Why didn’t you say so? / ¿Por que no lo dijiste?

La versión en español está después de la versión en inglés.

One of my goals during my trip to New York was to get a data plan on The Kid Brother’s mobile phone. He told me he bought the phone himself but “It doesn’t work” (although the camera worked great for photos). He said “the office” didn’t help. So we went to his neighborhood T-Mobile and I bought him a monthly data plan.

I had trouble setting up the account for monthly payment so, on my way to the airport, I stopped again at T-Mobile and had KB meet me there. It turns out, he bought the phone with help from the assistant manager of the office that manages his apartment. They just didn’t keep up on the data. The person at T-Mobile that day knew KB and the assistant manager and told me the data plan I purchased wouldn’t be enough and that the assistant manager had been there with KB the day before. I have no clue what is actually true, since two people at T-Mobile told me the week before that the data plan would be more than enough. I phoned the assistant manager and the process is back in her hands. I told her I would wire money into KB’s account if the data plan costs more than he can afford.

However, I set up WhatsApp before I left and showed The Kid Brother how video-chat worked. To my delight, he initiated Tuesday night’s weekly call. He was elated and so was I, and he got to see San Geraldo and Dudo, who got up and stuck his nose right into the phone when he saw KB (Dudo’s nose, not San Geraldo’s).

Speaking of mobile phones, I damaged my iPhone 8 just before landing in Madrid. I removed the temporary American SIM card to replace it with my Spanish card. I somehow dropped the SIM card directly into the phone without the tray designed for that purpose. I then worked a bit too aggressively to extract it, which resulted in everything on the phone working perfectly except the SIM card and the telephone itself. I took it to our service provider to confirm it was the phone and not the SIM card. And, although San Geraldo likes to say I did it on purpose because I wanted the iPhone 13 Pro, he’s the one who thought it was a waste of time to try and get it repaired (OK, I didn’t argue).

So, I have a brand-new iPhone 13 Pro with its phenomenal camera… and I’m frickin excited! Oh, the title: Another one of The Kid Brother’s favorite routines (video at bottom), which we performed Tuesday night, although not as smoothly. The Spanish translation follows the video. Today’s photos are some views from the New York subways (known in the UK as The Underground). Click the thumbnails for a closer look.


Uno de mis objetivos durante mi viaje a Nueva York era conseguir un plan de datos en el teléfono móvil de The Kid Brother. Me dijo que él mismo compró el teléfono, pero “no funciona” (aunque la cámara funcionó muy bien para las fotos). Dijo que “la oficina” no ayudó. Así que fuimos al T-Mobile de su vecindario y le compré un plan de datos mensual.

Tuve problemas para configurar la cuenta para el pago mensual, así que, de camino al aeropuerto, me detuve nuevamente en T-Mobile y KB me encontró allí. Resulta que compró el teléfono con la ayuda del subgerente de la oficina que administra su apartamento. Simplemente no se mantuvieron al día con los datos. La persona de T-Mobile ese día conocía a KB y al subgerente y me dijo que el plan de datos que compré no sería suficiente y que el subgerente había estado allí con KB el día anterior. No tengo idea de qué es realmente cierto, ya que dos personas de T-Mobile me dijeron la semana anterior que el plan de datos sería más que suficiente. Llamé al subgerente y el proceso está nuevamente en sus manos. Le dije que transferiría dinero a la cuenta de KB si el plan de datos cuesta más de lo que él puede pagar.

Sin embargo, configuré WhatsApp y le mostré aEl Hermanito cómo funcionaba el chat de video. Para mi deleite, inició con entusiasmo la llamada semanal del martes. Él estaba eufórico y yo también, y pudo ver a San Geraldo y a Dudo (quien se levantó y metió la nariz justo en el teléfono cuando vio a KB (la nariz de Dudo, no la de San Geraldo).

Hablando de móviles, dañé mi iPhone 8 justo antes de aterrizar en Madrid. Retiré la tarjeta SIM estadounidense temporal para reemplazarla con mi SIM española. De alguna manera dejé caer la tarjeta SIM directamente en el teléfono sin la bandeja diseñada para ese propósito. Luego trabajé un poco demasiado agresivamente para extraer lo que resultó en que todo en el teléfono funcionara perfectamente excepto la tarjeta SIM y el propio teléfono. Lo llevé a nuestro proveedor de servicios para confirmar que era el teléfono y no la tarjeta SIM. Y, aunque a San Geraldo le gusta decir que lo hice a propósito porque quería el iPhone 13 Pro, él es quien pensó que era una pérdida de tiempo intentar repararlo (está bien, no discutí).

Entonces, tengo un iPhone 13 Pro nuevo con su cámara fenomenal… ¡y estoy jodidamente emocionado! Oh, el título: Otro de los f de The Kid Brother Rutinas favoritas (video en la parte inferior), que realizamos martes por la noche, aunque no tan bien. La traducción al español sigue al video. Haz clic en las miniaturas para ver más de cerca.

