Who’s driving her car? / Quién está conduciendo su coche?

La versión en español está después de la versión en inglés.

SAN GERALDO AND I HAVE been watching a suspenseful, sometimes confusing, excellent British crime series. I won’t say which one to avoid spoiling it for anyone else.

A few days ago, San Geraldo asked for no apparent reason when a new character was introduced, “Are those guys a couple?” “No,” I said, while trying to not miss anything on screen, “he’s just a loyal goon to the crime family boss. They’re straight.”

So many new characters are introduced that I regularly head off SG’s questions by saying, “We don’t know who he is. We’ve never seen him before.”

“Who’s driving her car?!?” SG asked yesterday as a lone character pulled up to a house and got out of a car.  I smiled, patted his leg, and said, “They’re in the UK. They drive on the other side.” “Oh,” he laughed.

A moment later he said, “But who’s still in the car then?”

“That’s the headrest.”

A while later, an unidentifiable body was found lying on a floor. “Is that the brother of the sister who had the baby?” he asked.

“No, that was Season 1. This is Season 2.”

“Isn’t this Season 3?”

“No. Season 2.”

“But, the detective is still in the story.”

“Yes, he’s one of the main characters. But the storyline has changed. It’s different crimes every season.”

Later, San Geraldo gleefully noted that we were in the middle of episode five of season three! Oh, and the goon and the mobster? They’re lovers. I have no idea how he knew that. I may need some help. It really burns my ass when he’s right.

And speaking of burning my ass, there’s an incline board on the beach that doesn’t seem very practical for hot summer days on the Costa del Sol. I’ve shared a photo below.


SAN GERALDO Y YO HEMOS estado viendo una excelente serie policial de la BBC, llena de suspenso, y a veces confusa. No diré cuál para evitar estropearlo a nadie más.

Hace unos días, SG preguntó sin motivo aparente cuando se presentó un nuevo personaje: “¿Son una pareja esos chicos?” “No, es solo un matón leal al jefe de la familia del crimen. Son heterosexuales”.

Se introducen tantos personajes nuevos que regularmente respondo a sus preguntas diciendo: “No sabemos quién es. Nunca lo habíamos visto antes”.

“¿Quién conduce su coche?!?” preguntó ayer cuando un personaje solitario se detuvo en una casa y salió de un automóvil. Sonreí, le di unas palmaditas en la pierna, y dije: “Están en el Reino Unido. Conducen por el otro lado”. “Oh”, se rió.

Un momento después dijo: “¿Pero quién está todavía en el coche entonces?”

“Ese es el reposacabezas”.

Un rato después, se encontró un cuerpo no identificable tirado en el suelo. “¿Es el hermano de la hermana que tuvo el bebé?” preguntó.

“No, esa fue la temporada 1. Esta es la temporada 2.”

¿No es esta la temporada 3?”

“No. Temporada 2.”

Pero, el detective todavía está en la historia”.

Sí, es uno de los personajes principales. Pero la historia ha cambiado. Son diferentes crímenes cada temporada”.

Más tarde, ¡San Gerardo notó alegremente que estábamos en medio del episodio cinco de la tres! Oh, ¿y el matón y el monstruo? Eran amantes. No tengo idea de cómo lo supo. Puede que necesite ayuda. Realmente me quema el culo cuando él tiene razón.

Y hablando de quemarme el culo, hay una tabla inclinada en la playa que no parece muy práctica para los calurosos días de verano en la Costa del Sol. Compartí una foto a continuación.

¿“Me quema el culo” significa lo mismo en español (como Eso me molesta.)?

What could go wrong with a reflective, metallic incline board on the Costa del Sol. Talk about burning some fat.
¿Qué podría salir mal con una placa inclinada metálica reflectante en la Costa del Sol? Habla de quemar grasa.
Last Sunday’s moon in a sunset sky.
La luna del domingo pasado en un cielo al atardecer.

