What condition my condition was in / En que condición estaba mi condición

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I WOKE UP THIS MORNING from unpleasant dreams about my childhood that took place in current times in my maternal grandparents’ earliest (that I can remember) apartment. Family members, a psychiatrist, and an emotional brain dump from me. None of it was reality based — except the emotional brain dump. I’ve been up for hours and can’t shake it. So, here’s a distraction.

This is a photo of San Geraldo’s maternal grandmother with her youngest grandchild. Grandma hated to have her picture taken (and I assume that’s what’s with the face). She died six months before SG and I met, but I’ve heard so much about her over the years that I love her as if I knew her.


DESPERTÉ ESTA MAÑANA DE SUEÑOS desagradables sobre mi infancia que tuvieron lugar en los tiempos actuales en el apartamento más antiguo (que yo recuerde) de mis abuelos maternos. Miembros de la familia, un psiquiatra, y una descarga cerebral emocional mía. Nada de eso se basó en la realidad, excepto la descarga cerebral emocional. He estado despierto durante horas y no puedo evitarlo. Entonces, aquí hay una distracción.

Esta es una foto de la abuela materna de San Geraldo con su nieta menor. La abuela odiaba que le tomaran una foto (y supongo que eso es lo que pasa con la cara). Murió seis meses antes de que SG y yo nos conociéramos, pero he escuchado tanto sobre ella a lo largo de los años que la amo como si la conociera.


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28 thoughts on “What condition my condition was in / En que condición estaba mi condición”

  1. I love that face. It is interesting knowing people as if you had known them, when in fact. Let the cats be your model for joy,

    1. David:
      The cats can be more neurotic than we are. Dudo was afraid to leave SG’s office yesterday because there was a sock on the floor in his path. I don’t know what sock trauma he experienced in his first 10 months. SG’s mother loved to tell me stories about her mother. She would regularly say she wished we had met and that she would have loved me and I would have loved her. I would regularly tell her how much she and Dale would have loved each other. A very special bond among us.

  2. Grandma’s face is priceless! Do you know, I see a hint of SG in her features.

    As to that song, I will always and forever think about The Big Lebowski when I hear it or even read the lyrics (like in the title of this post).

    1. Jennifer:
      SG definitely takes after the Norwegian side of his family. He looked so like his mother and grandmother. The hands, though, are the immediate give away.

    1. Jennifer:
      Thanks so much. I just gave up and gave into it yesterday. Doing fine today.

  3. Oh those dreams that play with our minds……..I am always amazed at just how much is stored up there and when a few of those specs of memories get together to make up their own ‘story’.
    Keep with these distractions and it will soon be forgotten.
    Grandma looks to be quite the character!

    1. Jim:
      I’m recovered today. I just gave into it yesterday. Grandma was apparently very respectable, but non-judgmental, loving, and generous. She also loved the Minnesota Twins.

  4. Sorry about the trip in and the trip out…hope your conscious hours give some relief. Time to find a Plaidiator or two so you don’t have to think, just click.. Hope the mood lifts.

    Grandma and I have something in common. Hate having my photo taken and have been known to make those kinds of faces…when I wasn’t hiding behind someone else or some large object.

    1. Mary:
      Oh, I love the new word: Plaidiator! It took all day, but the mood finally lifted. All’s well in my brain (for now). In, most of the photos of Grandma, she’s looking away, down, or simply not smiling. This one is hilarious.

  5. She gives good face.

    I had a bizarre dream two nights ago, and though I couldn’t remember much of it, which is rare for me, I had enough snippets floating around my brain to make me feel uneasy all day and kind of dreading sleep last night.


    1. Bob:
      There’s a lot of character in that face. I hope you got over your own dream experience. I no longer remember the details of mine, although I still remember the gist of it and am now finding it interesting as opposed to devastating.

  6. Hope your condition improves! I hate having dreams full of unreasoning anger or even righteous anger. And I hate when those feelings follow me into the day.

    I wonder if Grandma ever saw that photo? I sort of hope she didn’t.

    1. Wilma:
      Much better today. Thanks. I doubt Grandma ever saw that photo. I have a feeling it would have been destroyed.

    1. Jssw:
      That’s immediately what I said when SG pulled the photo from the album the other day!

  7. Dreams are such bizarre things. I’m sorry you had some unpleasant ones. Wonder what was going on there?

    Grandma looks like a character. My great-grandmother was the same — she hated having her picture taken and was known to make faces at the camera.

    1. Steve:
      No doubt what was going on in my dream. My monologue was about unrelenting childhood verbal abuse. The voices in one’s head are difficult to silence. All’s well today.

      That’s the only photo I’ve seen of SG’s grandmother making a face. Usually, she simply looked down or away when a camera was lifted. In group photos, she can often be found in the back with her face obscured behind someone’s head.

  8. Well, I can see where SG got his ‘grumpy’ face 🙂 Dreams can be the worst! I don’t remember mine so much anymore. I just wake up with a since of dread every now and then. I’m sorry for your experience. Think happy thoughts, you know, sex and or chocolate!

    1. Deedles:
      I most often now just wake up with the feeling of dread or misery without knowing why. This time, I knew why. Speaking of chocolate, more to come later today!

    1. Urspo:
      It IS frustrating. There aren’t a lot of good photos of SG’s grandmother as a result. Although, this one is priceless.

  9. I am having a terrible time so i understand your dream hangover as I call it. Things can get so messed up. Be well soon.

    My dreams are because because of Biden I just erased my rant, not my blog but on my blog I will

    1. Anon:
      Not sure who this is, but sorry about the terrible times you’re experiencing. I don’t know that Biden would be at the TOP of my list for bad dreams.

  10. Love it! I had an aunt who hated having her photo taken. Rather than make faces, she hid when the cameras came out. I can think of exactly two photos I’ve seen of her, ever.

    I also love seeing the Brooklyn Bridge in today’s banner. I was planning a trip to NY in 2020 and a walk across the bridge, but that got scrubbed for obvious reasons.

    1. Walt the Fourth:
      The banner is on random shuffle. So, every time you click, a new one appears. I walked across the Brooklyn Bridge for the first time less than 5 years ago. I loved it. SG’s grandmother used to look away or down, or she’d hide behind someone else when she saw the camera. There are a few photos of her smiling face. This is the only comical one.

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