Submarine races / Carreras de submarinos

La versión en español está después de la versión en inglés.

MY BEST FRIEND AND SOMETIMES roommate during my university years was from Long Island, not far from where my family lived until I was 10. He liked to talk about driving down to the beach at night with whatever girlfriend he happened to have at the time to “watch the submarine races.” I was never absolutely sure what he meant. But I finally guessed it had something to do with “up periscope.”

I don’t know why I thought of that today. I haven’t seen him in a long, long time. And I sure as hell haven’t seen any submarine races around here. But I did see sailing lessons from the terrace and I can understand wanting to take your sweetheart to watch those.

I gave the cats their treats first-thing this morning and went for a walk before breakfast. At the time, the temperature was only 27˚C/81˚F and the humidity was a record-breaking low (for this month) of 33 percent. It was a perfect morning with a pleasant breeze. And then the Terral wind picked up (yesterday’s post). Hot wind from the northwest in my face for the walk home.

Once upstairs, I went out on the terrace to a refreshingly cool wind from the other direction. Go figure. The Terral wind has returned. The temperature is now 34C/93F, but the humidity is still only 37 percent. What a nice change.

We’re meeting Tynan and Elena for drinks this evening before they head off for their summer holiday (that’s vacation in American).

We’ve been watching on Netflix a Spanish series called “Mar de Plastico.” A good cast and scenes of Almería, a city about three hours east of us just before the Spanish coast turns north. It’s a crime drama, but given it’s soap-opera tendencies, we don’t find it at all stressful. We’re enjoying it and not even minding the often inane plot twists — and occassional softcore (straight) sex scenes. Up periscope. I wouldn’t mind a drive to Almería — just to go somewhere.


MI MEJOR AMIGO Y, A VECES, compañero de cuarto durante mis años universitarios era de Long Island, no muy lejos de donde vivía mi familia hasta los 10 años. Le gustaba hablar sobre conducir hasta la playa por la noche con cualquier novia que tuviera en ese momento. “Mira las carreras de submarinos”. Nunca estuve absolutamente seguro de lo que quería decir. Pero finalmente supuse que tenía algo que ver con el “¡Arriba el periscopio!”

No sé por qué pensé en eso hoy. No lo he visto en mucho, mucho tiempo. Y seguro que no he visto ninguna carrera de submarinos por aquí. Pero vi lecciones de navegación desde la terraza y puedo entender que quieras llevar a tu amada a verlas.

Les di a los gatos sus golosinas esta mañana y salí a caminar antes del desayuno. En ese momento, la temperatura era de solo 27˚C / 81˚F y la humedad era un mínimo histórico (para este mes) de 33 por ciento. Fue una mañana perfecta con una agradable brisa. Y luego se levantó el viento Terral (publicación de ayer). Viento caliente del noroeste en mi cara para caminar a casa.

Una vez arriba, salí a la terraza con un viento refrescante y fresco de la otra dirección. Imagínate. El viento Terral ha vuelto. La temperatura ahora es de 34°C/93°F, pero la humedad sigue siendo solo del 37 por ciento. Qué bonito cambio.

Nos reuniremos con Tynan y Elena para tomar algo esta noche antes de que se vayan de vacaciones.

Hemos estado viendo en Netflix una serie en español llamada “Mar de Plastico.” Un buen elenco y escenas de Almería, una ciudad a unas tres horas al este de nosotros, justo antes de que la costa española gire hacia el norte. Es un drama criminal, pero dadas sus tendencias de telenovela, no lo encontramos en absoluto estresante. Lo estamos disfrutando y ni siquiera nos importan los giros de la trama, a menudo tontos, y las escenas de sexo suave (heterosexual) ocasionales. ¡Arriba el periscopio! No me importaría conducir hasta Almería — solo para ir a alguna parte.

