Hotter than your morning coffee / Más caliente que tu café de la mañana

La versión en español está después de la versión en inglés.

SAN GERALDO HAD A PHONE consultation this morning with his Public Health doctor, which means I had a phone consultation this morning with San Geraldo’s doctor. It was an easy prescription renewal, but I took the call since the doctor doesn’t speak English and telephone Spanish is much more challenging than in-person Spanish.

While we spoke (she’s my doctor, too), I asked her about the Covid vaccine. Both our age groups are currently in process. She told me the process was going very smoothly, but as long as we were on the phone she would schedule our appointments. So, I get my first shot (AstraZeneca) Sunday morning and SG gets his first shot (Pfizer) Monday evening. We’re so excited. We agreed it’s a huge load off our minds. He immediately sang, “Take a load off, Mary.” “Fanny,” I said. “Fanny?” “Yeah, Fanny. Not Mary.” [Remember that recent post? click here].

Given that the wait period for the second AstraZeneca jab is 12 weeks, I should still have no problem visiting The Kid Brother at the end of summer. That’ll be a huge load off his fanny, too. (I’m talking about an American fanny.)


SAN GERALDO TENÍA UNA CONSULTA telefónica esta mañana con su médica de Salud Pública, lo que significa que tuve una consulta telefónica esta mañana con la médica de San Geraldo. Fue una renovación fácil de las recetas, pero acepté la llamada ya que la médica no habla inglés y el español por teléfono es mucho más desafiante que el español en persona.

Mientras hablábamos (ella también es mi doctora), le pregunté sobre la vacuna Covid. Ambos grupos de edad están actualmente en proceso. Me dijo que el proceso iba muy bien, pero que mientras estuviéramos hablando por teléfono, programaría nuestras citas. Entonces, obtengo mi primer tiro (AstraZeneca) el domingo por la mañana y SG obtiene su primer tiro (Pfizer) el lunes por la tarde. Estamos tan emocionados (una canción apareció de inmediato en mi cabeza). Estuvimos de acuerdo en que es una gran carga de nuestras mentes. Inmediatamente cantó: “Quítate una carga, Mary”. “Fanny”, dije. “¿Fanny?” “Sí, Fanny. Mary no.” [¿Recuerdas esa post reciente? haz clic aquí].

Dado que el período de espera para el segundo pinchazo de AstraZeneca es de 12 semanas, no debería tener problemas para visitar El Hermanito al final del verano. Eso también será una carga enorme para su trasero [fanny en americáno].

Looking towards Sunday. Could I be any more excited?

Mirando hacia el domingo. ¿Podría estar más emocionado?

• The Kid Brother will be playing a happy tune when I tell him the news. I hope he plays better than he did when he was 8. What am I saying? I really don’t care. It’s just a shame I don’t still have those Granny glasses.
• El Hermanito tocará una melodía alegre cuando le cuente la noticia. Espero que juegue mejor que cuando tenía 8 años. ¿Que estoy diciendo? Realmente no me importa. Es una pena que todavía no tenga esas gafas abuela.


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41 thoughts on “Hotter than your morning coffee / Más caliente que tu café de la mañana”

    1. Jennifer:
      Chuck had both his vaccines months ago. And he’s STILL behaving responsibly.

  1. What a cute face! Wonderful news! Saturday was my two week mark from vax#2, we went shopping on King Street in old town on Saturday, masked and avoiding crowds, but shopping like we haven’t done in over a year.

    1. David:
      I was kind of cute 100 years ago, wasn’t I? So, happy you’re well past both jabs. I’m fantasizing about still being careful, but also feeling a bit more confident when out and about. But I’m especially looking forward to (HOPEFUL) my visit with Chuck.

  2. It IS a huge load off your mind when you get the first shot. We both got ours/pfizer two weeks ago and the second in early August.
    The Kid Brother will be very excited!

  3. Good news!
    We’re scheduled for our first shot tomorrow, and the second a few weeks later.
    It’s a load off, Mary!!

    1. wickedhamster:
      It’s funny how many people immediately recognize me. To think I was once that adorable (and that’s one unflattering, funny photo).

  4. It will be a load off, for sure! We got the AZ vaccinations, too. We’ll have the 2nd in mid-May. Then 2 weeks after that, I have agreed to go with a friend to a yoga retreat at a nearby, and tiny, resort on a 7 acre island. You can tell I am desperate to do something because I am less than a novice at yoga! Still, I’m so excited!

    1. Wilma:
      I don’t know how long it will be between my jabs, but as long as it’s done by mid-August, I’ll be fine for visiting Chuck. That yoga retreat sounds delightful. I’d go and I’ve only taken two official classes… and didn’t have much patience for it.

  5. Love the picture! That is good news for you boys!

    I got back to the ancestral home yesterday and got my first jab of the Pfizer vaccine yesterday. So far so good. My mother’s rehab opened them up to close family members which is nice. I think they were surprised when they stuck me gin didn’t shoot out everywhere!!! Once vaxed I will probably still have some trepidations. I think this pandemic has turned me into a more worse germ phob then I was before.

    Yesterday they announced here, mask don’t have to be worn outdoors anymore, like walking, exercising, out door dinning, out door markets… and such….. except in very large crowds. I will probably still wear mine if more then 20 people.

