Just can’t wait / Simplemente no puedo esperar

La versión en español está después de la versión en inglés.

I HAD MY SECOND DRIVING “lesson” Thursday afternoon. As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I woke up stressed and continued to stress the entire day. A couple of nights previous, I had a dream that I was taking my driving exam. I was down in a multi-level cave. It resembled a coal mine. The first part of my exam required me to find the car. I woke in a sweat.

By the time we arrived in Elviria, an area of Marbella about 15 minutes away from the old town center, I had calmed myself. But I still wasn’t looking forward to getting behind the wheel again with the instructor. Well, it turns out the first instructor was the director of the school. I think they assumed I knew. He was apparently simply checking me out so he could assign someone to my sessions. Enter Tomás. Warm, charming, kind, talkative. We clicked. As we walked to the car, I told him about my idiotic lack of self-confidence. Within minutes, I wasn’t lacking.

My driving was relaxed and perfect. The time flew by. And, when we got back to the office, Tomás told the office manager, Sandra (also charming) to get me an exam appointment in May instead of June. We’ll meet once a week until then, so I’ll know the basic exam route. But he said I could pass it now. (As Dale used to say, “From his mouth to gods’s ears.”) I’m actually looking forward to my next drive around Marbella. We also agreed to cut the session to an hour (from an hour and a half). I told him San Geraldo and I rarely drive for more than an hour without stopping for chocolate shakes, Oreo cookies… and to pee.

Tuesday afternoon, Jessica (my first English student in Fuengirola) as opposed to Jesica (my current English student), texted to see if I could meet for coffee Wednesday. Of course I could. She makes the world a better place. I have taken to referring to her as Old Jessica as opposed to New Jesica. SG wondered why I didn’t simply (and more sweetly) say Jessica with two esses or Jesica with one ess. Anyway, we enjoyed a two-hour visit on a café terrace. So, Wednesday and Thursday were both great days.

Today began with coffee out at Tynan’s place (while Isabel cleaned) and a two-hour meeting at the bank. It was a productive meeting with a pleasant and knowledgable person. And it was exhausting. I’m sure we all three had headaches by the end. Still, another good day. Tomorrow evening, I get to see Susan on video chat. So, no matter how the rest of the day goes, it will end filled with love.


TENÍA MI SEGUNDA “LECCIÓN” DE conducción el jueves por la tarde. Como mencioné en el post de ayer, me desperté estresado por eso y sigo estresado todo el día. Un par de noches antes, soñé que estaba tomando mi examen de conducir. Estaba en una cueva de varios niveles. Parecía una mina de carbón. La primera parte de mi examen requirió que encontrara el auto. Me desperté sudando.

Cuando llegamos a Elviria, una zona de Marbella a unos 15 minutos del casco antiguo, me había calmado. Pero todavía no tenía ganas de volver a ponerme al volante con el instructor. Bueno, resulta que el primer instructor fue el director de la escuela. Creo que asumieron que lo sabía. Al parecer, simplemente me estaba mirando para poder asignar a otra persona a mis sesiones. Entra Tomás. Cálido, encantador, amable, hablador. Hicimos clic. Mientras caminábamos hacia el coche, le hablé de mi estúpida falta de confianza en mí mismo. En cuestión de minutos, no me faltaba.

Mi conducción fue relajada y perfecta. El tiempo pasó volando. Y, cuando regresamos a la oficina, Tomás le dijo a la gerente de la oficina, Sandra (también encantadora), que me consiguiera una cita para el examen en mayo en lugar de junio. Nos reuniremos una vez a la semana hasta entonces, así que conoceré la ruta básica del examen. Pero dijo que podía pasarlo ahora. (Como solía decir Dale, “De su boca a los oídos de los dioses”). De hecho, estoy deseando que llegue mi próximo viaje por Marbella. También acordamos reducir la sesión a una hora (de una hora y media). Le dije que San Geraldo y que rara vez conduzco más de una hora sin parar a tomar batidos de chocolate, galletas Oreo … y hacer pipí.

El martes por la tarde, Jessica (mi primera estudiante de inglés en Fuengirola), a diferencia de Jesica (mi estudiante de inglés actual), me envió un mensaje de texto para ver si podía reunirme para tomar un café el miércoles. Por supuesto que podría. Ella hace del mundo un lugar mejor. He empezado a referirme a ella como Old Jessica [Vieja Jessica] en lugar de New Jesica [Nueva Jesica]. SG se preguntó por qué no dije simplemente (y con más dulzura) Jessica con dos eses o Jesica con una sola. De todos modos, Jessica llegó en su moto y disfrutamos de una visita de dos horas en la terraza de un café. Entonces, el miércoles y el jueves fueron buenos días.

