World-class women / Mujeres de clase mundial

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Yesterday was mostly the marching men at Fuengirola’s International Fair parade. Today, it’s mostly women — and a lot more smiles (except for some too cool, too nervous teenagers). Who knows what tomorrow will bring?


Ayer desfilaron mayoritariamente los hombres desfilando en la Feria Internacional de Fuengirola. Hoy en día, son en su mayoría mujeres, y muchas más sonrisas (a excepción de algunas adolescentes demasiado geniales, demasiado nerviosas). ¿Quién sabe lo que traerá el mañana?

• I don’t know which country they represented nor why they had guns (disgusting). They were in a random mix of entrants near the end of the parade. I don’t think they were from the United States. Maybe he was supposed to be Bond, James Bond. And the purple and gold leopard? Pussy Galore?
• No sé a qué país representaban ni por qué tenían armas (repugnante). Estaban en una mezcla aleatoria de participantes cerca del final del desfile. No creo que fueran de los Estados Unidos. Tal vez se suponía que era Bond, James Bond. ¿Y la leoparda morada y dorada? ¿Pussy Galore?

Author: Moving with Mitchell

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31 thoughts on “World-class women / Mujeres de clase mundial”

  1. Smiling through the pain, the more uncomfortable the shoes, the more they seem to smile.

    1. David:
      I don’t know how they walk a few feet in some of the shoes, let alone the miles of a parade. And, as you said, smiling.

  2. Perhaps that last couple were portraying Brad and Angelica’s movie Mr & Mrs Smith. Surprising, in this climate of gun violence, they were allowed to walk down the street with real or facsimile guns while Children here have been shot for carrying toy cap guns.

    1. Shirley:
      That armed twosome was there in 2019, as well. I don’t know how it’s permitted. And she was pointing it everywhere.

  3. What great energy and confidence being displayed…….not to mention the colourful costumes!
    Yes, a little odd to say the least about that last couple totting guns…….maybe an oversight of the organizers.

    1. Jim:
      Sadly, the gun-toters seem to always participate. So maybe a LACK of good oversight.

  4. Love the costumes; such joy.
    My first thought about the gun-toting loons was that they were that St Louis couple who pulled guns on the BLM protestors walking down their street!

  5. Did you notice the tiny silver cross necklace worn by the gun-toting woman? Must be representing the US. Everyone else looks like they are having a ball! Lots of great smiles and great costumes.

    1. Urspo:
      Not at the same level of joy as pre-pandemic, but so great to experience again.

  6. These mostly females seem to be a lot cheerier than the colorful male marchers/paraders from yesterday’s post. I don’t know where that very cut-rate Emma Peel in purple fits in, though. Shudder. Is it wrong that I saw that donkey in red as a skirt I would wear for fun?

    1. Deedle:
      It is NOT wrong. That skirt would certainly be a fashion statement. Besides, I know how much you like to stand out at a party.

      1. Yeah, I’d be the star of the next barn dance, while standing in a corner of course 🙂

    1. Sassybear:
      What’s stopping you? (Admittedly, I can come up with a thousand things stopping me.)

  7. Fantastic pictures, what a nice carnaval atmosphere. The guy with the gun and that women, that represents Russia oligarchs.

    1. Laurent:
      Don’t Russian Oligarchs have ”people” to tote guns for them?

    1. Kirk:
      And the entire parade costs less than one dress at the other Met Gala.

  8. Fabulous colorful costumes! I think you’re right about the last couple — they’re supposed to be secret agents of a Bond type. Maybe “The Avengers”?

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