Author: Moving with Mitchell

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26 thoughts on “Who’s driving her car? / Quién está conduciendo su coche?”

  1. I hear you about all the new characters that appear in series and trying to keep them straight (not in SG’s context that is).
    Wonder if anyone uses that workout board? OUCH!

  2. Husbands are right, from time to time, it just happens. Even a broken clock is right twice a day. Maybe the plaid and print shirts are covering up the burn patterns from that incline board.

    1. David:
      For the most part the Plaids-and-Prints are not the ones using the birds. That would be the Lycra-Spandex crowd. Maybe the fabrics have been permanently pressed to their skin.

  3. David usually puts up with my questions, unless they get too intricate or I am entertaining possibilities that cannot possibly exist. I always like to know where I am, either geographically or mentally.

    1. wickedhamster:
      SG is usually too busy trying to figure out who’s who and what’s what to worry about geography.

    1. anne marie:
      I’ve never touched the incline board, but I really should test it one sunny afternoon (like today).

  4. Your conversation with SG during the show reminds me why I no longer read a book while I am in the same room as my DH. He would repeatedly interrupt me to either tell me something or read to me from his own book/screen without regard to where I was in my book (and it was always at some denouement). He was lucky I refrained from using the book to cosh him one.

    The incline board reminds me of too many children’s playgrounds where the slide is made of metal. Spent a lot of years warning my kids not to get on them on warm/hot, sunny days.

    1. Mary:
      SG does the same thing when I’m reading or watching something on YouTube. (I do it to him sometimes, too, but I always apologise… which really doesn’t make it any better). Oh, I remember those broiling hot metal slides!

  5. I, too, am TV challenged. Partly because my hearing is somewhat diminished especially with British accents (and more recently most female voices and actors who whisper rather than speak); partly because my mind wanders…that outfit is hideous…there’s no way they could have rescued him…what is that background noise?…what will I make for dinner tomorrow?…the dog needs to go out; partly because hubby will change the channel when I go to the bathroom or go from live TV to TiVo…and then I start asking stupid questions…I’m so confused.

    1. Frank:
      We now watch everything with English subtitles. I used to have to hit PAUSE every few minutes in order to avoid missing what someone was saying because I was telling SG what someone had just said.

    1. Debra:
      Our gaydar is now completely on the fritz. Most Spanish men are much more comfortable in their own skins. In our first few years here, after we’d meet someone, SG would say “Do you think he’s gay?” And I’d say, “No, I just think he’s Spanish.” So many men here just don’t have the issues of American and British men.

  6. HA!!! I LOVE this. Dave and I have the same conversations. Actually, I usually ask the questions, and Dave always says “I don’t know,” because he doesn’t let himself be troubled by intricacies like relationships between characters. You HAVE to tell me which show you’re watching!

    1. Steve:
      Shhhhh (Marcella; we just finished season 3). SG knows when I say “I don’t know,” I usually mean “I can’t be bothered answering.”

  7. we have several exercise contraptions like this one in the nearby park. I’ve seen no one use them. For one thing it’s too hot. Another is who knows what dirt is upon them.

    1. Urspo:
      Our exercise stations on the beach get used quite a bit, although not as much lately, of course.

  8. I used to love to watch British TV mystery and crime shows. And I usually had to pay close attention to the dialog, which usually went by to fast for my slow ears. We have no TV these days. That moon rise is so lovely.

    1. Wilma:
      We have English subtitles on everything we watch now. Works great for SG, who misses a lot AND has a hard time with accents. We just watched Hamilton with subtitles and I don’t know how I could have done it without.

  9. I watch alot of British tv….prefer it over US tv. I am trying to figure out which show it is. I must not watch it. Right now I’m embroiled in Endeavor.

    1. Mistress Maddie:
      I really didn’t give anything away. It’s Marcellla. We just finished season 3 and now have to wait for 4 to get here.

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