Baptising the bread / Bautizando el pan

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I BATTLED SOME MORE TODAY with Adobe Creative Cloud and I believe I may have finally won the battle. After my umpteenth attempt to uninstall and reinstall Creative Cloud, I gave up this morning and went for a walk. When I got home, San Geraldo had baked apple cake. I cleaned up the kitchen and we had lunch. And apple cake! I then hit the technical problems afresh.

One error message this morning really made me laugh. I followed Adobe’s step-by-step instructions. I uninstalled Creative Cloud and then began to download it from the Adobe site for a new installation. The download stalled. As you read the following error message, remember, per Adobe’s instructions I had removed Creative Cloud from my computer and was attempting to download a new copy.

“Adobe Creative Cloud is needed to resolve this problem.”


San Geraldo and I had dinner at Mesón Salvador last weekend. It was a quiet night, just the two of us, but another superb meal (and service) and we shared a slice of cheesecake that makes this former cheesecake-elitist New Yorker say: Who needs New York? We’ve got Chef David at Mesón Salvador!

We get to return tonight, this time with Lulu (who’s back in town from Finland). So the entire evening will be even more delicious.

The photos begin with sunset last night. Although our view over the sea is to the southeast, the clouds reflect the colors beautifully. Then some photos from last week’s meal with the always elegant San Geraldo, whose cropped out of the bread-dunking image because he needs a shave and a haircut. I told him he has to shave for Lulu’s sake tonight (not that she cares — but it was a good excuse).


HOY LUCHÉ MÁS CON ADOBE Creative Cloud y creo que finalmente he ganado la batalla. Después de mi enésimo intento de desinstalar y reinstalar Creative Cloud, me rendí esta mañana y salí a caminar. Cuando llegué a casa, San Geraldo había horneado tarta de manzana. Limpié la cocina y almorzamos. ¡Y tarta de manzana! Luego volví a abordar los problemas técnicos.

Un mensaje de error esta mañana realmente me hizo reír. Seguí las instrucciones paso a paso de Adobe. Desinstalé Creative Cloud y luego comencé a descargarlo del sitio de Adobe para una nueva instalación. La descarga se detuvo. Mientras lee el siguiente mensaje de error, recuerde, según las instrucciones de Adobe, eliminé Creative Cloud de mi computadora y estaba intentando descargar una nueva copia.

“Se necesita Adobe Creative Cloud para resolver este problema.”


San Geraldo y yo cenamos en Mesón Salvador la fin de semana pasada. Fue una noche tranquila, solo nosotros dos, pero otra comida (y un servicio) excelente y compartimos un trozo de tarta de queso que hace que este ex neoyorquino elitista de la tarta de queso diga: ¿Quién necesita Nueva York? ¡Tenemos al Chef David en Mesón Salvador!

Regresaremos esta noche, esta vez con Lulu (que está de vuelta en la ciudad desde Finlandia). Así que toda la noche será aún más deliciosa.

Las fotos comienzan con el atardecer de anoche. Aunque nuestra vista sobre el mar está hacia el sureste, las nubes reflejan los colores maravillosamente. Luego, unas fotos de la comida de la semana pasada con el siempre elegante San Geraldo, cuya imagen recortada de mojar el pan porque necesita un afeitado y un corte de pelo. Le dije que tenía que afeitarse por el bien de Lulu esta noche (no es que a ella le importe, pero era una buena excusa).

Bread and coke. In public. I married class.
Pan y coca cola. En público. Me casé con alguien con clase.
SG’s grilled salmon.
Salmon a la plancha de SG.
Solomillo al Escándolo.
This is how it felt each time I thought I had repaired Adobe Creative Cloud.
Así es como me sentí cada vez que pensé que había reparado Adobe Creative Cloud.
And now…
Y ahora.

Author: Moving with Mitchell

From Brooklyn, New York; to North Massapequa; back to Brooklyn; Brockport, New York; back to Brooklyn... To Boston, Massachusetts, where I met Jerry... To Marina del Rey, California; Washington, DC; New Haven and Guilford, Connecticut; San Diego, San Francisco, Palm Springs, and Santa Barbara, California; Las Vegas, Nevada; Irvine, California; Sevilla, Spain. And Fuengirola, Málaga..

33 thoughts on “Baptising the bread / Bautizando el pan”

  1. OK, that second guy in your animated GIF may have missed landing on the ball, but I’m still totally impressed at his forward flip! I couldn’t do that even at my most athletic. (Which wasn’t all that athletic.)

    Computers are hell sometimes, aren’t they? I think if (when) you finally get it installed you’ll enjoy it. I don’t remember having too much trouble myself. Is there a chance your operating system isn’t compatible or something like that?

    The food looks great, as always!

    1. Steve:
      The second guy intended to miss the ball. It’s part of the fun — nailing a landing in that exact spot without hitting the ball and getting thrown.

      I’ve been using Adobe Creative Suite for years. Suddenly about 4 days ago, I started getting error messages and freezes connected to Adobe Creative Cloud. I have no idea why (and I hadn’t installed or upgraded anything else in recent days). It seems to be fixed now (and I am touching wood).

  2. I’m not going to even pretend I know (or care) about computer stuff, Scoot. I’m frustrated enough just looking for a new home to buy near the kids. Now for the bread and coke dipping thing (blurgh!), it’s nice to see that SG isn’t flawless 🙂 I don’t consider the messing up the lyrics in songs to be a flaw. It’s cute. But bread dipping, I repeat, BLURGH!!

