Cracks and a thong / Huchas y una tanga

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I’M STILL OBSESSING ABOUT THE obscene prices of Phillip Plein designs (yesterday’s post). Plein appears to be a major jerk, a liar, a plagiarizer, and a homophobe (although he denies it) who’s worth about €180 million, while the majority of his employees don’t make a living wage. Yes, I did some research last night. I saw a teddy bear in the window of the outlet shop. There was no price and I was curious. You can see it below along with another ridiculouosly priced item of clothing, front and back. And then I’m done with Plein, his companies, and his greed (and those who support him), a prime example of what’s wrong in the world. Just to be clear, that’s my own humble opinion.

The yucca continues to make us smile on another hot, humid, overcast day. The flowers open working their way up the stalk. There appears to be one more unopened bud; so you may be subjected to yet another photo or two tomorrow.

Last night around 9, I was on the terrace and saw a guy on the beach approaching the showers with shorts slipping below his butt crack. I quickly retrieved my camera and took photos through the glass curtain and a darkening sky. I got more than I bargained for, especially when he was joined by two friends.

Today’s top photo is another display of Dudo’s ever-present elegance. The final photo is another display of… well, let’s just say of Moose and leave it at that.


SIGO OBSESIONANDO LOS PRECIOS OBSCENOS de los diseños de Phillip Plein (blog de ayer). Plein parece ser un gran idiota, un mentiroso, un plagiario, y un homófobo (aunque lo niega) que vale alrededor de 180 millones de euros, mientras que la mayoría de sus empleados no ganan un salario digno. Sí, investigué un poco anoche. Vi un osito de peluche en el escaparate de la tienda outlet. No había precio y tenía curiosidad. Puede verlo a continuación junto con otra prenda de ropa a un precio ridículo, por delante y por detrás. Y luego he terminado con Plein, sus empresas, y su codicia (y aquellos que lo apoyan), un excelente ejemplo de lo que está mal en el mundo. Para que quede claro, esa es mi humilde opinión.

La yuca nos sigue haciendo sonreír en otro día caluroso, húmedo, y nublado. Las flores se abren subiendo por el tallo. Parece haber un capullo más sin abrir; por lo que puede estar sujeto a otra foto o dos mañana.

Anoche, alrededor de las 9, estaba en la terraza y vi a un tipo en la playa acercándose a las duchas con pantalones cortos deslizándose por debajo de la raja de su trasero. Rápidamente recuperé mi cámara y tomé fotos a través de la cortina de vidrio y un cielo que se oscurecía. Obtuve más de lo que esperaba, especialmente cuando se le unieron dos amigos.

La foto principal de hoy es otra muestra de la elegancia siempre presente de Dudo. La foto final es otra muestra de… bueno, digamos de Moose y déjelo así.

• He pulled the shorts up to cover his crack, and then he showered.
• Se subió los pantalones cortos para cubrir la hucha y luego se duchó.
• The light was fading fast, so his friend shared a double moonrise. I wonder what he was wearing to get that tan line.
• La luz se estaba desvaneciendo rápidamente, por lo que su amigo compartió una doble salida de la luna. Me pregunto qué llevaría puesto para conseguir esa línea de bronceado.
• This teddy bear could be yours for only €5,150! Oh, come on. It’s 100% rabbit fur with 100% polyester filling.
• ¡Este osito de peluche podría ser tuyo por solo 5.150 €! Oh vamos. Es 100% piel de conejo con relleno 100% poliéster.

Author: Moving with Mitchell

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32 thoughts on “Cracks and a thong / Huchas y una tanga”

  1. Sir Itch-a-lot must be suffering sand crack. As for Mr Moonrise, evidently he previously wore a thong…which makes me shudder.

    You do have to wonder about these business people (read: @ssholes) who siphon off profits and leave their workers sucking wind. Oh, wait, that just described at least half (or more) of corporate America. Moose’s editorial pose says it all.

    1. Mary:
      My first thought was thong, but the tan is reversed. I can’t figure it out.

      Wealth has simply passed from one priveleged group to another over the centuries. The song is still true: … and the poor get poorer.

  2. He’s really digging in, isn’t he?
    I will join Moose in his assessment, though I will pretend I have the dignity of Dudo.
    The yucca is beautiful.

    1. Bob:
      Usually, people simply pull out the waistband and let the water run, but some have to be a bit more aggressive I guess. I’m so glad we didn’t miss this second bloom. Can’t believe I missed the first. I still have to remind myself to look up.

  3. Oh, please don’t stop the photos of the yucca. They are new to me. Very delicate flowers.
    Any laws against just taking the shorts off? A lot easier and quicker to get things done!!

    1. Jim:
      Women (and men) can go topless on the beach. Toddlers can go bottomless without getting arrested. And, although, I often see people with no body shame exposing themselves momentarily when changing, nope, he can not take the shorts off to shower.

  4. Poor Moose! He passed out at the mere sight of those inflated designer prices…who in their right mind would pay 5000 Euros for a teddy bear? For that price, it had better be able to do all my housework and errands, LOL!

    1. Tundra Bunny:
      For THAT price, I can think of some other things a teddy bear should be able to do!

    1. Debra:
      Moose and Dudo ARE priceless and a hell of a lot cheaper than that stupid teddy bear.

  5. I have never heard of Phillip Plein, and I still don’t know how to convert money, so I’m good. Ignorance is bliss and sometimes, frugal. Today, I am Team Moose! Who needs elegance and dignity when you can have comfort instead?
    These shower boys remind me of the many times I’ve pulled wedgies out of my backside in the middle of anyplace crowded. Discomfort makes me forget I have a potential audience. Giving the guys the benefit of the doubt here. Look at me, going for the positive! Your yucca is beautiful, not yucky at all. Hokay, still manic.

    1. Deedles:
      I also had never heard of Philip Plein and now I’m sorry I have. I won’t tell you the exchange rate; just know the teddy bear would be over 6,000 US dollars. Makes no difference to me how people handle themselves at the showers… as long as they provide me with photo ops!

      1. $6000,00?! Does it come with a variety pack of vibrators and a sex worker?! Oh my blissful ignorance has been violated!

      2. Deedles:
        Wow. I’ve never paid $6,000 for a sex worker. You’ve got expensive tastes!

      3. Well, I did ask if the teddy bear came WITH the vibrators and sex worker 🙂 I really don’t know how much the run once you get past the $5 ho plateau. It’s been years since I’ve priced them. I was taking inflation into account. And….my silly mood continues. Yay!

      4. Deedles:
        Do you remember when they were only $5. Seems like only yesterday! The good old days.

  6. Moose just toppled over in disbelief! He reminds me of a polar bear, somehow, in spite of his black markings and long tail.

    Also loving the yucca flowers. Hope you get some more photos of them to show us.

  7. I’ve never even heard of Phillip Plein, which shows how much attention I pay to fashion. I do kinda dig the sneakers in the previous post, though, and the tropical leather skirt might be interesting on certain people who are not me.

    1. Steve:
      I had never heard of Philip Plein either. Yeah, the sneakers would be fun and I might have bought them if they were half the half price. But knowing now what I know about Plein, I’m glad they were still priced too high. I don’t think the leather skirt would look good on me either.

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