Sunday shorts / Cortos del domingo

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I ROUNDED OUT MY SUNDAY breakfast with a cup of Twinnings English Breakfast tea (with milk) and a slab of chocolate-chip banana bread (which San Geraldo, of course, cut; because that’s cooking). Dudo and Moose lasted until 10:30 for their treats. They weren’t happy about it, but who’s in charge here?!? Never mind.

It’s raining steadily and 59°F/15°C (which feels like, wait for it… 55°F/13°C). The Weather Channel describes the “Chill Index” as “somewhat cold.” So it’s not just me. Maybe I’ll take a walk on the beach this afternoon. Unlike the guy pictured today, I’ll wear long pants — with legs of the same length. This afternoon, I hope to make more progress on organizing the back end of the terrace.


COMPLETÉ EL DESAYUNO DEL DOMINGO con una taza de té Twinnings English Breakfast (con leche) y una rebanada de pan de plátano con chispas de chocolate (que San Geraldo, por supuesto, cortó, porque eso se cocina). Dudo y Moose duraron hasta las 10:30 para sus delicias. No estaban contentos con eso, pero ¿quién está a cargo aquí? No importa. 

Está lloviendo constantemente y hace 15°C/59°F (que se siente como, espere … 13°C/55°F). El Weather Channel describe el “Índice de frío” como “algo frío”. Así que no soy solo yo. Tal vez dé un paseo por la playa esta tarde. A diferencia del tipo que se muestra hoy, usaré pantalones largos, con piernas del mismo largo. Esta tarde, espero avanzar más en la organización de la parte trasera de la terraza.

• Not a great planter plant. The base plant will die off after flowering leaving new offshoots, but they won’t be where they’re needed for aesthetic balance in the pot. Still, stunning. I didn’t realize I had the Osborne bull perfectly framed.
• No es una gran planta para un macetero. La planta base morirá después de la floración dejando nuevos brotes, pero no estarán donde se necesitan para el equilibrio estético en la maceta. Aún así, impresionante. No me di cuenta de que tenía el toro de Osborne perfectamente enmarcado.
• Remember my selfie with the Ale-Hop cow (see below)? I was tempted to ask if I could borrow this baby for another photo op. Had we been right in front of the shop (and not 15 minutes away), I might not have seemed so creepy.
• ¿Recuerdas mi selfie con la vaca de Ale-Hop (ver más abajo)? Estuve tentado de preguntar si podía tomar prestado este bebé para otra sesión de fotos. Si hubiéramos estado justo en frente de la tienda (y no a 15 minutos), no habría parecido tan espeluznante.
• As I said yesterday, it might as well be spring.
• Como dije ayer, bien podría ser primavera.

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31 thoughts on “Sunday shorts / Cortos del domingo”

  1. Mr. Shorts gets props for being tastefully coordinated, mask, shirt, shorts, socks and shoes, and then scores extra points for nice thigh,

    1. Bob:
      Yes, he did look cool, and the thing front view seemed to be his best feature. Maybe he was just playing it up.

  2. I had to google Osborne Bull, then take another go back a look, again, great bull. Nice legs, if you have them, flaunt them. Stay warm. It might as well be winter here 27 degrees.

    1. David:
      I’ve shared info on the bull several times before. They’re so much fun to see around the country on our drives, too.

    1. anne marie:
      8 minutes to go, and they’re behaving. I’d say I’m making progress (but I’m not crazy).

  3. That GIANT blossom would fill your terrace! WOW!
    The ‘shorts phenom’ continues into another season, I see.

      1. Raybeard:
        Have you tried the “shorts and shorter” for yourself? It’s an interesting feeling.

    1. Jim:
      I wish I could come across someone in the “shorts and shorter” style who looked approachable so I could ask, “Why?”

  4. The agave in the planter is gorgeous with its arching flower stalk. We are in a spell of cool days that are mostly overcast with a little rain here and there. I am hopeful for a little more rain.

  5. Have you ever figured out or got the explanation behind the one-leg roll-up? It’s not just a fluke as you’ve posted it often…maybe it’s a signal like the old hanky-code.
    P.S. We had a “healthy” breakfast this morning: yogurt and fruit and carrot cake muffins that I had made and stashed in the freezer a couple of weeks ago. With cream cheese frosting…yum.

    1. Frank:
      I keep waiting for someone who looks approachable to ask. Not one of these people has made eye contact, so I’m leery of asking.

      I have yogurt, and fruit, and granola, and nuts in some variation every morning. SG doesn’t make carrot cake or I’d gleefully finish off breakfast with that every day.

  6. Okay, so you hear, and say, just plain, cortos for shorts? Our textbook teaches, pantalones cortos… which, obviously, means short pants, but… if it’s not what people really say… annoying! It’s weird teaching Spanish when I haven’t lived in a Spanish-speaking place. French… I know what sounds right, and what people say, usually. Spanish… I have to go by the textbook. Plus, every freakin’ country uses something different –ha!

    Now… if I were to switch to teaching my Spanish-1 students that cortos is a noun, but when it’s an adjective, it has options for the spelling corto/a/s, I’d really be opening up a can of worms. Right now, they’re writing clothing items for various situations, and I get things like:

    Ella lleva una vestida. (Because, you know… it’s a girl wearing it.. sheesh)
    Él lleva unos los gafos. OR Él llevo unos los gafos. … “But, Ms Chabot, don’t I have to have O!? It’s a guy! ”
    Yo lleva una zapata roja = (for a girl: I wear red shoes.)…, “But, Ms Chaobt, I’m a girl, and there is only one of me!”

    It’s so hard to get (lots of) them to understand what words change, and why. Especially teaching virtually. And, when they don’t read the directions. And, when they don’t look at the examples. And, when they don’t look at my corrections. It’s their life of, “Learning as teenager.” Ha!

    1. Judy:
      That was just me playing with the words in the title. The correct translation is definitely pantalones cortos. Sorry to mislead!

      And I understand about the “O”s and “A”s. It’s so simple but students make it so complicated.

  7. At least “shorts guy” has nice legs, though I am still mystified by this fashion statement. The agave is very cool looking, even if it will leave the planter off balance. 🙂

    1. Steve:
      Some day I’ll be able to ask someone “why?”; until then, I’ll just take pictures. Agave blooms are amazing.

  8. I could understand if the shorts were riding up by themselves (a huge nuisance and not one most of us enjoy which is why I don’t own any cortos), but clearly this is unlikely to be the case for this guy. Gather in his case it’s more — ya got it, ya flaunt it. At least half of it.

    The planter has some great looking plants–even if they don’t actually work well together as planted.

    1. Mary:
      Still no clue why the shorts style. One day I’ll know… maybe. Those plants are both the same in the planter and I think they are also both offshots of an original agave that was probably centered there.

  9. I bought more bananas. They can’t wait to be turned into bread, this time complete with chocolate chips. They can’t wait a bit, though, because today I baked cinnamon bread.


    1. Janie:
      I’m sitting and enjoying another slice (slab) of banana bread right now. But, oh, cinnamon bread. That’s one of SG’s all time favorites.

    1. Walt the Fourth:
      The plaid shorts tend to be Bermudas, which aren’t intended for this rolled-up “style.” Obviously, you’ve fallen behind on your GQ reading.

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