It’s not pink / No es rosa

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DID YOU SEE THE PINK Supermoon? It’s no surprise if you missed it. It was big and bright, as a supermoon should be, but it wasn’t pink and it never is. It fascinates me (no it doesn’t) how many people have shared photos of a decidely pink-colored moon. It was named for the moss pink (creeping phlox, moss phlox, mountain phlox, and more), one of the earliest spring flowers in the United States. Why it’s not called the Phlox Moon is beyond me (other than the fact that no one would know how to spell it; OK, and some other reasons).

Moose has not been back in San Geraldo’s office chair since the other day. Dudo has been laying claim to every dining room chair and, from the pose he’s been taking, he has no intention of having his position(s) usurped by his brother. We were in the hall yesterday evening and the minute Dudo walked out the door he began stalking the bird (that wasn’t there) on the vent pipe.

San Geraldo made beef stew Sunday and we had two dinners from it. Delicious. He picked up ice cream for last night’s dessert (and tonight’s). My flavor of the week is Magnum Double Gold Caramel Billionaire. Also delicious.

It rained most of the night. It appears to have let up momentarily, but it’s supposed to soon start up again and continue through much of the day.

I haven’t been out for a walk and am hoping that my supposed internal blister will be gone by Friday when I have to put my foot on the gas pedal and brake. In any case, those activities won’t be a problem.

I’m about to get back into my work on San Geraldo’s photos. I’m up to Chapter 8 (of 17) and image number 126 (of 470). It’s a great distraction.


¿VISTE LA SUPERLUNA ROSA? NO es de extrañar que te lo hayas perdido. Era grande y brillante, como debería ser una superluna, pero no era rosa y nunca lo es. Me fascina (no, no es así) cuántas personas han compartido fotos de una luna decididamente rosada. Recibió su nombre de la hierba rosa musgo (también conocida como phlox rastrero, phlox musgo, phlox de montaña, y más), una de las primeras flores de primavera en los Estados Unidos. Por qué no lo llamaron Phlox Moon está más allá de mi comprensión (aparte del hecho de que nadie sabría cómo deletrearlo; está bien, y algunas otras razones).

Moose no ha vuelto a la silla de la oficina de San Geraldo desde el otro día. Dudo ha estado reclamando todas las sillas del comedor y, por la pose que ha estado tomando, no tiene la intención de que su hermano usurpe su puesto. Estábamos en el pasillo ayer por la noche y, en el momento en que salió por la puerta, Dudo comenzó a acechar al pájaro (que no estaba allí) en el tubo de ventilación.

San Geraldo hizo estofado de carne el domingo y tuvimos dos cenas. Delicioso. Cogió helado para el postre de anoche (y el de esta noche). Mi sabor de la semana es Magnum Double Gold Caramel Billionaire. También delicioso.

Llovió la mayor parte de la noche. Parece haber cedido momentáneamente, pero se supone que pronto se reiniciará y continuará durante gran parte del día.

No he salido a caminar y espero que mi supuesta ampolla interna desaparezca para el viernes, cuando tenga que pisar el acelerador y frenar. En cualquier caso, esas actividades no serán un problema.

Estoy a punto de retomar mi trabajo con las fotos de San Geraldo. Estoy en el capítulo 8 (de 17) y la imagen número 126 (de 470). Es una gran distracción.

• Monday’s sunset looking southeast.
• El atardecer del lunes mirando al sureste.
• As the sun slowly sank in the west.
• A medida que el sol se hundía lentamente en el oeste.

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39 thoughts on “It’s not pink / No es rosa”

  1. Between SG’s cooking and that ice cream (yum), you’re going to have to join Dudo in some of those long (hunter) stretches.

    Caught glimpses of the (not pink/phlox) moon last night. Whatever their color, full moons seem to bring out a great deal of weirdness in folks. Enough to make you stay home…as if we aren’t doing enough of that already. Oh well, 6 yr old GS will be here for virtual school again today…no avoiding the fun (or math).

    1. Mary:
      I WISH I could stretch like Dudo! Hope virtual school went well yesterday. You’re a trooper!

  2. So interesting, because the pink moon is actually is pink here in Maine. I have seen it many times. Sorry you don’t get that effect over there. Still beautiful, I’m sure.

    1. wickedhamster:
      And all we have to do is walk around the terrace to see it. This morning’s sunrise was beautiful, too, but I went back to sleep.

  3. We saw it, like a klieg ight in the sky!!
    Funny about cats. Tuxedo climbed into Carlos’ lap last night and fell asleep on his shoulder; or so I thought. MaxGoldberg, who usually sits with Carlos, saw this and tried to sit with me, but I turned to look at Tuxedo and the look on his face sent Max packing.
    Tuxedo rules the roost, even with just a glance!

