On thin ice / Sobre hielo fino

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WE HAVE A UTENSIL RACK on a wall in the kitchen. I’d like to move it to a different wall, but it’s been there so long it would simply confuse us. Besides, there were already two hooks in that wall when we moved in. The rack is a wood floor grate from the old house San Geraldo’s friend in Seattle was renovating. The open grate was located on the second floor and allowed the heat from the first floor to rise and warm the upstairs (theoretically).

San Geraldo claimed it and decided to mount it on the wall and use it as a kitchen utensil rack. He and then we have used it everywhere we’ve lived. When San Geraldo washed the dishes during my indisposition earlier in the week, he even returned the utensils to the rack. In all the wrong places. And, believe me, I have a plan. So, when I felt better, I moved everything to their “correct” positions. He wasn’t surprised.

As San Geraldo prepared his grocery list before heading out the other afternoon, he told me, “We don’t need a huge number of things, but we need a huge quantity of things.” I knew what he meant, but he could have expressed it more clearly. So, smartass that I am, I replied, “Or I suppose to be more clear, you could say we don’t need a large number of things but we need a large variety of things. He looked icily at me and said, “You’re still floating on thin ice after telling me you had to rearrange the utensils.” For those of you who are more like San Geraldo, the expression is “You’re skating [or treading] on thin ice.” Although San Geraldo has such grace on ice that it is almost like he’s floating (click here).

I’m going driving again in Marbella this afternoon. I woke up stressing about it. May I please just have my license and be done with this?!?


TENEMOS UN ESTANTE PARA UTENSILIOS en una pared de la cocina. Me gustaría moverlo a una pared diferente, pero ha estado allí tanto tiempo que simplemente nos confundiría. Además, ya había dos ganchos en esa pared cuando nos mudamos. El estante es una rejilla de piso de madera de la casa antigua que un amigo en Seattle de San Geraldo estaba renovando. La rejilla abierta estaba ubicada en el segundo piso y permitía que el calor del primer piso subiera y calentara el piso de arriba (teóricamente).

San Geraldo lo reclamó y decidió montarlo en la pared y usarlo como estante para utensilios de cocina. Él y luego lo hemos usado en todos los lugares donde hemos vivido. Cuando San Geraldo lavó los platos durante mi indisposición a principios de semana, incluso devolvió los utensilios a la rejilla. En todos los lugares equivocados. Y créame, tengo un plan. Entonces, cuando me sentí mejor, moví todo a sus posiciones “correctas.” No le sorprendió.

Mientras San Geraldo preparaba su lista de compras antes de salir la otra tarde, me dijo: “No necesitamos una gran “number” [cantidad] de cosas, pero necesitamos una gran “quantity” [cantidad] de cosas.” Sabía lo que quería decir, pero podría haberlo expresado con más claridad. Así que, sabelotodo que soy, respondí: “O supongo que, para ser más claro, se podría decir que no necesitamos una gran cantidad de cosas, pero sí una gran variedad de cosas.” Me miró con frialdad y dijo: “Todavía estás flotando sobre una fina capa de hielo después de decirme que tú tenías que reorganizar los utensilios.” Para aquellos de ustedes que se parecen más a San Geraldo, la expresión es “Están patinando [o pisando] sobre hielo fino.” Aunque San Geraldo tiene tanta gracia sobre el hielo que es casi como si estuviera flotando (haz clic aquí).

Vuelvo a conducir por Marbella esta tarde. Me desperté estresado por eso. ¿Puedo tener mi carnet y terminar con esto?

• Don’t tell San Geraldo, but I plan to rearrange things… again.
• No se lo digas a San Geraldo, pero planeo reorganizar las cosas… otra vez.

Author: Moving with Mitchell

From Brooklyn, New York; to North Massapequa; back to Brooklyn; Brockport, New York; back to Brooklyn... To Boston, Massachusetts, where I met Jerry... To Marina del Rey, California; Washington, DC; New Haven and Guilford, Connecticut; San Diego, San Francisco, Palm Springs, and Santa Barbara, California; Las Vegas, Nevada; Irvine, California; Sevilla, Spain. And Fuengirola, Málaga..