• The short leg was more obvious from the front, but I didn’t have the opportunity for a photo.
• La pierna corta era más obvia desde el frente, pero no tuve la oportunidad de tomar una foto.

Author: Moving with Mitchell

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18 thoughts on “Submarine races / Carreras de submarinos”

  1. How did you get that photo of the guy on the slide when the beach (and your place) appears to be behind him? Just curious.

    I (and I am pretty sure, David) would be happy to trade your low humidity hot day for our blood sucking high humidity, hot temps and–just last night–two more inches of rain in a thunderstorm. Eleven and a half inches of rain so far in August at my house. More expected before the 31st. I am done with summer.

    1. Mary:
      That beach is near the port and more than 1 km from our place. There’s a T-shaped jetty that I walked out on. So I was looking back at the shoreline. I’ve been missing rain (as is usually the case for me this time of year), but I wouldn’t want the amount you’ve had. And, although I’ve whined about our hot and humid weather, it doesn’t compare to what you normally experience where you live. We’ve been spoiled over the years.

  2. Okay, dude in the lopsided shorts. I looked at his right leg and thought, is he built backwards down there? Interesting angle to that shot. He has more bulge there than a lot of men have in the front. Balder Half is home for the weekend so my mind may have just been wandering. Triple digits for the next few days, again.

    1. Deedles:
      You have such a fascinating view of the world and those around you. But I suppose, having Balder Half around, everything reminds you of “physical attributes.” We’re hovering in the mid- to high-80s still. I guess I have nothing to complain about — but, as you know, that doesn’t stop me.

  3. First off, I read Deedles’ and saw bulge and had to go back and check because I am that shallow.
    Then I came back to say I wanna ride the slide.
    Which has nothing whatsoever to do with that bulge!

    1. Bob:
      Yeah, I had to inspect the photo after Deedle’s comment, too. Sometimes I wish I had her perspective. Those pedal/slide boats do look like so much fun. I’d love to do it, but I wouldn’t want to risk not being able to climb back in the boat (frickin sciatica).

  4. It was too hot and humid (82 and 82, respectively!) this morning at 5:30 to manage even a short, slow run. I am camped out in my favorite place – atop the bed in the shady bedroom – for the day. I can look toward the sea to the front or the jungle to the back and be entertained all day long.

    Fun to see someone actually go down the slide! I will never again be able to hear the phrase “Up periscope!” without a grin. I would tell you to stay cool, but you were born cool!

    1. Wilma:
      Those views from the bed must be stunning. I miss your photos. Yep, I’m cool. I’m cool.

  5. Our humidity has dropped as well….PHEW! Along with a cool northwest wind which is very welcoming.
    We are watching a Spanish series now on Netflix called High Seas……’s y​murder mystery. Not bad at all. I will check out Mar de Plastico.

    1. Jim:
      I’ll have to check out High Seas. I’ve never noticed that one on our subscriptions. Humidity is climbing but currently only 52 percent. I’ll take that.

    1. Steve:
      I never heard anyone but that one friend use the term. The Urban Dictionary, however, has this: … a euphamism for making out (and more) in a car. It’s the kind of thing a cop would say to be funny when he knocks on the fogged-up window of your chevy parked in back of the safeway to ask what you’re doing there at 1am, as if he doesn’t know damn well.

  6. What a beautiful vista! That paddle car slide sure looks like fun — I’d love to be on the water or in the water on a day like that! Are the lounger umbrellas made of grass? They look like sumo wrestlers’ wigs, LOL!

    1. Tundra Bunny:
      Yes, the “sombrillas” are made of thatch (sea grass, tiki grass, palm thatch). There are all different varieties. The ones pictured are more high-end. They’re brand new this year and were replaced when the chiringuito was renovated. I hope to get in the water in the next couple of weeks now that the Huns have begun to depart.

    1. Urspo:
      Nice Thighs was very nice from the front, but we approached each other too quickly and I couldn’t surreptitiously snap a picture.

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