Smashed / Aplastado

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On our recent visit to Plaza Mayor and the outlet mall, we stopped at a kitchen shop where I happily browsed while San Geraldo picked up some things — a couple of small spring-form pans, all-metal tongs, and a potato masher.

We left our old potato masher behind in 2011 because it was showing its age. During one big dinner in Georgetown in 1984, our friend Jo was helping with the meal. Jo’s skills in the kitchen were surpassed by my own. Note, I didn’t say not only by my own. Jo had no kitchen skills. When she finished the first task she had been assigned, Jo said, “This potato smasher is really fun.”

Speaking of smashed, we went out for dinner Tuesday with friends who had been in town for the month and were heading home the next morning. I was in a mood and had two glasses of wine (Ribera) and an after-dinner Bailey’s Irish Cream. Way over my limit. I was more than a little tipsy.

Back in the kitchen Wednesday morning, I sliced my finger while putting away a knife. I’m not quite sure how I did it. It bled. A lot. But it’s healing well.

Many of the new pergolas along the Paseo have been installed. I like the look and, unlike the previous pergolas, these actually offer protection from the sun. And from the rain, too, I saw yesterday evening during our latest mud rain (click here). The glass curtain is in desperate need of washing, but I’m putting it off until late next week.

I have more New York stories (and photos) still to come. All of today’s photos were taken using my new iPhone 13 Pro. Click the thumbnails.


En nuestro reciente visita a Plaza Mayor y al centro comercial outlet, nos detuvimos en una tienda de cocina donde hojeé felizmente mientras San Geraldo recogía algunas cosas — un par de moldes desmontables, pinzas completamente metálicas, y un machacador de papas.

Dejamos atrás nuestro viejo machacador de papas en 2011 porque estaba mostrando su edad. Durante una gran cena en Georgetown en 1984, nuestra amiga Jo estaba ayudando con la comida. Las habilidades de Jo en la cocina fueron superadas por las mías. Nota que no dije no solo por las mías. Jo no tenía habilidades en la cocina. Cuando terminó la primera tarea que le habían asignado, Jo dijo: “Este aplastador de papas es muy divertido”.

Hablando de aplastado, salimos a cenar el martes con amigos que habían estado en la ciudad durante el mes y se dirigían a casa a la mañana siguiente. Estaba de humor y tomé dos copas de Ribera y un Baileys después de la cena. Muy por encima de mi límite.

De vuelta en la cocina el miércoles por la mañana, me corté el dedo el miércoles mientras guardaba un cuchillo. No estoy muy seguro de cómo lo hice. Sangró. Un monton. Pero está sanando bien.

Se han instalado muchas de las nuevas pérgolas a lo largo del Paseo. Me gusta el aspecto y, a diferencia de las pérgolas anteriores, estas ofrecen protección contra el sol. Y de la lluvia, también, vi ayer por la noche durante nuestra última lluvias con barro (haz clic aquí). La cortina de vidrio necesita urgentemente un lavado, pero lo pospondré hasta fines de la próxima semana.

Todavía tengo más historias (y fotos) de Nueva York por venir. Todas las fotos de hoy se hicieron con mi nuevo iPhone 13 Pro. Haz clic en las miniaturas.

• Testing the new pergola lights Wednesday night — also testing my iPhone 13 Pro camera at night.
• Probando las nuevas luces de la pérgola el miércoles por la noche; también probando la cámara de mi iPhone 13 Pro por la noche.
• Shhh. Don’t tell Moose where Dudo is hiding.
• Shhh. No le digas a Moose dónde se esconde Dudo.
• Moose was busy.
• Moose estaba ocupado.
• Dudo settled in my lap.
• Dudo se acomodó en mi regazo.

Author: Moving with Mitchell

From Brooklyn, New York; to North Massapequa; back to Brooklyn; Brockport, New York; back to Brooklyn... To Boston, Massachusetts, where I met Jerry... To Marina del Rey, California; Washington, DC; New Haven and Guilford, Connecticut; San Diego, San Francisco, Palm Springs, and Santa Barbara, California; Las Vegas, Nevada; Irvine, California; Sevilla, Spain. And Fuengirola, Málaga..

34 thoughts on “Smashed / Aplastado”

  1. Ha! I love Dudo’s tail. So sneaky. It’s nice to see some Spain photos again, and the night pic turned out well, I think.

