Calendar cats / Gatos de calendario

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I MENTIONED THAT OUR NEPHEW and niece-in-law, Matt and Lindy, have 10 cats. Lindy is the former president of the humane society in Pierre, South Dakota, and she never met a cat she couldn’t love. She recently dressed up the cats (well, she put hats on them and, in two cases, plastic hands) for a gift calendar. Yes, the cats actually posed like that. This is not PhotoShop. Lindy, the cat whisperer. (Click here for more on their cats.) They used to have 13 cats but have had to say good-bye to a few. One cat did get sent to “the farm” five years ago. But that’s not the usual euphemism. Gerald just wasn’t meant to live in a house (I will not compare him to his namesake), so he moved back to Lindy’s parents’ farm, where he lives his life of joy.

I’ve completed final corrections on chapters 1 through 6 of San Geraldo’s book. At least I hope they’re final. I still need to check my corrections. And San Geraldo will give them one last pass, as well, which means there’s a chance he’ll add more. He’s not the ideal client.

I’ve made my arrangements (again), finally, for my trip to New York. I’ll be there early April come hell or high water. The Kid Brother is pleased. He’s also expecting another care package tomorrow. I’m going to have to wean him off these. He’s costing me a small fortune every month.

Speaking of which, I need to order his annual desk calendar. (Come to think of it, he’d love this one.)

Nutrition and Fitness Report
Stretching: Twice Saturday, once so far today.
Walking: 6.5 km / 4 miles Saturday.
Notes: San Geraldo picked up two sugar-free cookies from the bakery for me last night.


MENCIONÉ QUE NUESTRO SOBRINO y sobrina política, Matt y Lindy, tienen 10 gatos. Lindy es la ex presidenta de la sociedad humanitaria en Pierre, Dakota del Sur, y nunca conoció a un gato que no pudiera amar. Recientemente vistió a los gatos (bueno, les puso sombreros y, en dos casos, manos de plástico) para un calendario de regalos. Sí, los gatos en realidad posaron así. Esto no es PhotoShop. Lindy, la susurradora de gatos. (Haz clic aquí para más sobre sus gatos.) Solían tener 13 gatos, pero han tenido que despedirse de algunos. Un gato fue enviado a “la granja” hace cinco años. Pero ese no es el eufemismo habitual. Gerald simplemente no estaba destinado a vivir en una casa (no lo compararé con su tocayo), así que regresó a la granja de los padres de Lindy, donde vive una vida llena de alegría.

He completado las correcciones finales de los capítulos 1 al 6 del libro de San Geraldo. Al menos espero que sean definitivos. Todavía necesito comprobar mis correcciones. Y San Geraldo también les dará un último pase, lo que significa que existe la posibilidad de que agregue más. No es el cliente ideal.

Hice mis arreglos (nuevamente), finalmente, para mi viaje a Nueva York. Estaré allí a principios de abril, venga el infierno o la marea alta. El hermano menor está contento. También espera otro paquete de cuidados mañana. Voy a tener que quitarle estos. Me está costando una pequeña fortuna cada mes.

Hablando de eso, necesito ordenar su calendario de escritorio anual. (Ahora que lo pienso, le encantaría este).

Informe de Nutrición y Estado Físico
Estiramiento: Dos veces el sábado, una vez hasta ahora.
Caminando: 6.5 km / 4 millas el sábado.
Notas: San Geraldo me recogió dos galletas sin azúcar de la panadería anoche.

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26 thoughts on “Calendar cats / Gatos de calendario”

  1. Carlos and I used to have seven cats, all rescues, and I’d never heard of anyone having any more unless they were crazy cat ladies and had hundreds!
    I like the hats, but the hands scare me because I imagine our cats with hands and what they might do..

    1. Bob:
      There are another 50 or so at Lindy’s parents’ farm. Last time we were there, they had 15 house cats on the farm. I’m now imaginging Dudo and Moose with hands. Moose would probably still whine and expect us to do everything for him. Dudo? THAT would be a nightmare.

    1. Debra:
      Linda did projects like this for furn with her team at work. My calendar is online, so it never occurs to me to do this. It would be fun. Hey! I can quickly make a custom Dudo and Moose calendar for The Kid Brother!

  2. The book by SG will it be available in bookstores or online? or is it an academic book for Univ lectures?

  3. That cat calendar reminds me of my mother dog Lily. She will let you do anything to her or put anything on her. She loves wearing sunglasses. She did an excellent job with these cats of hers…and as we know cats don’t put up with non-sense.

    1. Mistress Borghese:
      I was sure these were Photoshopped, but as I looked at them, I could see they weren’t. Lindy is amazing. Dudo and Moose would run under the bed if I even tried!

  4. A calendar of cats – who would have thought of such?
    Mine usually has owls
    A friend of mine each year sends me his made of butterflies

    1. Walt the Fourth:
      It seems many people find the hands kind of creepy. It hadn’t dawned on me; I just thought they were funny. But I suppose they ARE kind of creepy.

  5. Love the cat calendar, although those little hands give me the willies. LOL!

    I think cats will only stand for this sort of thing after they’ve reached a “certain age.”

    1. Steve:
      Ours, even at the ripe old age of 10, would not tolerate this for a second. Those little hands give a lot of people the willies!

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