Candy apples / Manzanas caramelizadas

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WHEN MY SISTER DALE AND I were kids, My Mother the Dowager Duchess never permitted us to have candy apples or caramel apples. “Just have a plain apple!” she would snap. “Those are disgusting, and nothing but sugar.” Check out the photo below and tell me if The Duchess doesn’t look like she’s enjoying herself.

Maybe it was my mother’s influence but, for as long as I can now remember, I’ve found candy apples and caramel apples completely unappealing — although nice to look at. Really though, it’s the mess that turns me off. I’d eat mine with a knife and fork. How about you?


CUANDO MI HERMANA DALE Y yo éramos niños, Mi Madre La Duquesa Viuda nunca nos permitía comer manzanas caramelizadas. “¡Solo come una simple manzana!” ella se rompería. “Esos son repugnantes y nada más que azúcar”. Mira la foto de abajo y dime si La Duquesa no parece que se esté divirtiendo.

Tal vez fue la influencia de mi madre, pero, desde que tengo memoria, las manzanas caramelizadas me resultan completamente desagradables, aunque agradables de ver. Sin embargo, en realidad es el lío lo que me apaga. Me comería el mío con cuchillo y tenedor. ¿Qué hay de tí?

Coney Island boardwalk, 1948. The Dowager Duchess, center, between two of her five sisters.
Paseo marítimo de Coney Island, 1948. La Duquesa Viuda, centro, entre dos de sus cinco hermanas.

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39 thoughts on “Candy apples / Manzanas caramelizadas”

  1. Your Mom looks like she is really enjoying her candy apple…..great photo!
    I would, and did, just dive into a candy apple with my teeth….oh that crunching sound as the toffee cracked was worth it all!!
    There was a lady in our neighbourhood when I was a kid who made THE BEST ones for Halloween. There were line-ups to get on. Hers were made with molasses.

    1. Jim:
      I can’t imagine receiving a candy or caramel apple as a treat! My aunts clearly both had candy apples (that red, sticky, hard coating). My mother’s looked like caramel (or chocolate) dipped in nuts. THAT would be her style.

  2. A rule I live by … “Do as the Dowager duchess says, not as the Dowager Duchess does.”

    Plus, I wouldn’t care for a candy apple.

    1. Bob:
      That was one of my father’s favourite lines — when he was in a kind mood — Do as I say not as I do! My mother would simply deny doing it.

  3. I’d use a knife and fork too. As a kid, I gave up on them because of the mess, even though I liked them. I could never stand having my hands messy; still can’t.

    1. wickedhamster:
      I eat fried chicken with a knife and fork. I have a feeling we’re very similar.

      1. wickedhamster:
        I have a relative who chews chicken bones. And that’s not chews ON, that’s CHEWS. You can hear them crunch between her teeth. It’s really disturbing. She says the marrow is good but she doesn’t mention the bits of bone.

  4. Tasty but far to messy. I don’t understand people getting excited about cupcakes, there is no easy – clean way to enjoy one.

    1. David:
      OK, now cupcakes are a different matter. I can usually find a way to enjoy them — neatly (or, like you, I won’t enjoy them)

      1. Interestingly, cupcakes – and any pastry, for that matter – are an exception for me. Some delights are worth a little suffering. Sprinkles vanilla are the cupcakes God eats. Hmmm… I wonder if they still have a vending machine outside their Georgetown store…

      2. wickedhamster:
        Yep, I think we’re on the same wavelength when it comes to what’s worth getting messy for.

  5. neither for me; I have always had sensitive teeth. now take that apple and make homemade chunky applesauce, like my late MIL used to do…heaven!

    1. anne marie:
      It’s amazing how many people agree with us regarding these treats and therefore amazing how ubiquitous they are at fairs… even here in Spain. SG makes wonderful chunky apple sauce!

  6. I like caramel apples cut…or dip apples slices in it….but never liked candied apples…..way to sweet.

    1. Mistress Maddie:
      Yes, I love the apple slices dipped in caramel but not wrapping my mouth around an entire sticky apple (OH STOP!). I had one candy apple when my mother wasn’t looking. Never wanted another.

