The bagpipe / La gaita

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WIND FROM THE NORTHWEST IS expected this weekend. It’s known here as Terral Wind (Helm Wind in the UK; Chinook in the USA; Favonio in Italy; and Foehn in southern Germany, Austria, France, and Switzerland) and, although it usually means a significant drop in humidity, it also means a significant rise in temperature. So more heat is coming. We should be back above 90˚F/32˚C by Saturday. But am I complaining? Yes, of course I am.

Anyway, the final yucca bud opened overnight, so here are some more photos of the splendor on the terrace before it’s no more. Although the yuccas are quite nice to look at even when not in bloom.


SE ESPERA VIENTO DEL NOROESTE este fin de semana. Aquí se conoce como Terral Wind (Helm Wind en el Reino Unido; Chinook en los EE. UU.; Favonio en Italia; y Foehn en el sur de Alemania, Austria, Francia y Suiza) y, aunque suele significar una caída significativa de la humedad, también significa un aumento significativo de la temperatura. Así que viene más calor. Deberíamos estar de regreso por encima de 32˚C/90˚F para el sábado. ¿Pero me estoy quejando? Sí, por supuesto que lo soy.

De todos modos, el último brote de yuca se abrió durante la noche, así que aquí hay algunas fotos más del esplendor en la terraza antes de que se acabe. Aunque las yucas son bastante bonitas a la vista incluso cuando no están en flor.

• On the paseo near sunset a few days ago.
• En el paseo cerca del atardecer hace unos días.
• Alas po0r conjoined breadstick, I knew him, Horatio [fractured Hamlet]. These are Spanish, made with olive oil of course, and often called picos de aceite. They’re addictive. If we eat one, we’ll eat four, conjoined or not.
• Ay, pobre picos de aceite unido, yo les conocí, Horacio [Hamlet fracturado]. Son adictivos. Si comemos uno, comeremos cuatro, unidos o no.
• What happens to even the thriving tamarind trees when they’re not pruned and maintained.
• Qué les sucede incluso a los prósperos tamarindos cuando no se podan ni se les da mantenimiento.
• Dudo, His Grace.
• Dudo, Su Gracia.
• With the reflection of the ceiling fixture, Moose looks like a bagpipe.
• Con el reflejo de la lámpara del techo, Moose parece una gaita.

Author: Moving with Mitchell

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26 thoughts on “The bagpipe / La gaita”

    1. That should have read McMoose — I read your post at 3 AM, so guess whose brain was not fully awake, LOL?

  1. At least Moose knows better than to mix his plaids.

    As for your fractured Hamlet…Shakespeare would be so proud. 🙂

  2. Oh Moose….you never cease to amaze me!
    Our humidity is supposed to drop tomorrow morning but not with the accompanying heat rise considering our distance from the equator I guess. Looking forward to it.
    I like Yuccas.

    1. Jim:
      I do love yuccas. We’ve got three thriving on the terrace. Too bad the ceiling isn’t higher! Hot today, but not quite so humid 26C and ONLY 66 percent humidity. Better than 90 percent!

  3. Ah, SG (Stalked Guy) always a pleasure, That yucca is impressive. If Moose starts playing Amazing Grace, take him out on the road! Personally, I think all cats sound like bagpipes at one time or another.

    1. Deedles:
      Moose definitely sounds like a bagpipe! It never ends with him. No need to wait for Amazing Grace, he already plays La Malagueña!

    1. Wilma:
      Moose is a cat of many talents. And he finally learned to pull open (in addition to push open) any door. That only took him 6 years.

    1. Adam:
      I complain about the heat and humidity here this month, but it doesn’t compare to what you experience every summer.

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