Pasta al chocolate

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LAST NIGHT, SAN GERALDO PLANNED to serve pasta with ground turkey and tomato sauce for dinner. But first he baked three loaves of chocolate chip banana bread. After he put the loaves in the oven (and I was about to start washing up), he noticed the three bags of chocolate chips still in the basket on the kitchen counter. I could see the wheels turning. He was about to take the three pans out of the oven and stir in the chocolate. That’s what his mother would do when she made sour cream raisin pie (an annual holiday tradition at their house) and forgot to include the raisins (the forgetting was also an annual holiday tradition).

I commented that we used to always have banana bread without chocolate chips, so maybe it didn’t matter this time. He agreed. Then he suggested he could add the chocolate to the pasta. There are plenty of pasta recipes with chocolate, but we didn’t know about pasta, ground turkey, tomato sauce, and chocolate. So, SG instead opened a bag of chocolate chips and poured us each a handful, and then a second handful.

He served us each a slab of banana bread this morning with breakfast and served himself another handful of chocolate chips. The other night, he brought home pizza, stopping at the bakery for more patas de cabra (click here) and slices of chocolate cake for the next day.

SG makes life sweet. And I walked four miles again this morning and will exercise this afternoon.


ANOCHE, SAN GERALDO PLANEÓ SERVIR pasta con pavo molido y salsa de tomate para la cena. Pero primero horneó tres hogazas de pan de plátano con chispas de chocolate. Después de que puso los panes en el horno (y yo estaba a punto de empezar a lavar), notó que las tres bolsas de chispas de chocolate todavía estaban en la canasta en la encimera de la cocina. Podía ver las ruedas girando. Él estaba a punto de sacar los tres del horno y agregar el chocolate. Eso es lo que hacía su madre cuando preparaba un pastel de pasas con crema agria (una tradición festiva anual en su casa) y se olvidaba de incluir las pasas (el olvido también era una tradición festiva anual).

Comenté que solíamos tener siempre pan de plátano sin chispas de chocolate, así que tal vez no importó esta vez. El acepto. Luego sugirió que podría agregar el chocolate a la pasta. Hay muchas recetas de pasta con chocolate, pero no sabíamos sobre pasta, pavo molido, y salsa de tomate. Entonces, SG abrió una bolsa de chispas de chocolate y nos sirvió un puñado a cada uno, y luego un segundo puñado.

Esta mañana nos sirvió a cada uno una rebanada de pan de plátano con el desayuno y se sirvió otro puñado de chispas de chocolate. La otra noche, trajo pizza a casa y se detuvo en la panadería para comprar más patas de cabra (haz clic aquí) y rebanadas de pastel de chocolate para el día siguiente.

SG hace la vida dulce. Y caminé yo 6,5 km/4 millas nuevamente esta mañana y haré ejercicio esta tarde.

• The hibiscus on the terrace continue to bloom and also to drop buds. I continue to try.
• Los hibiscos de la terraza siguen floreciendo y también cayendo cogollos. Sigo intentándolo.

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27 thoughts on “Pasta al chocolate”

  1. Speaking of pasta…..I was planning some for this evening and found there wasn’t any in the cupboard! Oh well, maybe I’ll add chocolate!! lol Hm-m-m-m….maybe not with extra lean ground beef.
    Banana bread looks great with or without chocolate.
    Just read something about hibiscus……..if they are left to really dry out this can lead to buds dropping. Hope it’s that easy.

    1. Jim:
      I’ve been concerned about overwatering, but I think I’ve been too far in the dry direciton. I’ll give more water a try.

    1. Chrissoup:
      I once decided to bake protein muffins. (I actually baked.) When I took them out of the oven and put them on the counter, I discovered the cup of protein powder that was supposed to go in.

  2. You guys are so cute together! I’ve never had banana bread with chocolate chips. Hmmm…. When I used to bake, before the onset of arthritic pain laziness, I’d have to buy an extra bag of chips if I was going to make chocolate chip cookies. One for snacking as I cooked. Yummy. As always, love the hibiscusesssss.

    1. Deedles:
      SG randomly added chocolate chips to the banana bread and we liked it so much that it’s now become routine. And, yes, you should always have an extra bag of chips. I’ve stopped adding an es or essssss to hibiscus. Wicked hamster J told me it’s ok.

      1. Well, J is a hamster, and he’s wicked so I wouldn’t put him above lying too 🙂 Besides, the extra esses are fun.

    1. Bob:
      I remember you don’t like chocolate and I forgive this one flaw. There are a whole bunch of pasta and chocolate recipes. Who knew?

    1. Anon:
      I don’t know who YOU are. But I’ll take funny and cute… and being missed.

    1. Judy C:
      And there’s more where that came from. We had Magnum Chocolate Chocolate (chocolate chocolate…) ice cream after dinner AND after SG’s surgery today. Tonight after dinner it will be banana bread.

    1. David:
      Oh, this is nothing new. If anything, I at least am better than I used to be.

  3. You could always warm a piece of the bread and put the chocolate chips on top to melt! Might be a new trend.

  4. Chocolate chips always make me think of my dad. He made the best tollhouse cookies with Nestle’s chocolate chips. It was our vacation tradition. So I guess the banana bread worked out fine without them?

    1. Steve:
      Your dad baked! Mine didn’t boil water. The banana bread is delicous, and a chocolate chip shooter doesn’t hurt.

  5. Sour cream raisin pie, never heard of it and will have to look it up.
    It sounds very good.
    Hope you feel better soon, I like to listen to music when I am not feeling up to it, like Walk on the sunny side of the street, which makes me smile.

    1. Laurent:
      Sour cream raisin pie is something I never had until I met SG’s mother. He has made it, too. I love it. No one in my own family has liked it however. It’s a rich, strong taste. Unusual.

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