Running with scissors / Corriendo con tijeras

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A few more days and I think my arm will be completely healed. I was actually able to do a plank this morning. Maybe even back to strength training Wednesday. So, yesterday, I decided to stab myself.

Well, I didn’t so much decide as just do what I usually do. As San Geraldo said, a pair of sharp scissors in my hand is not a good idea. I was trying to open a new tube of fancy foot cream. I couldn’t understand why the cap wouldn’t flip open when I realized it was tightly shrink-wrapped. I grabbed my trusty scissors (very pointy) and began to work at the wrapper. I told myself repeatedly, “Be careful.” And then I wasn’t. I poked a deep hole near my fingertip and left a trail of blood as I ran to the sink. I cleaned and “ointmented” it. I wrapped it tightly and will see how it looks when I unwrap it later this morning.

I’m hoping to be down to one simple band-aid (plaster) by the time Cousin Al arrives today. He’s got a seriously broken finger (complements of his 5-year-old son) and I think we’d look odd together.


Unos días más y creo que mi brazo estará completamente curado. De hecho, pude hacer una tabla esta mañana. Tal vez incluso volver al entrenamiento de fuerza el miércoles. Entonces, ayer, decidí apuñalarme.

Bueno, no me decidí sino que hice lo que suelo hacer. Como dijo San Geraldo, un par de tijeras afiladas en mi mano no es una buena idea. Estaba tratando de abrir un nuevo tubo de crema para pies elegante. No podía entender por qué la tapa no se abría cuando me di cuenta de que estaba bien envuelta. Agarré mis tijeras de confianza (muy puntiagudas) y comencé a trabajar en la envoltura. Me dije repetidamente: “Ten cuidado”. Y luego no lo estaba. Hice un agujero profundo cerca de la punta de mi dedo y dejé un rastro de sangre mientras corría hacia el fregadero. Lo limpié y lo “ungí”. Lo envolví con fuerza y ​​veré cómo se ve cuando lo desenvuelva más tarde esta mañana.

Espero tener una simple curita para cuando llegue el primo Al hoy. Tiene un dedo muy roto (complemento de su hijo de 5 años) y creo que nos veríamos raros juntos.

• The cats really don’t care. Treats?
• A los gatos realmente no les importa. ¿Aperetivos?

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26 thoughts on “Running with scissors / Corriendo con tijeras”

  1. I think we need one or those “How many days without an injury boards” see…..and we can see how far we get without an injury or fall, or accidents. LMAO!!!!!!! Just to be safe Mitchell…get out those full body padded bubble body suits I got you for Christmas one years.pick your color…I know I got you an assortment.

    Im off to look at those morning glories……

    1. Mistress Borghese:
      I love the idea of that injury board. I’m considering it. But I think you’d all be surprised by how many days I DO go without an injury. It’s too warm for the padded body suits right now.

  2. I did much and the same last week – trying to trim a bothersome toenail, and chopped into my thumb instead. It’s almost healed now, but was sore for a few days.

    Those petunias are splendid! Are they scented (some varieties are)? Jx

    1. Jon:
      Oh, I’ve clipped my thumb instead of a toe nail. Come to think of it, I’ve clipped my thumb instead of a plant stem, too. Should we sue the clipper companies. I didn’t see any warning. I don’t know if the petunias are scented. Will stick my nose in a couple (and probably get stung by a bee).

  3. Pretty flowers. Please be extra careful going forward. We need to meet up some day and I don’t take kindly to others swiping my injured/sick shtick.

    1. Sassybear:
      You will have no competition from me — I hope. And I also hope you’ll stop topping yourself!

  4. Channeling my inner Joan Crawford:
    “No sharp instruments, EVER!!!!!!”
    The cats, meanwhile, say:
    “Yeah, yeah, you hurt yourself. Feed us!”

    1. Bob:
      SG said, “Why didn’t you call to me?” I asked, “To put on my band-aid?” He said, “No. To open the container.”

    1. Debra:
      It’s heeling really well. Just black and blue. It matches my arm — which is what I was aiming for.

  5. Oh, Scoot, you’d cut yourself with kid friendly safety scissors. It’s amazing that you still have all of your appendages (I’m assuming here), let alone still being among the living (I’m assuming here, also). I’m not even going to speak about you flipping the injured bird.
    The flowers are simply gorgeous and mood lifting.

    1. Deedles:
      Well, they’re not Scoot-friendly! And, yes, all appendages are in tact — well not perfectly intact, but all in their original locations.

  6. Wow! Those flowers are amazing!

    Maybe you need some chain-mail gloves like the oyster shuckers wear? You could put them on every time you handle scissors. 🙂

  7. Oh my goodness. Oh oh oh…. ouch. This made me shiver and jiggle my head and shoulders, trying not to feel the pain, reading this account of finger jabbing with sharp scissors. Ow ow ow. (We’ve all done that…damn the shrink wrap!)
    Lovely flowers, though 🙂

    1. Judy C:
      The fingertip is bruised and looks like my arm. I’m shooting for an overall black and blue look.

  8. Fantastic floral frenzy!
    And I thought my husband was accident prone!! I hope it heals up quickly.

      1. Ron:
        Oh, come on. You ARE as careful as you always have been. As am I. And that’s not a good thing!

  9. At least you weren’t out running with the bulls, LOL! Your arm looks much better today — may your middle finger heal as quickly!

    1. Tundra Bunny:
      The finger is great. I’m down to one band-aid today. So I can still happily display it.

  10. Fabulous flowers! Exacto knives or matte cutters work well to remove shrink wrap. Still, you have to be careful. They’ll also remove fingers.

    1. Walt the Fourth:
      I was a graphic art. Have I told you how many times I sliced off the tip of a finger (or two) with an X-Acto knife? Once, I had to get two stitches in the same finger when the tip managed to stay attached. And I showed the splinted finger to my boss a moment later. I bought myself one of those fancy, contained, matte cutters.

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