post around to Gloria Gaynor, because that’s what I first thought of when I saw your headline!

    1. Steve,
      I thought Jerry and Alice were going to slap me for my snide comment. They both loved it. I also was always fascinated by the real story of Titanic, but had a difficult time with the fiction. No one seems to understand the significance of the doorway, so I made something up.

  6. I was in the movie Titanic II – made by a local indie filmmaker – so Hollywood can’t do another one with that title! – well I was wrong – they did it – from the comments maybe our was better?

  7. Thank you! I hated that movie! I was expecting a disaster flick (I love those) and got a long, dragged out romance instead. I’m sorry, but as good an actor as Leonardo Di Caprio is, he was just too unbelievable as the romantic lead. I would’ve much preferred Billy Zane in that part. I kept screaming at the screen (in my head of course) “Sink this sucker already!” I went home and watched The Unsinkable Molly Brown to cleanse my palette.

    1. Deedles,
      As usual, we’re in agreement. Great actors badly cast. Awful writing. And a blockbuster. Argh!

  8. I’ve never seen “titanic” and I can’t stand celine dion. HVD, you lovebirds! SMOOCH!

  9. I must be one of the few people whom hasn’t watched Titanic. I fully understand your feelings. Years ago a couple girlfriends dragged me to “The Notebook”. I watched everyone around me bawling their eyes out wishing I could just get up and leave.
    Have a great day Mitchell!

    1. Robin,
      Oh “The Notebook”! I know exactly what you mean. Have you ever read his books? In my opinion, the film was an improvement. Imagine that!

  10. I absolutely refuse to watch Titanic – still haven’t to this day. I don’t watch war or horror movies for the same reason – people DIE so why would I want to watch that?????

    1. Cheapchick:
      I’m not a big fan of depressing dramas either. But I’ve always had a fascination with the story of Titanic. This, however, didn’t even draw me into the tragedy.

  11. I remember Titanic director James Cameron’s Oscar acceptance speech. He asked everybody to bow their heads for a moment of silence in memory of the victims of that fateful voyage. After that moment passed, he yelled out, “Let’s Party!”

    It still brings tears to my eyes.

    1. Kirk:
      I remember that speech, too. Can’t stand the man and his ego, no matter how successful he is.

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