  7. I don’t particularly care for apples, except for in baked goods, but from childhood I’ve always loved the candied apples we’d get in Belmont Park at Mission Beach. They were a rare treat when the parents were feeling, well, parental. Never cared for caramel apples, just the cinnamon ones with the hard shell, not the gooey. I’d eat all of the apple that was attached to the melted red hots, and throw the not coated parts away. Those suckers were teeth breakers and I loved them!

    1. Deedles:
      I love apples. SG and I have slices just about every day. When we’d go to South Dakota, someone would always get a jar of caramel sauce and we’d all stand around dipping apple slices. THAT was heaven. We went to Belmont Park a couple of times. What was the name of that rickety old wooden roller coaster? SG went on it with our sister-in-law! He came off shaking.

      1. The Giant Dipper is an historical landmark, I’ll have you know. Built in 1925 and still standing. I was the ramp girl for a while, back in ’74, before they moved me over to run the merry-go-round. I loved the teeth rattling “Ol’ Rickety”, as I called it, gave me. I found that I like wooden rollercoasters better than modern ones. The Giant Dipper got a facelift in the mid to late ’70s and it is one of the few attractions left standing after the park’s demolition. The place is now a mall with a couple of rides.
        I like caramel but not on apples! I don’t mind Fujis and Red Delicious but not coated with caramel. I can’t find the hard coated cinnamon ones anywhere 🙁

      2. Deedles:
        The Giant Dipper! Yes. I had that name in my head but was sure I was wrong. We were there in the 90s and I don’t remember there being much else, but I also don’t remember a shopping mall. I’ve never known a Ramp Girl before. I know some people who would have lots of fun with that title.

        Exactly what I don’t like is the teeth rattling wooden rollercoasters give me. I’ve never been on the Cyclone in Coney Island (opened in 1927) for that reason. Well, that’s the reason now; when I was a kid it was because I was a coward. As an adult I went on a number of wooden roller coasters and realised I was also smart.

        Our fairs always have dipped apples. I can’t remember if there are the traditional candy ones — I can picture caramel and chocolate and nuts. When we finally have a fair again, I’ll be sure to check and get a photo for you.

  8. Now you’ve got me wanting a candy apple! I like them but agree that they can be both messy and hard on the teeth. Still, candy apples are right up there with cotton candy as great memories of Halloweens long gone. You couldn’t go to any kind of fall carnival or Halloween festivity without having those kinds of treats!

    1. Jennifer Barlow:
      Cotton candy was something else my mother wouldn’t let us have. So Dale and I bought if for ourselves when we were alone… and decided we didn’t want to have it a second time.

  9. Nah – I’ll take an apple or take caramel on its own, but let’s keep them separate, OK? Did you know of that photographic evidence when you and Dale were kids?

    1. Wilma:
      Although I perused my parents’ photo albums hundreds of times, I never noticed this photo until after my mother died. At a glance, I thought they were eating ice cream, and when I was writing a recent ice cream post I pulled out the photo to include it there. That’s when I discovered they were eating candy apples! Have you ever had apple slices dipped in caramel sauce?

    1. Urspo:
      Well, it seems very few people (or at least those who read my blog) like them. I wonder how they’ve survived all these years!

    1. finlaygray:
      I really do love going through my parents’ photos just for that reason. Some great fashion shots still to come.

  10. Caramel Apples are to hard to eat and the Candy Apples made with the red candies were pretty.
    I would eat them after cutting them up with a knife.

  11. I remember both caramel and candied apples from when I was a kid, but I don’t remember either liking them or disliking them. I’ve not had any since. I also remember bobbing for apples, but I never understood why people enjoyed it. But I enjoy apples, raw and cooked. In fact, I’m planning to make an applesauce cake today.

    1. Walt the Fourth:
      I bobbed for apples at two parties when I was young, once when I was 11 and again when I was 14. I didn’t get it.

  12. She definitely seems to be enjoying it in the photo! I loved them both as kids, but holy cow, are they messy. And they’re even messier to try to make, as I recall. (I’d take the caramel option over candy any day.)

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