    1. Steve:
      For a first effort, the night picture is OK. I zoomed, which probably isn’t a great feature to use at night. Will do some more experimenting. Still, I was impressed with how it automatically adjusted the amount of light. Dudo hides like that regularly. I don’t know if he realizes his tail is visible or if he thinks Moose is too dense to notice.

  2. I cut my finger the other day while working in the garden…peroxide and antibacterial and bandaids. In 34 years I can’t ever recall hubby using a bandaide…but I’ve gone through enough to supply a red cross field office.

    1. Frank:
      I, too, could supply a Red Cross office with the band aids I’ve used over the years.

  3. I love the potato smasher! I need a new one.
    And the pergolas look very nice,
    There are times we can’t find Tuxedo in the house, and it never fails that I spot about an inch of black tail peeking out from under a blanket or a pillow. I don’t know if he does so we’ll find him, or if he does it so we don’t sit on him.

    1. Bob:
      I know where you can get a very nice potato smasher just 20 minutes from here. I always wonder if Dudo knows his tail is visible.

  4. Nothing better than a good potato masher! I used to ‘whip’ them with an electric hand-mixer but that would always throw the potatoes everywhere…… back to masher.
    And I like those tongs too.
    I like the pergolas…..they look like kites.
    Dudo and Moose are precious.

    1. Debra:
      The camera has lots of special features that I’m still learning. But I’m very pleased so far.

    1. Shirley:
      Well I myself have only gone without WASHING one. SG has used an electric hand mixer or brute force.

  5. Scoot, stop touching the knives! Just walk away! Dudo gives good tail. I haven’t used a potato masher in fifty years. I don’t have the patience or arm strength for it. My handy dandy mixer has been serving me just fine. I remember my mother telling me to use the mixer for the potatoes for the first time when I was sixteen. I mistakenly thought she was talking about the blender. The GLASS blender. Hot potatoes in the GLASS blender. Big kitchen explosion. GLASS and potatoes everywhere! Called an idiot (and other names that would make a sailor seek a monastery) by mommy dearest. Haven’t thought of that in years 🙂
    The photos are beautiful. It seems that no matter what you use as a camera, everything comes out lovely.

    1. Deedles:
      Well, SOMEONE has to wash the knives. SG mostly uses the electric hand mixer. Your mother and my father (and often, my mother, too). Do you suppose they all went to the same parenting school (or FLUNKED OUT of the same parenting school)? I tried using my shoe as a camera yesterday. Not so lovely.

      1. Scoot, honey, your shoe is a phone not a camera! Sorry about that, chief. Your pen is the camera, sweetie.

      2. Deedles:
        How could I get those confused. KB would have my head.

  6. Your photos are always so beautiful and clear, Mitchell! Maybe it’s finally time for me to trade in my landline phone for an iPhone 13 and join the 21st Century…. Dudo and Moose are adorable too, as always, LOL!

    1. Tundra Bunny:
      An iPhone 13 may be quite a shock after your landline. We finally unplugged our landline. The only calls we got on that were marketing calls.

  7. A synergistic combination – Mitchell and a 1Phone13 Pro camera! The night scene is very impressive. You are going to have a blast playing with it.
    I love smashed potatoes that have some chunks left in them.
    It took me a moment to find Dudo’s tail, even Moose blended right in to his surroundings.

    1. Wilma:
      I used zoom for the night photo. I’m sure the quality will be better without zoom. Next experiment. When I was a kid, I hated lumpy potatoes. Now I don’t mind that at all.

  8. I had fallen abysmally behind on your posts, and missed your NY trip entirely! I’ve had a great time catching up with your writing and photos. It did my heart good to see you reunited with KB. Also, I love a good potato smasher!

    1. Michelle D.:
      It always makes me so happy to see your name and smiling face. I’m glad you enjoyed our trip to NYC.

  9. I really dig (does anyone say that anymore?) the new pergolas, especially lit up! And your phone photos are great!

    1. Walt the Fourth:
      I’ll have to take some night shots without zoom. The quality should be much better. I haven’t heard anyone say “I really dig” in years. But I can dig it, he can dig it, she can dig it, we can dig it, they can dig it, you can dig it. Oh, let’s dig it. Can you dig it, baby?

      1. Walt the Fourth:
        Aw, man, that makes me feel groovy.

    1. Urspo:
      I was really playing the word. Aplastado is more specifically: flattened, squelched, squashed, etc. Borracho is a better word for drunk.

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