    1. Mistress Borghese:
      Hope you’re continuing to feel well. I was not much of a germ phobe and I’ve become awful lately. I can’t imagine what it’s like for someone with those tendencies to begin with — although I DO sometimes witness it first-hand… San Geraldo! Spain just announced that masks will continue to be required outdoors, although many experts are now saying they’re no longer necessary. We’ll do what we have to — and I’m tempted to keep wearing one. I haven’t had a single cold or virus in more than a year! Just sprained ankles, damaged feet, and knife and cactus wounds. In other words, the usual.

  6. I’m glad you’re both getting your first shots! I had my first shot of AstraZeneca on March 16th but in Canada they’re making us wait 16 weeks for our second. I hope that waiting time can be reduced if we get more vaccine shipments.

    1. Debra:
      I hope to find out Sunday how long the wait will be. 16 weeks will mean I can’t visit Chuck in August. Maybe they’ll let me speed it up a bit.

  7. Yay! So glad you’re getting your “jabs,” as they say here in the UK. I love that photo of you as a baby, and the kid brother photo too, and Iaughed out loud at “Take a load off, Mary.” I tried to explain to Dave why I was laughing and I think he still doesn’t get it.

    1. Steve:
      Oh, Dave and SG would have some interesting conversations. (I enjoy looking back at when I was adorable — or do I mean when I was fab?)

  8. I got the Johnson. The vaccine, pervs. It was a one shot deal at the beginning of April. A week later were the reports of blood clots. That was kind of eerie, ’cause you can’t squeeze your eyes shut and ooze the stuff out of your body. Didn’t really worry about it though. I figure if I was in that age group (I’m not) that a clot or two would be less painful than a covid death. I’m optimistic that way. I still haven’t run into anyone who’s had that particular vaccine, though. Balder had Pfizer and he’s as obnoxious as ever.
    I’m glad you two are going for it. Comparing results can be fun.
    I loved that video, although I liked the one done to Uptown Funk more.

    1. Deedles:
      I’m with you on the risks of the vaccine. I told a friend the other day to read the risks of every prescription she takes or has ever taken.

      I agree with you about the Uptown Funk old-timey video. Brilliant and perfectly in synch. This was the best I could find for I’m So Excited. There was another that was nothing more than a bunch of old dance film clips. The rhythm and timing wasn’t even considered. Anyway, nothing for me beats Uptown Funk. And, oh to be as cool as Bruno Mars.

      1. Thank you, JJ 🙂 I was starting to feel all alone when everybody I know was sharing their two-shot vaccine experiences.

      2. Deedles:
        I’d be very happy with a one-shot experience! Besides, don’t they say it’s quality, not quantity?

      3. Janie:
        But which Johnson does he give you? Hmmm… maybe I don’t want to know. No, I do.

  9. Everyone in the family has our shots but the son who lives with me gets the second shot soon. I went out for the first time ever to the nursery for a few plants. the only other place I have been is the doctors.

  10. Great news. Laurent and I both got our first jab over the last 10 days – I was first because hey seniority counts for something. Even with the second shot I’m not all the confident about travelling abroad. I think I’ll stay around home base for a bit before I venture out. We’ve been so lucky here I don’t like to tempt fate. 178 cases – all involving travel abroad; 2 hospitalizations – both now out and back home; no deaths.

    1. Willym:
      So glad you’re both well on your way! Fuengirola hasn’t been too bad but nothing as good as PEI.

  11. Oh good, I’m glad you both have appointments for the vaccine. Why are you getting different versions?

      1. Aah, a better system than the US. We had difficulty getting appointments. Now there’s a surplus because there are all those covidiots don’t believe in vaccines.

  12. I had my first shot (Moderna) about two weeks ago, and am scheduled for the second three Saturdays from now. Here’s the odd thing. Even though I live within walking distance of a Wal Mart, I had to go to a Wal-Mart 16 miles away because the one right by me ran out of vaccine. No big deal, and it’s only 21 minutes on the highway, but it shows you just how scattershot the availability is–at least here in the States.

    1. Kirk:
      I’m glad you didn’t have to travel an hour, but it is unfortunate. You’d think they could have sent some over from one Wal-Mart to another. Here, vaccine is being administered from one central location. It’s about a 20-minute walk from us at the end of the fairgrounds in the large performance and presenation hall. There’s also a huge plaza in front. So an easy place to manage. We’ll probably drive! (There’s an enormous parking lot at the fairgrounds.)

  13. I should be getting my second dose of Astra-Zeneca in mid-May. First was back in March. And, curiously, telephone French is also much harder than in-person French. 😉

    1. Walt the Fourth:
      Such a relief. Yeah, I would expect telephone French to be difficult, too. It must have something to do with the wires or microchips… Or the fact that you can’t read lips and hand movements.

  14. We received Pfizer shots on April 18 with the second shot 105 days later on Aug 1st. Jim has fared well but alas my immune system plays havoc with any needles I get. All accounts are that I am in a group of people who are showing the same signs. I keep safe and cross my fingers.

    1. Ron:
      So sorry you’ve suffered with the first shot. Isn’t it nice (not) to be special?

  15. So glad you are both scheduled. I’ve had both of mine (Moderna). Took a load off this Mary 🙂 …now if it were just safe to travel without long quarantines. I keep looking at flights for October or January (my usual visit time to UK), but haven’t pulled the trigger yet. Good for you and your August travel plans.

    1. Mary:
      I’m glad someone has taken a load off, Mary! I hope to be able to learn Sunday when my second shot could be expected. I’m guessing I can even ask to move it a bit sooner if it doesn’t meet the August travel plans.

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