Shady operation / Operación sombreada

La versión en español está después de la versión en inglés.

THE LATEST IN THE DRIVERS license saga: I’ve scheduled an online appointment with the Department of Traffic. According to my driving school’s business manager, that’s what worked for the other student with the same problem. Two weeks ago, when I phoned Traffic, I was told they would only work with the driving school. Apparently, Traffic now refuses to work with the driving school and will only work directly with we who passed (i.e., “were apt”). The earliest appointment I could obtain is 15 July. Is this a joke?

Maybe, instead of a license to drive, I should have applied for a license to use radioisotopes. There are at least nine volumes on the subject and I’ve been told that, unlike Traffic, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission follows their own rules (if you can believe that).

And speaking of cruising. I got blatantly cruised yesterday. I was wearing sneakers and gym shorts and had my tank top tucked in my waist band. Two guys walked by in the opposite direction and both gave me a very obvious and not insulting once- (and thrice-) over. Then the nearest one made eye contact, clearly not expecting me to be looking. I smiled, nodded, and said, “Buenos dias,” that being the local thing to do. They both got flustered. The one turned beet red and said with his head lowered and in accented English (sounding Finnish I think), “I’m sorry.” I laughed and said, “No problem. And thank you.” And I wasn’t even driving a pink Cadillac. The ego boost might last me a few days. Yes, I’m that shallow.


LO ÚLTIMO EN LA SAGA de carnet de conducir: He programado una cita en línea con el Departamento de Tráfico. Según el gerente comercial de mi escuela de manejo, eso es lo que funcionó para el otro estudiante con el mismo problema. Hace dos semanas, cuando llamé a Traffic, me dijeron que solo trabajarían con la escuela de manejo. Aparentemente, Traffic ahora se niega a trabajar con la escuela de manejo y solo trabajará directamente con nosotros que pasamos (es decir, “fue aptos”). La primera cita que pude obtener es el 15 de julio. ¿Esto es una broma?

Quizás, en lugar de un carnet de conducir, debería haber solicitado una licencia para usar radioisótopos. Hay al menos nueve volúmenes sobre el tema y me han dicho que, a diferencia de Tráfico, la Comisión Reguladora Nuclear sigue sus propias reglas (si puedes creer eso).

Y hablando de crucero. Ayer me crucé descaradamente. Llevaba zapatillas deportivas y pantalones cortos de gimnasia y tenía la camiseta sin mangas metida en la cintura. Dos chicos pasaron en la dirección opuesta y ambos me dieron una respuesta muy obvia y no insultante una vez (y tres veces). Luego, el más cercano hizo contacto visual, claramente sin esperar que yo lo estuviera mirando. Sonreí, asentí con la cabeza y dije: “Buenos días”, que es lo local. Ambos se pusieron nerviosos. El uno se puso rojo remolacha y dijo con la cabeza gacha y en un inglés con acento (que suena finlandés, creo): “I’m sorry.’ [Lo siento]. Me reí y dije: “No hay problema. Y gracias.” Y ni siquiera conducía un Cadillac rosa. El impulso del ego podría durarme unos días. Sí, soy así de superficial.


Author: Moving with Mitchell

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33 thoughts on “Shady operation / Operación sombreada”

  1. Well, if you can’t get the attention of the Department of Traffic, at least it’s nice to know you can still stop traffic! Flustering the Finnish fellows. (I love a good alliteration) 🙂

    1. Mary:
      You may have noticed, I love a good alliteration, too! Flustering the Finnish fellows… fabulous.

    1. Mistress Borghese:
      Is that all it takes to keep the skin taut? You mean I’ve been wasting my money on moisturizers?

  2. “It’s always nice to be appreciated!”

    When I first came out, Natalie Cole’s version of “Pink Cadillac” was in heavy rotation down at the local lesbian bar. Jeez, I wonder why, LOL?

    1. Debra:
      There are so many other versions of Pink Cadillac, but Natalie Cole’s is my favorite. There’s something so much more playful about it. And I love that she was waving to the girls.

  3. Your photos are very playful!
    And maybe those two thought you were as well!!
    Hey, they liked what they saw. Yes, a good ego boost for sure.

    1. Jim:
      Maybe it was because my shorts, sneakers and sox were so well coordinated.

  4. Hmm. Having trouble with commenting again. Let’s see if I get the triple post today!

    I am just so impressed with how you see art everywhere you look, and so happy that you take us with you. These shadow photos are such a delight!

  5. Oh, for heaven’s sake, here we go again! Ha! Chrome, Firefox, and Safari wouldn’t show my comment, even after refreshing the browser. Then, Firefox told me, “you’ve already said that!”. So, I left the blog, and went to Facebook, to comment to you there, and when I came back here….op! Two comments already posted from moi.

    1. Judy C:
      I have no clue why WordPress is suddenly doing that to you, while no one else appears to be getting that delay. But, I do love seeing your name three times a day!!!

      1. Actually, don’t feel bad, Judy C. I have had the same issue a couple of times this past week. Think Steve had the same problem, too. Even if you refresh, you don’t see your comments right away. I waited until later in the day to check back to see if my comments ever posted and they have, but there seems to be a lag time–for sure, more than an hour.

    1. Jennifer:
      I never thought I’d say it either, but that’s sure been my experience. And this should be the easy part. SG was notified immediately, as was everyone else I know.

  6. Tank top and gym shorts? You were clearly asking for it! =)

    Still, I’d give you the once, twice, thrice over.
    Just saying.

    1. Parsnip:
      I love how it looks like the dog is being held in the palms of the hands.

  7. Glad you had such a good day in spite of stupid Department of Traffic crap. I love the shadow shot with the little dog walking on the leash.

    1. Wilma:
      I love that last shadow shot. It looks like the dog is being held aloft. And that perfectly fanned tail.

  8. You’re not shallow! Who doesn’t enjoy being checked out? It’s been a while for me. The last time I was headed into the DMV (of all places) and a man said, Bada boom! Bada bing!


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