Duck duck goose / Pato pato ganso

La versión en español está después de la versión en inglés.

DID YOU PLAY THE GAME “Duck Duck Goose”? I remember playing it as a child. I also played it with the kids when I was a camp counselor.

I learned some years ago from San Geraldo’s god-daughter, Erin, that there’s a Minnesota version (or maybe it was just her version — she’s very creative) called “Duck Duck Gray-Duck.” Erin had me convinced her version was much more dramatic. Instead of: Duck – Duck – Goose! It was: Duck – Duck – Grrrrrrrrrray Duck! Exciting, no?

Anyway, I saw a stray duck in a swimming pool on my walk this morning. So this all makes sense — to me. My walk was after sunrise and before my 11:30 video English class with Jesica (a joy). The sky was still very dramatic and led the way to the howling winds we’ve had much of the day.

I made a pact with Jesica that every Tuesday I have to show her a piece of art in progress. I’m making a commitment to share it with you, too. The pressure is on.


¿JUEGASTE AL JUEGO “PATO PATO Ganso”? Recuerdo jugarlo cuando era niño. También lo jugué con los niños cuando era consejero de campamento. 

Hace algunos años me enteré de la ahijada de San Geraldo, Erin, que hay una versión de Minnesota (o tal vez era solo su versión, es muy creativa) llamada “Pato Pato Pato-Gris”. Erin me convenció de que su versión era mucho más dramática. En lugar de: ¡Pato – Pato – Ganso! Era: ¡Pato – Pato – Paaaaaaaato-Gris! Emocionante, ¿no? 

De todos modos, vi un pato en una piscina durante mi caminata esta mañana. Así que todo esto tiene sentido, para mí. Mi caminata fue después del amanecer y antes de mi clase de inglés en video a las 11:30 con Jesica (una alegría). El cielo todavía era muy dramático y abrió el camino hacia los vientos aulladores que hemos tenido gran parte del día. 

Hice un pacto con Jesica de que todos los martes tengo que mostrarle una obra de arte en proceso. Me comprometo a compartirlo contigo también. La presión aumenta.

• He clearly expected to be fed. But there was a low wall, a hedge, a patio, and a fence between us.
• Claramente esperaba ser alimentado. Pero había un muro bajo, un seto, un patio y una cerca entre nosotros.
• This is what that duck pool and spa looks like from the air (thanks to Google Maps).
• Así es como se ve esa piscina de patos y spa desde el aire (gracias a Google Maps).
• If I had hair, I’d always match it to my outfits (and my headphones… and, of course, my underwear).
• Si tuviera cabello, siempre lo combinaría con mi atuendo (y mis auriculares … y, por supuesto, mi ropa interior).


Author: Moving with Mitchell

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28 thoughts on “Duck duck goose / Pato pato ganso”

  1. I didn’t play the game as a kid but my children did. I’m clearly old. The gray duck?

    For some unknown reason, the combination of the duck in the guitar-shaped pool had me thinking about one of Elvis’ old hairstyles. AKA the DA. or more nicely, the Ducktail. 🙂

    1. Mary:
      The duck and the guitar had my brain making all kinds of odd connections. Did you know there’s a popular restaurant somewhere in Thailand called the Duck Guitar? Thailand is a popular vacation destination from here. I wondered it there was a connection, but then I remembered the duck isn’t a permanent fixture in the guitar pool.

  2. Never heard of that game…….didn’t make it to the Maritimes I guess.
    Maybe that duck plays a mean guitar?!

  3. I say let the duck take advantage of a free membership!!! He’s pretty!

    I sure missed the pool this summer too. Yet another thing that wasn’t open here. But why in the word is the pool guitar shaped???? Odd.

    1. Mistress Borghese:
      I have no clue about that guitar-shaped pool. The 3-building condo complex is ordinary and not much to look at (and the units are small and ordinary, too) but they went to a lot of expense for the custom pool and spa.

  4. The sky and sea are so textured in your photos – a wild day! Love the look of the scarlet walker and the duck(!), also wild. Looking forward to seeing your works in progress.

    1. Wilma:
      The wind makes everything even more interesting. Blowing fiercely today. I told SG that by the time this season is over, there won’t be any tamarinds left on the Paseo. A heavy old one across the street is now pointing to 2:00!

    1. Janie:
      The duck looked very happy, rooting throught the filter channels in the pool. I wish I knew the story of that pool. The complex itself is mediocre with small apartments. The pool and spa were custom and large.

  5. Oh yes, I played “Duck, Duck, Goose” as a kid, both in winter and summer! Do you know WHY that pool is guitar-shaped? Seems very odd.

    1. Debra:
      I have tried to get info on the guitar-shaped pool and have come up empty. Such a strange contrast with the ordinary buildings.

  6. Love the beach photos! Re Duck, Duck: I thought a good compromise between the 2 versions was to shout “grey goose,” but then I realized that was a brand of vodka. Oh well…

  7. The geese along the river are starting to nest, I saw mating calls yesterday for the first time. Reminded me of the bars 30 years ago. Did you have hair like that, when you had hair like that?

    1. David:
      I had GREAT hair… and too much of it. My how the worm has turned. (But my hair was never fuschia.)

  8. I have heard of “Duck, duck, gray duck.” (From a friend of mine from Minnesota, in fact.) Wonder why they felt the need to change it from “goose”? That POOL! Wowza! I hope that duck finds a better place to obtain a snack.

    1. Steve:
      The duck was having a good time grazing in all the filter traps. According Erin, duck duck goose was boring while duck duck gray duck was not.

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