Up periscope! / ¡Arriba el periscopio!

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WHEN I RETURNED HOME FROM my walk yesterday, I removed my mask and washed my hands and face, as always, and went to find San Geraldo in his office. Dudo was on the top level of the kitty condo as you can see in today’s first photo. He takes this position often. I think he’s bracing himself against all incursions. “Don’t even think of moving me!” All I saw of Moose was one paw. It looked like a periscope.

Poor Jesica wasn’t feeling well and we had to cancel English lessons today. I hope it passes quickly. I had already showered and shaved, so I thought why waste it? Moose and his periscope inspired me to take a walk to the port.

I’m happy to tell you that Dudo and Moose inspected the orange flowers (click here) on the terrace and quickly backed off. So, we’re not worried about unintentional poisoning. I’m not happy to tell you, however, that Moose was immediately interested in the leaves of the carnations and decided to spend some time on the dining room table… dining on them. They’ve been moved to an unreachable spot (as if) in the bedroom and we won’t be buying any more carnations.

Moose now sits on the bed and stares hungrily at the flowers while San Geraldo repeats, “Mussy, no… Muuuuussy, no… Musssssssseeeeeee, no!” Large glass vase filled with water. One very stubborn and determined cat. What could possibly go wrong?


CUANDO REGRESÉ A CASA DE mi caminata de ayer, me quité la máscarilla y me lavé las manos y la cara, como siempre, y fui a buscar a San Geraldo a su oficina. Dudo estaba en el nivel superior del arbol de gatos, como puedes ver en la primera foto de hoy. Toma esta posición a menudo. Creo que se está preparando contra todas las incursiones. “¡Ni siquiera pienses en moverme!” Todo lo que vi de Moose fue una pata. Parecía un periscopio.

La pobre Jesica no se sentía bien y hoy tuvimos que cancelar las lecciones de inglés. Espero que pase rápido. Ya me había duchado y afeitado, así que pensé ¿por qué desperdiciarlo? Moose y su periscopio me inspiraron a dar un paseo hasta el puerto.

Me complace decirles que Dudo y Moose inspeccionaron las flores naranjas (haz clic aquí) en la terraza y se retiraron rápidamente. Por lo tanto, no nos preocupa el envenenamiento involuntario. Sin embargo, no me alegra decirte que Moose se interesó de inmediato en las hojas de los claveles y decidió pasar algún tiempo en la mesa del comedor … cenando en ellos. Han sido trasladados a un lugar inalcanzable (como si) en el dormitorio y no compraremos más claveles.

Moose se sienta en la cama y mira hambriento las flores mientras San Geraldo repite: “Mussy, no … Muuuuussy, no … Musssssssseeeeeee, no!” Florero de cristal grande lleno de agua. Un gato muy terco y decidido. ¿Qué podría salir mal?

Pleasure boats with the row of restaurants (mostly unseen) to the left.
Embarcaciones de recreo con la fila de restaurantes (en su mayoría invisible) a la izquierda.
A section of the working port.
Una sección del puerto de trabajo.
Repairing nets and shooting the breeze.
Reparando redes y disparando la brisa.


Author: Moving with Mitchell

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34 thoughts on “Up periscope! / ¡Arriba el periscopio!”

  1. Your cats live the Life of Riley, I tellz ya. I was lucky that Her Royal Highness never showed any interest in eating flowers or plants. Like me, she wasn’t much of a salad eater.

    1. Debra:
      Our cats are adored and obviously doted on. Can’t believe what a sap I’ve become. The cats do like the grassy leaves. But we have none anymore… until the carnations. I was really looking forward to buying more colors of those. They last so long. Oh well!

  2. Looks like Moose was doing the Power Sign 🙂 Solid, man! That is my Cujo’s favorite napping position. How long have you guys had cats? A million years or so? SG still hasn’t figured out that to a cat no means go for it?

