Carpe diem

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THE TEMPERATURE HAS DROPPED FROM the mid-90sF yesterday to high-80sF today. I went for a walk before lunch and have been going down my to-do list. We’d like to get mosquito screens (not very common here) for some of our windows. The breeze off the sea is usually very pleasant and, if we had screens, we’d rely less on the air conditioning at night.

We’d also like to have custom screens that could easily be put up along the glass curtain when needed. Those would be to keep the cats from climbing up on the ledge and visiting the neighbors (click here). As it stands, we only slightly open the window panels so cat bodies can’t fit through.

I’ve been trying to get an appointment with my private doctor (as opposed to my public health doctor). I never had my annual check-up last year. I finally got through today, but have been put on a waiting list for a call when her schedule opens up this month. The public health doctor is a breeze to get an appointment with, but getting lab work done there is like a cattle call, and I’d rather not go through that right now. I learned that my doctor no longer has hours in the Fuengirola office, which I can walk to. I’ll now have to drive to Benalmádena to see her. But, since I can now drive myself, that’s not a problem.

On the other hand, I still haven’t received even a temporary license, so I left a message today for the business manager at my driving school. As for the rest of today’s (and yesterday’s) news, you can see it in the photos below.


LA TEMPERATURA HA BAJADO DE alrededor 36C ayer a 30C hoy. Salí a caminar antes del almuerzo y he estado revisando mi lista de tareas pendientes. Nos gustaría tener mosquiteras (no muy comunes aquí) para algunas de nuestras ventanas. La brisa del mar suele ser muy agradable y, si tuviéramos mosquiteras, dependeríamos menos del aire acondicionado por la noche.

También nos gustaría tener mosquiteras que pudieran colocarse fácilmente a lo largo de la cortina de vidrio cuando sea necesario. Esas serían para evitar que los gatos se subieran a la cornisa y visiten a los vecinos (haz clic aquí). Tal como está, solo abrimos ligeramente los paneles de las ventanas para que los cuerpos de los gatos no entren.

He estado intentando conseguir una cita con mi médico privado (a diferencia de mi médico de salud pública). Nunca tuve mi chequeo anual el año pasado. Finalmente terminé hoy, pero me han puesto en una lista de espera para una llamada cuando se abra su horario este mes. Es muy fácil concertar una cita con el médico de salud pública, pero hacer el trabajo de laboratorio allí es como una llamada de ganado, y prefiero no pasar por eso ahora mismo. Me enteré de que mi médico ya no tiene horas en la oficina de Fuengirola, a la que puedo caminar. Tengo que conducir hasta Benalmádena para verla. Pero, dado que ahora puedo conducir solo, eso no es un problema.

Por otro lado, todavía no he recibido ni siquiera una licencia temporal, así que hoy dejé un mensaje para el gerente comercial de mi escuela de manejo. En cuanto al resto de noticias de hoy (y de ayer), puedes verlas en las fotos a continuación.

• He bought the harness at a local sex shop. Now, he can grab any tool he desires.
• Compró el arnés en un sex shop local. Ahora, puede agarrar cualquier herramienta que desee.
• Like most hotels in town, this one was closed since the pandemic began. So nice to see it reopened.
• Como la mayoría de los hoteles de la ciudad, éste estuvo cerrado desde que comenzó la pandemia. Es tan bueno verlo reabierto.
• Carpe diem [Sieze the day]. Tomorrow may look like this.
• Carpe diem [Aprovecha el día]. Mañana puede verse así.
• This reminded me of illustrations from the book “Madeline.”
• Esto me recordó las ilustraciones del libro “Madeline.”
• I spent a half hour yesterday waiting for someone on any of the pedal boats to go down the slide. This is all I saw.
• Ayer pasé media hora esperando a que alguien en alguno de los botes a pedales bajara por el tobogán. Esto es todo lo que vi.

Author: Moving with Mitchell

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27 thoughts on “Carpe diem”

  1. There are a few tools along that beach to grab hold of. Such a pretty time of the year. Be mindful of the cooler weather, bundle up.

    1. I put on a T-shirt this morning instead of a tank top. But I think it’s too soon. High 80s today.

  2. So very odd, this whole license thing. Geeeeze.
    Glad you’ll be able to drive to your doctor’s other location, though!

    1. Judy C:
      I’m concerned about the idiocy I’ll face on the 15th but hold out hope they’ll surprise me.

  3. Last time I clicked on “Post Comment”, it didn’t post, it just disappeared. Let’s try again.

    The license issue is so very odd! But, I’m glad that you’ll be able to drive to your doctor’s other location.

  4. Interesting brush position in first photo. One tool up and ready.

    After looking at the wreckage in the photo with your (headline) sign, I wonder if it would be better to say Carp a Diem. Complaints gladly accepted…we can start with the Spanish Department of Traffic. Think the only thing you’d like to seize at the moment is someone’s throat…if you thought it would get you an actual license.

    As for the slide…I’m betting that without a dozen or so buckets of water sluicing down it, a slide on that sucker will burn some heinies. Perhaps the reason there were no takers.

  5. I’d go down that pedalo slide too! It would be easier to climb the ladder in calmer seas, though. You have a wealth of views to enjoy outside your window… I’d even enjoy watching the harness guy use his tools for awhile, LOL!

    1. Tundra Bunny:
      I think Harness Guy was installing windows. What a get-up. I suppose it was the shorts.

  6. I think Mary is right about the slide needing some sluicing first. Nice to see a few people and some signs of life emerging along with painting tools and harnesses.

    All done with my eye procedure early this morning. Am now sporting an eye patch that I shall attempt to put across as “dashing pirate”. Too bad (or perhaps not!) I can’t attach a photo! Hope you have an excellent checkup.

    1. Wilma:
      I’ve seen people sluice those slides. It must have been too hot out to bother the other day. There was a lot of lolling with feet in the water. Glad the eye surgery went smoothly. If you need help, I DID research decorative eye patches to order online when I had my retina surgeries. Although I don’t know what’s available in Beliz. Recover well!

  7. Grabbing tools?!?!?! I wouldn’t mind grabbing the tool of the guy in the first picture.

    1. Mistress Borghese:
      And he had a tool of his own on display at times… as he tightened things up on the pedal boats.

  8. The little shit! It’s a good thing cats have 9 lives because Dudo took his in his paws. And why is it always Dudo? Does Moose ever behave recklessly? I need to make an appointment with my doctor, too. I haven’t seen her in person in a long, long time. I should have blood work done and get my boobs squished.


    1. Janie:
      Moose did go over the wall once or twice. But only on the inside where there’s a cement planter extension right between the two terraces. Dudo walked that entire ledge. I am SO glad I don’t have to get any part of me squished!

    1. Urspo:
      It would be an interesting look with “ lifelike reproductions” hanging from all the clips.

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