    1. Bob:
      WE can never quite figure out who rules the roost around here (except that it’s not us). We used to think it was Dudo, but Moose gives regularly surprises us (and him).

  4. my full moon (aka my fat ass) was out last night and it was pink! otherwise, the full moon in the sky was big and white. dudo’s second pix – that look would scare me away!

  5. Queen Dudo looks well rested.
    Moose, the servant, carries on as usual.
    This whole ‘labeled’ full moon thing of late is a bit ridiculous IMHO.
    A full moon is a full moon…..some may appear a tad larger than others.
    All I know is that my brain knows when the full moon is waning.

    1. Jim:
      I hadn’t noticed all the different moon names until recent years. It’s a bit much. I surprised it’s not a gimmick of the greeting card companies.

    1. Debra:
      It takes all my self-control to not go out on the terrace for more photos during my nightly forays. The moon lit up the entire sea last night.

  6. We had a great view of the moon rising out of the sea. The night was so bright, I woke up at least once an hour thinking it was already morning. Lucky for me, I was able to go right back to sleep each time until actual morning.

    I love that shot of Dudo in the hall. And Dudo in the chair. And the moon. And the sky. The one of the ice cream just makes me envious.

    Huge progress on the photos for SG’s book! That is hard, careful work.

    1. Wilma:
      I wish I had caught the moon rising out of the sea. Yeah, any shot of Dudo makes me smile. I finished the ice cream at lunch yesterday. REALLY good.

  7. I love when cats stretch out like that! He didn’t even want his picture taken either I surmise.

    And who in hell comes up with these ice cream names? Gold caramel billionaire? Trump?

    1. Mistress Borghese:
      Dudo was so focused on the bird that wasn’t there, that he wasn’t even aware of me and my camera. I agree about that stupid ice cream name. They should have stopped with Gold Caramel. I hate even the idea of a billionaire.

  8. I saw no moon, pink or otherwise. I was a wee bit tipsy from a glass of Maneschevitz concord grape syrup..uh, wine. The only moon I wanted to see was brown and pert. BH doesn’t take advantage of a wee bit tipsy woman. Okay, drunken wife. His loss. A wine and insulin hangover is not pleasant. I know, major TMI.
    Phlox sounds like a synonym for loogie. I don’t know how to spell that word for throat snot.
    You may delete this whole comment at your own discretion, Scoot. No hard feelings. I’m a little weird today.

    1. Deedles:
      The first time I heard the word phlox I wondered how it could have anything to do with a flower. No way I’m deleting your comment. Very entertaining. But, I’d stay off the Manischewitz if I were you… well, if I were anybody.

  9. Dudo looks so stealthy! He’s like Olga — if she sees a cat somewhere, she NEVER forgets it and will always look for the cat whenever we pass that spot again.

    I hadn’t heard about this pink moon nonsense until I began blog reading today. I don’t understand why all of a sudden we’re naming our full moons. Who decides these things?!

    1. Steve:
      I’m with you on the names of all the full moons. It seems like a brand new thing to me, but I guess it’s been going on forever. I don’t know why I had never heard of most of these until recently.

    1. John:
      It was a big bright moon. You’ve seen it before. I hope you were doing something better.

  10. The moon was big and bright I wanted to howl at it, but I kept the howl in to avoid frightening the neighbors. It definitely was not pink. Phlox moon sounds horrible, as if it could be a nasty skin disease on one’s butt.


    1. Janie:
      Many people find phlox to be an unpleasant-sounding word. I don’t know how it stuck in common usage for so many beautiful flowers. I always think of pox.

  11. Why does every moon have a name these days? I’ve never heard of a “pink” moon. What will it be next month? Why, back in the olden days, it was just the moon. Full, quarter, or new. Three options. Like NBC, ABC, and CBS. These kids today, with their hair, and their clothes. /geezer rant.

    As usual, your photos are lovely. Kitties, chocolate, and sunsets. Oh, and the moon. And Phlox was the name of the doctor on Star Trek: Enterprise.

    1. Walt the Fourth:
      And why don’t those snot-noses pull up their pants and wear a belt. And what’s with shaving the sides of their heads and not the tops? And why don’t they tie their damned shoes?!?

      I don’t remember all these moon names either. Well, there was Harvest Moon and then Blue Moon but we only heard about that once in a…

    1. AprenderEspañol:
      Thanks so much for visiting! I started writing the blog in Spanish, as well, about 4 years ago when a local friend (who only speaks Spanish) asked why I didn’t. It’s been a huge help for my Spanish to write something like this daily. I hope it doesn’t screw up yours! Meanwhile, enjoy the stories.

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