Hoy comenzó con café afuera (mientras Isabel limpiaba) y una reunión de dos horas en el banco. Fue una reunión productiva con una persona agradable y conocedora. Y fue agotador. Estoy seguro de que los tres teníamos dolores de cabeza al final. Aún así, otro buen día. Mañana por la tarde, podré ver a Susan en el chat de video. Entonces, no importa cómo transcurra el resto del día, terminará lleno de amor.

• San Geraldo under the umbrella working on his book as I head out for a drive.
• San Geraldo bajo el parasol trabajando en su libro mientras salgo a dar una vuelta.
• Look what’s been added to our sterile plaza! I think there are 10.
• ¡Mira lo que se ha agregado a nuestra plaza estéril! Creo que hay 10.
• Old Jessica. I should have waited until she unmasked. She’s exquisite.
• Vieja Jessica. Debería haber esperado hasta que ella se desenmascara. Ella es exquisita.


Author: Moving with Mitchell

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28 thoughts on “Just can’t wait / Simplemente no puedo esperar”

  1. Why not call them lovely J1 and lovely J2? A bit easier than the full write up of esses. 🙂 Both appear to be charming, fun and beautiful. Lucky you to have such pleasant students.

    Love color of the tall petunia planters. Very effective in those open spaces. Good news on the new driving instructor, the lesser amount of time (and fretting) for the lesson and the nearer exam appt. Bonus! Fingers crossed for a good outcome.🤞

    1. Mary:
      Jessica is one of our oldest (not old) friends here in town. The English classes were a bonus. Jesica has already become a friend. We’ve known her husband Sergio for several years. Very lucky. I’m in such a different state of mind now about the those driving sessions. Still, can’t wait to pass the exam and be done with it!

  2. Old Jessica is gorgeous even with the mask. Petunias! I love petunias! I used to grow them in my various yards. One day I was down on my knees (planting, pervs) and I couldn’t get back up. I had to crawl to our truck and pull myself to an upright position. My gardening days were over, but I had petunias.
    The flowers do make that sterile place a lot more lively.

    1. Deedles:
      Old Jessica is one of those fortunate people who has it all — looks, charm, sex appeal, intelligence, wit. But what makes it all work is she has no idea how exceptional and beautiful she is. You would fall in love with her the minute you met her.

      Damned petunias! They’re a menace. Pierre, South Dakota, used to have plantings of them lining the main road through town. Residents volunteered to take turns driving a water truck to keep them happy. It was nice, but not quite as exceptional as those water truck drivers seemed to think. They claimed to be the Petunia Capital of the World. I don’t think they do it anymore.

  3. Congrats on the driving lesson. The instructor makes a huge difference! Did you drive him for chocolates?

    I love the flower towers! So pretty!

    1. Bob:
      If he had made me drive any longer, we would have stopped for something!

  4. I am sure you will pass with flying colours. I love those flower trees – very pretty!

    1. Cheapchick:
      Málaga has a few of those flower trees but nothing like this. We’re very pleased. What an improvement.

    1. Debra:
      You’re right about those planters. And the wisteria planted by one set of trellises (and benches) are doing well. I wish they would do the same at the other set of trellises/benches. They look even more sad now by contrast.

  5. The petunia planters soon will be downright flamboyant; a very practical way to bring in lots of color and keep an open plaza. I’m curious – how do the Jes(s)icas pronounce their Js? Here’s to a great weekend to cap off your great week. Cheers!

    1. Wilma:
      Jessica, as you would expect, is a very unusual name in Spain. Surprisingly, they both pronounce it the proper English way.

  6. Looks like you have that driver’s test ‘in the bag’….so to speak.
    Happy you are having happy days.

    1. Jim:
      It’s been a great few days. Today is starting off slow! Hope you’re feeling much better.

  7. ooooh, you could be a holy terror on the spanish streets come june 1!
    and jessica is certainly a beautiful woman!

  8. Those decades of driving are paying off. Relax, you will do fine, once you get the car out of the coal mine.

    1. David:
      Getting the car OUT of the coal mine isn’t even the problem. I still haven’t found it!

    1. Mistress Borghese:
      A massive improvement. And the wisteria is so far thriving. I’ll share photos of that as the season progresses.

  9. Thorough preparation and a good instructor make all the difference and it sounds like you’ve got both — so get the celebratory ice cream and champagne ready, LOL!

    1. Tundra Bunny:
      I have a really good bottle of Málaga wine that’s been waiting for months for an excuse.

    1. Kirk:
      SG was once pulled over for a random breathalyzer test. He and the cops had a good laugh.

  10. Old Jessica is beautiful. Thanks god for Tomas. If the first part of a driving test were finding the car, I’d fail. I have no sense of direction and can get lost crossing the street.


    1. Janie:
      Old Jessica is a rare gift. The Kid Brother and I once spent 45 minutes looking for my car in the San Diego Zoo parking lot.

    1. Kenosha:
      And I should have! The Allman Brothers… SO good. I’m always drawn to lyrics, but this is some incredible music (and musicians). Of course, neither Jessica nor Jesica would have any idea who the Allman Brothers are.

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