    1. Deedles:
      As I wrote about the computer problems, I thought to myself “Don’t go too far or you’ll completely lose Deedles.” I agree with you about dunking bread in Coke. His only flaw (ahem). I LOVE house-hunting. Can I do it for you?

      1. It’s not the hunting so much as it is the people overbidding us. It will happen when it happens.

      2. Deedles:
        That’s got to be frustrating. I’ve heard it’s currently a buyer’s market if you want a place in the city and a seller’s market if you want a house in the burbs or country. Hope you find a place you like … and get it… soon!

      3. Thanks, Scoot. We aren’t in a real hurry as we own our house. Balder wants to move closer to the kids because he thinks that I’m ninety and that wedged between the bed and walker incident scared the pants off of him 🙂 so in a couple of years when he retires we can become a burden on them. Not really, they want us up there. The interest rates are so low now that he wants to jump on it. Famous last words “I have a plan!” Forty-seven years, I’m used to it by now 🙂

  3. Amusing false starts on the ball, not so much with Creative Cloud. We are having a date night at home tonight. Good china, tablecloth and candles, nice clothes, chicken piccata with a glaze of mushrooms and moringa flowers, mandarine orange sorbet. No full-immersion baptism of bread however.

    1. Wilma:
      Wow, date night at home. Fancy! I’m just glad I got SG to shave yesterday! Anyway, I hope everything was delicious last night!

  4. Had to look up “Creative Cloud”. Way too advanced for me. I don’t use any Clouds as I, 1) don’t trust where my info will go and 2) I won’t pay for anything above “free”. I have a hard enough time with the new “Photos” program on my mac…I keep getting this message when I try to open a photo: “Missing File Photos with unavailable original files cannot be opened. The original photo “IMG_2346.JPG” is either offline or cannot be found. Click “Find Original” to reconnect.” Find original, yeah right, no such luck.

    As for bread: dip in gravy, or au jus, or tomato sauce, or even the remains of a tomato salad with olive oil/vinegar dressing. Coke? I won’t even DRINK it anymore.

    1. Frank:
      It seems I have no choice. If I want to use Adobe Creative Suite, the Cloud is a come with. And what a pain in the ass, too. Isn’t technology a wonderful thing?

    1. Debra:
      SG and Lulu were saintly last night and didn’t want to dessert. So I didn’t get any. I really wanted something. But on the way home, I realised I was so full I would have seriously regretted that dessert.

  5. I LOVE grilled salmon and cheesecake! we had marshmallow clouds at 8a when I woke up this morning. currently blue skies and sunny and 65F at 12:30p.

    1. anne marie:
      I was still on the salmon and cheesecake jag when you mentioned marshmallow clouds. Sounded delicious and I was going to ask you what they were and where I could get them.

  6. San Geraldo could have a lot worse habits that baptizing bread in his cola. Let’s face it, the fact that he makes dinner most nights means he can be forgiven just about anything. (Written by one who absolutely HATES the fact that she has to cook almost every night.)

    1. Mary:
      You’re absolutely right. He’s forgiven for most things thanks to his cooking… and the fact that I like him a lot.

  7. Like Deedles I have absolutely no idea of which you speak with this Adobe Creative Cloud thingy…is it to do with the weather?

    I just looked at the pretty sky picture……and allllllll that food!

    1. Mistress Maddie:
      I tried to keep the technical explanation brief for Deedle’s sake. I’ll keep you in mind from now on, too.

  8. Adobe is evil, the only reason anyone uses it, is no one has anything close to competitive. I feel about Adobe like the Mistress feels about Amazon.

    1. David:
      Adobe, Microsoft, and Apple regularly make me crazy. Necessary evils in my life.

    1. Bob:
      The list grows of people I must be careful not to bore with technical issues. Yes, cheesecake will be served in that line. No cheesecake for those touching the keyboard.

  9. Happy you have things resolved! I would have given up and Ron would have come to the rescue. You techies are all alike!
    SG is my kindred spirit…..I, too, am a dunker anywhere any time! As hubby caringes…….

    1. Jim:
      Ron and i would cringe together. I hate dunking. The crumbs left behind… Ugh!!! Dale dunked (not in front of our parents. Oreos in milk. Blech blech blech!!!

  10. Adobe Cloud? Is that in the skies over New Mexico?

    I was never one to dip cookies into milk or toast into tea. I wouldn’t dip bread into cola either, but I must say, it doesn’t seem any less appetizing than the first two.

    1. Kirk:
      I WISH Adobe Cloud were over someone else’s skies! I have never been a dunker of any kind (not even in basketball).

    1. mcpersonalspace54:
      If it makes you feel any better, we did not have dessert last night. SG and Lulu didn’t want any, which really annoyed me. But I was grateful a bit later when I wasn’t too stuffed to go to sleep. I talk about them a lot, but don’t have any most days.

      1. Well, today I went to a friend’s house for lunch and we had a pumpkin crisp sort of thing that was out of this world. I am sure the calories in it were through the roof.

      2. mcpersonalspace54:
        Ooh, a pumpkin crisp! I’m not a calorie counter… except to make sure I consume ENOUGH to maintain my weight. So, really, all it takes for me to lose this weight (the first time in my life I’ve ever felt the need) is increase my activity level at least close to what it used to be and to cut out perhaps one dessert a week (which leaves many other opportunities). So feel free to send some pumpkin crisp my way.

    1. Urspo:
      I have never liked dunking in anything (the mess that’s left behind). SG starting dunking bread in coke when he was a teen and had braces. It felt good after a visit to the orthodontist. But he loves dunking.

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