What to do with a bra / Qué hacer con un sostén

La versión en español está después de la versión en inglés.

MONDAY MORNING, I WENT FOR a walk/run on the beach after 9:00. It wasn’t yet too busy but people were starting to arrive. I headed in the direction of the port and passed a stretch of sand quickly lining up with senior citizens.

On my return trip, after what was mostly the run part of my walk, I decided to have a lie down among the seniors and enjoy the sun on my face (you can remove your mask if you’re lying on the beach) and the sounds of the surf. I lay there for about 15 minutes listening to the surf — and the drone of conversation (it wasn’t as quiet as I thought it would be), and then continued my walk.

As I left, I noticed someone had dropped a well-worn black bra in the sand. I debated what to do. I could (1) pick up the bra, wave it in the air and ask who dropped it. That didn’t seem like a good idea because (a) I didn’t want to touch it, and, (b) I might embarrass someone (although that wasn’t likely, since she obviously intended to change out of her bathing suit and into her bra right there on the beach).

I could (2) walk from one cluster of individuals to another waving the bra, that I still didn’t want to touch, until someone claimed it.

Or I could (3) carefully survey (ogle) each woman and then press the bra over the boobs that looked like they might be a fit (I’d still have to touch the bra).

If I were Steve of “Shadows and Light” (click here), I would (4) take the bra home, wash it, decorate it, and create something new and magnificent. Maybe a parasol like the yellow one at the top of this blog post. And a matching face mask!

But I went in another direction (5). I took some pictures and I walked away. I’m not proud. (Honestly, not only am I not proud, I now regret my decision.)


EL LUNES POR LA MAÑANA, salí a caminar/correr por la playa después de las 9:00. Todavía no estaba demasiado ocupado, pero la gente empezaba a llegar. Me dirigí en dirección al puerto y pasé un tramo de arena que rápidamente se alineaba con personas mayores (viejos).

En mi viaje de regreso, después de lo que fue principalmente la parte de correr de mi caminata, decidí acostarme entre los mayores y disfrutar del sol en mi cara (puede quitarse la mascarilla si está acostado en la playa) y el sonidos de las olas. Me quedé allí tumbado durante unos 15 minutos escuchando el oleaje y el zumbido de la conversación (no era tan silencioso como pensé), y luego continué mi caminata.

Cuando me fui, noté que alguien había dejado caer un sostén negro muy gastado en la arena. Debatí qué hacer. Podría (1) levantar el sostén, agitarlo en el aire y preguntar quién lo dejó caer. Eso no parecía una buena idea porque (a) no quería tocarlo y, (b) podría avergonzar a alguien (aunque eso no era probable, ya que obviamente tenía la intención de quitarse el traje de baño y en su sostén allí mismo en la playa).

Podría (2) caminar de un grupo de individuos con el sostén, que todavía no quería tocar, hasta que alguien lo reclamó.

O podría (3) inspeccionar cuidadosamente a cada mujer y luego presionar el sostén sobre las tetas que parecían encajar (todavía tendría que tocar el sostén).

Si yo fuera Steve de “Shadows & Light” (haz clic aquí) (4) me llevaría el sujetador a casa, lo lavaría, lo decoraría, y crearía algo nuevo y decorativo. Quizás una sombrilla como la amarilla en la parte superior de esta entrada. ¡Y una mascarilla a juego!

Pero fui en otra dirección (5). Hice algunas fotos y me alejé. No estoy orgulloso. (Honestamente, no solo no estoy orgulloso, ahora lamento mi decisión).

The man at right spent 15 minutes setting up his chair, towel, and beach umbrella. Then a family of four arrived. Both children were under 3 years of age and both were whining and wailing. The poor man let out a loud, polite sigh, looked in my direction, laughed, and said, “Uf.” Didn’t they realise they were on the seniors’ stretch of beach?
El hombre de la derecha pasó 15 minutos colocando su silla, toalla y sombrilla. Luego llegó una familia de cuatro. Ambos niños tenían menos de 3 años y ambos lloraban. El pobre soltó un suspiro fuerte y cortés, miró en mi dirección, rió, y dijo: “Uf”. ¿No se dieron cuenta de que estaban en el tramo de playa de los mayores?