    1. Deedles:
      I love that. Moose gave me a, “Solid, man!” SG had cats throughout his childhood. Together we’ve only had them 24 years (holy crap, did I say only?) To Moose and Dudo, “no” means “OK, I’ll wait until you’re not looking.”

      1. I quote Spock from one of my Star Trek books (the Price of the Phoenix, if I recall correctly) : “A difference that makes no difference is no difference.”

      2. Deedles:
        I quote Yogi Berra (or so they say): In theory there’s no difference between theory and practice. In practice there is.

  3. The “periscope” is very cute! For some reason cats like pointy leaves. Any plant or flower with pointy leaves is irresistible to them — or so I recall from my own cats. Maybe they think they’re grass?

    1. Steve:
      You’re right about the cats and pointy grass-like leaves, which is why we don’t have any. However, when I bought them grass to munch (several times), they didn’t touch it. The little shits.

    1. Mary:
      Not yet. We had a decorative fountain in our house in Santa Barbara. One of our cats there didn’t drink from his water bowl but instead drank from the fountain — leaving a mess all over the living room.

  4. Cats are SO much fun!!
    Our cats never ate indoor plants. God knows what they ate outside…..but they lived for years.
    Fishing season must be opening soon? Or is it a year round thing?

    1. Jim:
      Our cats only have the terrace to explore and we have no grass-like plants out there (because those are the only kind they eat). Fishing is year-round here. Never a day missed. Before tourism hit in the ’60s, fishing was just about the only thing going on here.

  5. I love Moose Paw.
    Our cats tend to leave most plants and flowers alone, but love digging in the Aloe Vera pot for some reason.
    Dry paw pads???

    1. Bob:
      We had long planters on the terrace filled with bougainvilla that the cats used to like to sleep in. Nice and cool in summer, I guess. THEN they’d bring the dirt everywhere inside the house. There’s no room in the planters that remain, which are filled with crown of thorns. If it would survive, that’s what I’d put on the dining room table.

  6. i am missing having a cat or two so I do love to see your boys. Those fishing boats look so clean – at least from the outside. great photos.

    1. Wilma:
      I hadn’t though about it but, yes, the fishing boats are always freshly painted and well-scrubbed. Thanks for enjoying the cats!

    1. Anon:
      You name it. We’ve got it. Much coming from right outside our windows. SO fresh and good.

    1. mcpersonalspace54:
      I cracked up when I walked into SG’s office and saw that.

  7. Moose’s paw-riscope gave me a smile. Bert brought us two mice yesterday (separately) before devouring them. The vet was surprised when Ken told him that Bert still hunts “at his age.” He’s 15 this year.

    1. Walt the Fourth:
      We’ve been reading each other for a long time now. Can’t believe Bert will be 15… and Dudo and Moose will be 10. I love “paw-riscope.” I can always count on you!

  8. I was to surprised that it was the cat’s back leg that was sticking up like a periscope. For some reason I thought it was his front.

    1. Kirk:
      Interesting image. I was trying to figure out where his body would be in that case.

  9. Cats eat grass to help to clean out their stomachs. Perhaps they need one of those trays of grass that you can buy for them to chew on. It would save your house plants.

    1. Karen:
      In the past, we had plants with grass-like leaves. They chewed them. So I bought them trays of grass… different kinds at different times. They ignored it and continued on the plants. Often they chewed simply to mark territory. We had a cat in California that constantly ate those same kinds of plants. He also wouldn’t eat the grasses we bought specifically for him. We bought fake (silk) grasses in ceramic planters for a very dark den. He ate that, too! (Well, simply gnawed at it mostly.)

    1. David:
      Was that you as “Anonymous” earlier? The fish is exceptional. Nothing like enjoying a meal caught that day.

  10. Buy the carnations have the clerk show you how to strip the leaves. Then cut them shorter to put in a vase were not much of the stem show. If it works then you can have all the wonderful colors.
    cheers, parsnip

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