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IF YOU’VE BEEN WAITING WITH bated breath for my artful creations this week, I apologize. I kept to my commitment, but it’s nothing I’m excited to share. I had great plans and lots of ideas but realized I was getting ahead of myself. The first thing I need to do is relearn to just relax, sketch, and create. My goal is to get myself out on the streets with my sketchbook. Below you can see this week’s explorations. Please, no critiques. I couldn’t cope. At least I had something to show Jesica during English class today, and I’m inspired to keep working.

Moose began whining for his treat at 8:45 this morning. Dudo sat on the bed and stared. For the next hour, Moose whined and Dudo stared. I caved while I was making tea (and coffee). I just couldn’t take it anymore.


SI HA ESTADO ESPERANDO CON aliento contenido mis artísticas creacions de esta semana, pido disculpas. Mantuve mi compromiso, pero no es nada que me entusiasme compartir. Tenía grandes planes y muchas ideas, pero me di cuenta de que me estaba adelantando. Lo primero que tengo que hacer es volver a aprender a relajarme, dibujar y crear. Mi objetivo es salir a la calle con mi cuaderno de bocetos. A continuación, puede ver las exploraciones de esta semana. Por favor, sin críticas. No pude soportarlo. Al menos tenía algo que enseñarle a Jesica durante la clase de inglés de hoy y estoy inspirado para seguir trabajando. 

Moose comenzó a lloriquear por su golosina a las 8:45 de esta mañana. Dudo se sentó en la cama y se quedó mirando. Durante la siguiente hora, Moose gimió y Dudo se quedó mirando. Me derrumbé mientras preparaba té (y café). Simplemente no pude soportarlo más.

• I thought the clay would be like plasticene, but it was more like traditional wet sculpting clay (which is a good thing; I just wasn’t expecting it). I wasn’t quite ready for the commitment, however, so I bagged it for another time when I’m ready to get out the tools, build an armature, and do something I have in mind.
• Pensé que la arcilla sería como plasticene, pero se parecía más a la arcilla tradicional para esculpir en húmedo (lo cual es algo bueno; simplemente no lo esperaba). Sin embargo, no estaba del todo listo para el compromiso, así que lo guardé para otro momento cuando esté listo para sacar las herramientas, construir una armadura y hacer algo que tengo en mente.
• We received brilliant artwork from my pal Luke yesterday. He mailed us a card for, as he calls it, Love Day. He was proud to tell us he learned how to do pop-up hearts and “It’s very cool!!!” He dictated and Kathleen wrote the message on the card. He said he loves us “twenty-one seconds!” and that, I think, is a very long time.
• Recibimos una obra de arte brillante de mi amiguito Luke ayer. Nos envió una tarjeta para, como él lo llama, el Día del Amor. Estaba orgulloso de decirnos que aprendió a hacer corazones emergentes y “¡¡¡Es guay!!!” Dictó y Kathleen escribió el mensaje en la tarjeta. Dijo que nos ama “¡veintiún segundos!” y eso, creo, es mucho tiempo.


Dudo four hours later. Maybe it’s just love. (And, yes, I know, the bed still isn’t made.)
Dudo cuatro horas después. Tal vez sea solo amor. (Y, sí, lo sé, la cama aún no está hecha).

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37 thoughts on “Artless / Simple”

  1. I was a figure-drawing model for a few years – I can’t draw at all so I am in awe of anyone that can draw anything! You won’t have any criticism from me!

  2. Oh, I understand about wanting to put our “best foot forward” when posting art. I took a watercolours course right before the pandemic hit, but I haven’t posted a single thing from it because all my paintings were so, SO bad. If ONLY we could be as unself-conscious as Luke and other little kids when sharing art! And isn’t their art ALWAYS wonderful precisely because of their open hearts? Yes, yes, it is.

  3. Ah, those ‘best laid plans’ moments…….life can get in the way.
    Those poor kitties looked like they are STARVED!! lol They are just playin’ with ya!
    Now….go make that bed! lol

      1. Not shameful – smart! I read where you want to leave your bed uncovered during the day – then it isn’t a warm place for bedbugs. See! You are just smarter than the average bear!

      2. sillygirl:
        I read that, too. So I regularly leave it uncovered to air out for part of the day. But this never making it is out of character for me. (And it makes me a little crazy when I see it.)

  4. I’m pretty sure that is food in the cats’ dishes! Luke’s card is fantastic. I am envious of anyone who can create what they envision. Having already seen some of your creations, I am looking forward to seeing something new from you. Did you happen to see a recent article in The Guardian (I think that was where it was) about Kim Novak of Vertigo fame? She is a wonderful artist. But I bet you knew that already.

    1. Wilma:
      Oh, THAT food?!? I did just read that Kim Novak article. I had seen some of her art before. I also admired her honesty about why she left Hollywood… and that she DID.

  5. Good to see you exploring your many talents. We are all too often our own worst critics and it keeps us from enjoying the process–worrying that somehow the ‘product’ (actually meaning ourselves) won’t measure up. No critics here. Just friends, happy to see whatever you wish to share with us. Really like the faces…those you created…and those hanging around you and making their dynamic presence known (Dudo and Moose). 🙂

    1. Mary:
      Thanks. It IS very relaxing to sit with pen and paper. Maybe I’ll take them to Mesón Salvador!

    1. Judy C:
      Awwww. Really, thanks. It was nice to hold the pen in my hand like that. But it needs to become part of me again.

  6. I like the clay masks; grumpy old men.
    my nyla was just staring at the screen listening to moose meow; that boy is LOUD!
    and luke’s card is precious!

    1. anne marie:
      And that was Moose being quiet! He’s already had his treat, but he’s been walking around ever since YOWLING. I think he wants Dudo to play with him. But Dudo is lying in the sun. He even talks in his sleep.

  7. I think those sketches look really good! Much better than I could do, for sure. As for the bed, sometimes ours doesn’t get made at all!

    1. Steve:
      I’m a bed maker. But I’ve lately not bothered. At least it gets made once a week when Isabel comes. That morning, I couldn’t make the bed because Dudo was still on it. (I give him extra treats in payment.)

    1. Bob:
      And there were their personalities in that video. When I said, “Do you want your treats?,” Dudo got up on his hind legs and Moose ran OUT of the room in his excitement (then immediately came back).

  8. My cat, Nubby, does the same thing. I sternly tell her no, then ignore here and go about my business. She knows she’s trying to play me. She thinks every time I walk in the kitchen that she gets her treat. I love Moose and Dudo. So handsome little guys. :o)

    1. Kat:
      This morning, I had Moose at my feet… yowling, and Dudo on the low bookcase to my right… staring. They got their treats a half hour early. They know what they’re doing.

      1. Janie:
        I’ve been happy about that, too. You’re STILL kind. To paraphrase Bette Davis (I’ve been doing this a lot lately): “You should never say bad things about the dead, you should only say the good. Rush Limbaugh is dead. Good.”

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