Taken Tuesday with my old iPhone because I didn’t yet know how to do a screen capture on my new iPhone.

Hecho el martes con mi viejo iPhone porque aún no sabía cómo hacer una captura de pantalla en mi nuevo iPhone.


• The scene begins at 15:00.
• La scena empieza en 15:00.

Spanky (respondiendo al teléfono): Hola.
Sr. Brown: Hola, ¿quién habla?
Spanky: No sé, no puedo verte.
Sr. Brown: Hola. Soy el Sr. Brown del Primer Banco Nacional. ¿Quién es?
Spanky: Sr. Brown del Primer Banco Nacional. Eso es lo que me acabas de decir.
Sr. Brown: ¿Qué número es este?
Spanky: ¿Cuántas adivinanzas?
Sr. Brown: Escuche, ¿de qué se trata todo esto?
Spanky: ¡No lo sé! ¡Tú empezaste!
Sr. Brown: Escuche, ¡quiero hablar con Old Cap!
Spanky: Bueno, ¿por qué no lo dijiste?

Author: Moving with Mitchell

From Brooklyn, New York; to North Massapequa; back to Brooklyn; Brockport, New York; back to Brooklyn... To Boston, Massachusetts, where I met Jerry... To Marina del Rey, California; Washington, DC; New Haven and Guilford, Connecticut; San Diego, San Francisco, Palm Springs, and Santa Barbara, California; Las Vegas, Nevada; Irvine, California; Sevilla, Spain. And Fuengirola, Málaga..

22 thoughts on “Why didn’t you say so? / ¿Por que no lo dijiste?”

  1. That first pic of the ‘Canal Street’ nameplate reminds me of our Manchester where the main gay area of the city (a substantial one) has a lot of its bars and discos on a same-named thoroughfare. Trouble is the ‘C’ keeps getting black-painted out. Can’t think why!
    Which in turn puts me in mind of Oxford where I used to live. One of he minor city centre streets was called ‘Turl Street’. Regularly the ‘L’ kept getting changed to a…..well, I won’t spell it out. Mischievous students, no doubt.

    1. Raybeard:
      I’m obviously such an innocent (ahem). I never once thought of masking out the C on Canal Street. Now I’ll never see it the same way again. Turl Street. Changed to what? Turf? Turkey? Turpentine? Turbogenerator?

  2. Great photos of the subway, time for me to head out for ours, I need to be in the office today

  3. Looking forward to seeing the results from your new iphone!
    Happy KB is straightened away and now familiar with video chat.

  4. I love the artwork, and mosaic work, in the subways. I mean, I know you’re underground, but it doesn’t have to look like a gopher hole!

  5. Now see, you wrecked your phone near the end of your flight and I wrecked my knee near the end of mine (albeit on the way to my vacation, not the return–as you know, I managed to get Covid to wreck that one). You can console yourself (and SG) with the thought that your new iPhone is definitely a cheaper fix than mine…and definitely a hell of a lot more fun. 🙂

    Looking forward to seeing your new photos (I still have the 8). Enjoy!

    1. Debra:
      I’m already enjoying the new phone and camera… and boring SG to tears. KB had an iPad briefly and the video chats were wonderful. Then one day the iPad was “kaput.” I’ve never gotten any more info than that.

  6. I’m not going to even pretend to understand all of the phone stuff, Scoot. I like the photos. I think I’ll find my Manhattan Transfer cd and listen to Operator. I suppose I can ask Alexa, but she’s been a pouty bitch lately.

    1. Deedles:
      Ooh, I’m thinking I’m going listen to Operator now, too. I LOVE that song.

  7. I remember all that subway art from my years there! What a bummer about your phone. But hey — a new phone and a new camera aren’t so bad, right?!

    1. Steve:
      So many of the subway art has been cleaned and restored. I love it. As for my new phone and camera… I’m having a ball.

  8. KB looks thrilled to be doing video calls – and so was Dudo by the sound of it.

    The Subway art looks rather splendid – London’s Tube network is a bit hit-and-miss where such things are concerned. Some stations are lavishly done, and others… meh!

    And yes! Like Raybeard, I immediately though of Manchester’s “gay village” and (the original, and best) Queer As Folk, in which much of the action did indeed take place on “Anal Treet” (both “C” and “S” were painted-over when I was last there!).


    1. Jon:
      New York subways are also hit and miss when it comes to adornment. I’ve never seen the C covered over on Canal Street in New York. Then again, it never even dawned on me. But I can’t believe no one else has thought of it. I loved your Queer As Folk so much more than ours. KB used to have an iPad and when we’d video chat I’d put the iPad in the kitchen and give the cats their treats. Dudo still connects KB with treats.

    1. Wilma:
      It makes such a difference. Especially with Chuck. Much more relaxing for us both.

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