Right up our alley / Justo en nuestro callejón

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THANKS TO MATT AND LINDY’S visit, we had meals out more often than we’ve been doing lately. I have so many food photos to share. I mentioned last week that we had dinner at El Callejon (which means “the alley”), a nearby restaurant with phenomenal tapas that used to have the most god-awful, uncomfortable, and unstable wooden folding chairs and tables. We thought maybe it was a way of getting their customers to leave quickly. But that would discourage the Andalusian tradition of “sobre mesa” (over table). Once seated, customers are encouraged to stay as long as they like, talking over the table long after the meal is done.

Anyway, they replaced the furniture after lockdown last year, and “sobre mesa” is easily done in the comfortable new setting. We shared an amazing selection of tapas. Most are pictured (thanks to Lindy) below. We ate a couple of dishes too quickly and forgot to get photos. The exterior photo at top was taken a few minutes ago, while the restaurant was closed. It doesn’t open again until this evening. The couple walking up the alley (in shorts) are clearly not from around here. I was regretting not wearing my scarf — and gloves!

Yesterday, we went up the mountain to explore Mijas Pueblo. We saw the sights, visited the miniature museum (although small, the museum isn’t what’s miniature, it’s what it displays), we shopped and browsed, and we had a superb tapas lunch. All those photos are still to come.

Sadly, Matt and Lindy are on their way home today. We just dropped them off at the airport. We got used to having them around and will seriously miss them. I’m already seriously missing them! I had expected we’d have our farewell dinner at Mesón Salvador, our home away from home, but they were closed for some improvements Monday and Tuesday, so we couldn’t even meet there for coffee.

Still, we had another phenomenal dinner last night and I’ll be sharing those photos with you soon. I’m already looking forward to their next visit. I’m sure they are, too. Although I also know they’re looking forward to getting home to their 10 cats.


GRACIAS A LA VISITA DE Matt y Lindy, comíamos fuera con más frecuencia que últimamente. Tengo tantas fotos de comida para compartir. Mencioné la semana pasada que cenamos en El Callejón, un restaurante cercano con tapas fenomenales que solía tener las sillas y mesas plegables de madera más horribles, incómodas e inestables. Pensamos que tal vez era una forma de hacer que sus clientes se fueran rápidamente. Pero eso desalentaría la tradición andaluza de “sobre mesa.” Una vez sentados, se anima a los clientes a quedarse todo el tiempo que quieran, hablando sobre la mesa mucho después de que termine la comida.

De todos modos, reemplazaron los muebles después del cierre el año pasado, y “sobre mesa” se hace fácilmente en el nuevo y cómodo entorno. Compartimos una increíble selección de tapas. La mayoría se muestran a continuación (gracias a Lindy). Comimos un par de platos demasiado rápido y nos olvidamos de sacar fotos. La foto exterior en la parte superior fue tomada hace unos minutos, mientras el restaurante estaba cerrado. No vuelve a abrir hasta esta noche. La pareja que camina por el callejón (en pantalones cortos) claramente no es de por aquí. Me estaba arrepintiendo de no llevar mi bufanda — y guantes!

Ayer subimos a la montaña para explorar Mijas Pueblo. Vimos las vistas, visitamos el museo en miniatura (aunque pequeño, el museo no es lo que es en miniatura, es lo que muestra), compramos y navegamos, y tuvimos un excelente almuerzo de tapas. Todas esas fotos aún están por llegar.

Lamentablemente, Matt y Lindy están de camino a casa hoy. Los dejamos en el aeropuerto. Nos acostumbramos a tenerlos cerca y los extrañaremos seriamente. ¡Ya los estoy extrañando seriamente! Esperaba que tuviéramos nuestra cena de despedida en Mesón Salvador, nuestro hogar lejos de casa, pero el lunes y el martes estaban cerrados por algunas mejoras, por lo que ni siquiera pudimos reunirnos allí para tomar un café.

Aún así, anoche tuvimos otra cena fenomenal y pronto compartiré esas fotos contigo. Ya estoy deseando que llegue su próxima visita. Estoy seguro de que ellos también lo son. Aunque también sé que están deseando volver a casa con sus 10 gatos.

• Red prawn
• Gamba roja
• Artichoke and more.
• Alcachofa y más.
• Bull’s tail timpani, always too gamey for me.
• Timbal de rabo de toro, un sabor demasiado jugoso para mí
• Rabo de toro mini burger. I love this.
• Hamberguesita de rabo de toro. Me encanta.
• Fried eggplant with sugarcane honey.
• Berenjena frita con miel de caña.
• Green beans, ham, and quail eggs.
• Judías verdes, jamón, y huevos de perdiz.

Author: Moving with Mitchell

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22 thoughts on “Right up our alley / Justo en nuestro callejón”

      1. A morning to put the top down on the convertible and turn up the heated seats

      2. David:
        That DOES sound like fun. But I hate what having the top down does to my hair.

  1. What another cute place! The alley and off the beaten places one often find little surprises. I would love that place, except the bull’s tail. I don’t like either, gamey tasting meat.

    1. Mistress Borghese:
      El Callejon has incredible food, and now we can actually sit for more than 3 minutes. Just wish it was as friendly as Mesón Salvador and some other places we go. Kind of indifferent (but at least efficient) service. But, again, the food!

    1. Jim:
      Well, I’m pretty sure that couple spoke English! We’ve been enjoying a lot of tapas recently, thanks to Matt and Lindy’s visit. Of course, it’s I’m sure a lot easier to find around here.

    1. Steve:
      And that’s down from 13 cats! Lindy never met an abandoned cat she wouldn’t rescue. Will share more on that soon.

    1. Debra:
      They’re enjoying the Zurich Christmas market today before continuing home.. Sure do miss them. Those 10 cats are down from 13!

  2. The artichoke looks yummy. In this case, I have to say no to tail 🙂 You needed a scarf and gloves? Poor SG must’ve been a popsicle then!

    1. Deedles:
      I keep snapping pictures of SG wrapped up for winter. You’ll soon see. Yeah, I always say NOT to tail…

  3. Yes, the ten cats got my attention too, Steve! And then I got side-tracked by the gorgeous-looking food.

    Glad the tapas place has more comfortable seating now. Perhaps we will see more food photos from there?

    1. Wilma:
      The food there is SO good. Not the friendliest of places although service is fine. I’ll have more to share on Lindy and Matt’s cats. There were 13.

  4. Glad you had an enjoyable visit with your guests! The “10 cats” detail jumped out at me too, so I read it over, thinking it must have been 10 kids. At that point, I HAD TO HAVE MY COFFEE — then decided 10 cats was the preferable option to go home to, LOL!

    Happy Hanukkah to you and your family, Mitchell!

    1. Tundra Bunny:
      I’m not a Hanukkah celebrator myself, but thanks for the kind wishes. I’ll have more on our great-niece and great-nephew cats. There used to be 13!

    1. Urspo:
      Red prawns are especially delicious (and expensive), and too much work for my taste. It’s like cooking.

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