42 thoughts on “On thin ice / Sobre hielo fino”

  1. If you let things land where they may, they will fall into a natural order of convenience.

    1. David:
      Hah! In SG’s world, they never land in the same place. It’s called natural chaos!

  2. All the essentials for a ‘proper’ kitchen right there on that wooden rack…….placement is very important according to what we use the most. I must get a rack like that!

    1. Jim,
      I’ve tried to organize them for ease of use but also for safety — so I don’t hid my head on the strainer!

    1. Debra,
      Those bear chairs got good use and SG got a workout pushing our friend Nick around. My sister taught me well. I should have continued. It was fun.

  3. When a post on your blog starts out with “We have a utensil rack on a wall in the kitchen.” that make me nervous. Like On no what did Mitchell do now to himself. Whew I was relieved.

    But the iron grate is a genus idea for everyday use utensils and it just looks cool. What a repurpose of an item.

    1. Mistress Borghese:
      Note the height of the strainer. It used to be in the space below. I hit my head (and cut my head) too many times when emptying the recycling, which sits on the floor below it.

  4. That wooden grille DOES make a good utensil rack! We have all our utensils crammed into a drawer, and it’s not the best system. God forbid we should have to find anything with any degree of speed.

    1. Steve,
      We still have two drawers with utensils. But they’re neat and easily accessed thanks to that rack.

  5. You and I both know there is one best place for everything that exists, and that this place must be carefully discovered and, once discovered, the thing must always be put there. This not only makes for convenience but also preserves the harmony of the cosmos. Why bright folk like your SG and my DG don’t recognize this is utterly beyond my ken.

    1. Wickedhamster,
      Thank you! I read David’s comment about the natural order and groaned at the thought of what that actually means. Chaos!

  6. “I moved everything to their “correct” positions. He wasn’t surprised.”

    Once again, you and me, SG and Carlos!

  7. we have all those utensils in a kitchen drawer, but I like the idea of the repurposed grate.

    1. Anne Marie,
      It was a really clever idea. And ever since I arrived, it stays fairly neat and without one hook holding three utensils.

  8. Ooooh, Mitchell, I’m gonna stir things up! I think the of the utensils should get to decide how they are arranged for best convenience while cooking. It is a beautiful and functional rack. Would love to have one myself.

    1. Wilma,
      That would be fine if SG ever worked that way. But he would never put anything in the same place twice. In his world, it’s always hunt and peck!

  9. There was some kind of rack in this post? I was too busy indulging in my SG infatuation!
    Balder Half is like the Blob. Any empty shelf, rack, drawer, or closet, mysteriously gets filled with stuff. I’m really trying to prevent that from happening at the retirement manse. The kitchen is already chaotically arranged to his satisfaction. I’m going to redo everything after moving in permanently. I can’t abide edibles sitting on the same shelf as bleach and pinesol. Sorry, mini-rant right out of the blue!
    I’ll say it again, Scoot, you have a beautiful man there. So does he.

    1. Deedles,
      Isn’t he something else? The first time I saw him and pointed him out to a friend, the friend said, “You mean the hunk by the pinball machine?” (Remember pinball machines?!?) Unlike BH, SG loves to leave everything out for me to put away. Edibles wi5 bleach and pine sol?!? That would make me nuts.

  10. As the chef in charge, it would seem that SG would be the one who determines the best placement of utensils on the rack. Just saying…you’re definitely on thin ice.

    1. Mary,
      That would make sense if the chef in charge gave any thought to it. Things end up wherever there’s a space and then he spends an hour trying to find them again. And rarely the same space twice.

      1. Okay. Under those circumstance, I take it all back. Make things pretty. Or at least orderly. 🙂

  11. Maybe SG just needs to hang his utensil rack higher on the wall out of your reach?

    1. Tundra Bunny,
      1) He needs me to organize or he’ll never find anything because he simply puts things wherever there’s an empty hook. 2) I’m taller than he is!

  12. Maybe you were floating on thin ice because you were resting on an ice floe. That would get chilly so make sure you dress properly. I love the utensil rack. Very handy. I would everything to the correct places, too, and would feel very uncomfortable while they were out of their spots because they would be so upset they wouldn’t work correctly.


    1. Janie,
      Oh, you’re a woman after my own heart. Do you eat M&Ms in any particular order… so none of the colors will have their feelings hurt?

  13. I would not make SG upset I see several dangerous implements that could be coming your way !

    1. Michelle D:
      Why thank you! I don’t think anyone’s ever told me that before.

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