Author: Moving with Mitchell

From Brooklyn, New York; to North Massapequa; back to Brooklyn; Brockport, New York; back to Brooklyn... To Boston, Massachusetts, where I met Jerry... To Marina del Rey, California; Washington, DC; New Haven and Guilford, Connecticut; San Diego, San Francisco, Palm Springs, and Santa Barbara, California; Las Vegas, Nevada; Irvine, California; Sevilla, Spain. And Fuengirola, Málaga..

32 thoughts on “What to do with a bra / Qué hacer con un sostén”

  1. You probably chose the b est option. You never know where those things have been, ya know. (Have I mentioned I have an irrational fear of boobs? I was a bottle baby.)

    1. wicked hamster:
      SG has an irrational fear of boobs, as well. Elena hugged him on the beach a few years back. She was bare. He was wrapped in a towel. It was hilarious.

  2. Ask yourself, Scoot, would you pick it up if it was a pair of panties? Eeewww! I personally wouldn’t miss that particular form of torture device. Anne Marie will probably wonder what the fu…., uh, heck that thing is 🙂 I can’t believe you had a mental debate about this. You have a weird sense of whimsy that I truly adore.

    1. Deedles:
      Yeah, the more I’ve thought about it the more I’ve realized I made the right choice. Time for her to buy a new bra anyway.

    1. Jennifer:
      I really felt for the man! They had clearly entered the Senior Zone. Yeah, I now realized I made the right decision about the bra.

    1. Mary:
      Everyone is agreement… even Steve! I’m glad I didn’t touch that thing. I mean you could see the sweat stains. Not safe during a pandemic. Isn’t that umbrella great. My mother had a bathing cap like that in the ’60s, in white. I’ll have to fish out the photo.

      1. LOL. I actually still have a pink (chiffon) and white (lace) frilly bathing cap cover from the early 60s (mine-not my mother’s)–just pulled it out of a drawer. Don’t ask me why I have saved it. I should send you a photo so you can compare. 🙂

  3. HA! Of all the things I have picked up while walking around London, I must admit that a bra is not one of them. But it would pose an interesting challenge. (I probably wouldn’t have touched it either, honestly.) I love that crazy yellow umbrella, though!

    1. Steve:
      Knowing even you wouldn’t have saved the bra assures me I made the right choice. But just think of all the things you could have done with it. I also love that yellow umbrella. Like go-go dancer skirts or my mother’s 1960s era bathing cap.

  4. option 6 – you could try it on…

    @deedles – yeah, I know what that thing is and I am SO glad I gave it up in 1977.

    seriously, pix are the way to keep a memory AND you don’t have to touch anything.

    1. anne marie:
      Ew. Ew. EWWWW!!! Try it on? Where? My head? Actually, it would have made a cute bonnet.

      1. hee hee hee. the dump needs a bra; his moobs are (like his ass) YUGE!

    1. TexasTrailerParkTrash:
      Thank you for mentioning that. I actually considered using more inclusive pronouns and should have. I’m glad women can bare their tops on the beach. But, men can go bare-chested OFF the beach, too, and women can not. And there are plenty of men with much bigger boobs. Ridiculous.

    1. Wilma:
      I saw face masks covered in rhinestones in a shop window yesterday. Covered. They must weigh a ton. The fringed face mask would be very cool. Too bad I can’t sew. Judyshannon? Judyshannon? Anyway, I clearly made the right decision regarding the bra.

  5. You definitely made the right choice in leaving it be. In all likelihood the owner will retrace her steps and be overjoyed she found it!
    Your video conjures up an urge to do just that……staring out to sea into the horizon.
    (Nice ‘straight’ horizon, by the way.)

    1. Jim:
      Yes, it’s clear I made the right choice. Surprisingly “straight” horizon given i was the one shooting and I couldn’t see the screen in the bright sunlight.

  6. I think that bra went for a walk that included some running and then the bra decided to lie down for a rest.


    1. mcpersonalspace54:
      No one seems to feel I should have picked that thing up. And the more I’ve thought about it, the more I appreciate how right my choice was. I mean, ew. Really, ew.

  7. You could have gone all Prince Charming and asked the maidens of the village to try it on, and whoever it fit could be your … your …housekeeper?

    1. Bob:
      Now, THAT would be hilarious. But we’ve already got a really good housekeeper. And she’s VERY elegant and stylish. She would never wear a bra like that.

    1. Walt the Fourth:
      SG also wondered what it was when I showed him the picture. The shadows were too severe. I wanted to unfold it so both cups would be visible but, well, here we go again. Now a horseshoe crab would have been fun to Photoshop into that bra.

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