Still hoping for dick waffles / Todavía esperando la pollería

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I was up early to catch a beautiful sunrise. Had an appointment at the public health center to renew prescriptions, check out my follow-up bloodwork results (perfect), and ask my doctor about the hematoma (click here) and the discomfort I’m still experiencing. She said the hematoma could pain me for a long while, but it was nothing to worry about and I can resume my normal workout without issue. Yay! Tomorrow, the gym for a complete workout.

While Isabel cleaned, we met Lulu for coffee at Mesón Salvador (she’s back in town after her summer at home in Finland). SG and I had breakfast. I think I’ll go out for another walk this afternoon. I have to burn off the cookies Lulu brought back from Finland. She and I have agreed to head into Málaga next week to hit a museum or two and have lunch. I had told her we can stop at the dick waffle shop, La Pollería (click here). I sure hope it’s there. The one I tried with Cousin Al is gone for sure. But I found another listing. Sadly, their corporate website is out of date as is their local facebook page. I can’t find a phone number, so I just sent email. I’m not feeling hopeful. Probably no dick [waffle] in my future.

I have an appointment with the optometrist Saturday morning. I noticed the vision in my right eye is no longer as good as the perfect vision in my left. I wonder if I need to be wearing glasses for more than just reading. With my bald head, I don’t mind. The glasses add some interest to my face. That’s what I’m trying to introduce with my fuller beard. Interest. But it’s getting a bit out of hand while I try to let it grow. I want it long enough so I can trim it into a more sculpted shape. I keep trimming too soon because I like things neat. My goal is to look like San Geraldo’s great-great grandfather. I probably shouldn’t have told The Kid Brother that some time back. That may be why he keeps telling me to “Shave it off! Just, shave it off!”


Me levanté temprano para ver un hermoso amanecer. Tenía una cita en el centro de salud pública para renovar recetas, ver los resultados de mi análisis de sangre de seguimiento (perfecto) y preguntarle a mi médico sobre el hematoma (haz clic aquí) y las molestias que todavía tengo. Dijo que el hematoma podría dolerme durante mucho tiempo, pero no era motivo de preocupación y puedo reanudar mi entrenamiento normal sin problemas. ¡Hurra! Mañana, el gimnasio para un entrenamiento completo.

Mientras Isabel limpiaba, quedamos con Lulu para tomar un café en Mesón Salvador (ella está de vuelta en la ciudad después de su verano en su casa en Finlandia). SG y yo desayunamos. Creo que saldré a dar otro paseo esta tarde. Tengo que quemar las galletas que Lulu trajo de Finlandia. Ella y yo hemos acordado ir a Málaga la próxima semana para visitar un museo o dos y almorzar. Le había dicho que podíamos parar en la tienda de gofres de polla, La Pollería (haz clic aquí). Seguro que espero que esté allí. El que probé con el primo Al ya no está. Pero encontré otra lista. Lamentablemente, su sitio web corporativo está desactualizado, al igual que su página local de Facebook. No puedo encontrar un número de teléfono, así que solo envié un correo electrónico. No me siento esperanzado. Probablemente no haya pene [waffle] en mi futuro.

Tengo una cita con la optometrista el sábado por la mañana. Noté que la visión en mi ojo derecho ya no es tan buena como la visión perfecta en mi ojo izquierdo. Me pregunto si necesito usar gafas para algo más que leer. Con mi cabeza calva, no me importa. Las gafas añaden algo de interés a mi cara. Eso es lo que estoy tratando de presentar con mi barba más completa. Interés. Pero se me está yendo un poco de las manos mientras trato de dejarlo crecer. Lo quiero lo suficientemente largo para poder recortarlo en una forma más esculpida. Sigo recortando demasiado pronto porque me gustan las cosas ordenadas.

Mi meta es parecerme al tatarabuelo de San Geraldo. Probablemente no debería haberle dicho eso a l Hermanito hace algún tiempo. Esa puede ser la razón por la que sigue diciéndome: “¡Aféitate! ¡Solo, aféitalo!”

• The molten sunrise.
• El amanecer fundido.
• Our sweet cookies: Lulu and Doris.
• Nuestras galletas dulces: Luly y Doris.

• She went by so fast, I almost missed her. Maybe she didn’t want to be seen.

• Pasó tan rápido que casi la pierdo. Tal vez ella no quería ser vista.

• Friday’s moon.
• La luna del viernes.


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20 thoughts on “Still hoping for dick waffles / Todavía esperando la pollería”

  1. Oh, that sky! You’ve just prompted me to think about booking our next trip to Benalmadena in February… Jx

    PS “ZZ Top beard”? NO!

  2. You don’t need any interest to your already handsome face!!!!

    I’m always up for some dick waffles!!! I assume that’s a popular joint? And with my appetite we could be awhile……

    1. Mistress Borghese:
      It seems the joint may not have been so popular here. I don’t think it’s open anymore. I guess I’ll have to wait longer for a dick [waffle]. I wasn’t fishing for compliments, but thanks!

  3. I can only wear/have a beard for a few days….it starts to itch and drives me crazy. So off it goes!
    I don’t think you have anything to worry about as far as having a great face to look at. Even without a beard you would look good.
    I hope you are kidding about looking like SG’s g-g grandfather’s beard. Maintaining that would be a pain.
    LOVE that sunrise!!

    1. Jim:
      My beard can already be made to look a bit like grandpa’s. I simply have to brush out and up instead of down and in. But, no worries. I will definitely NOT really do it.

    1. Tundra Bunny:
      Well, I don’t know about the waffles part, but I know a number of people hoping for the first half.

  4. I love the molten sunrise! I think the whole dick waffle phenomenon just hasn’t launched the way its proponents had hoped. In fact, you might say the market is soft.

    1. Steve:
      Hee hee. Truth is, a waffle smothered in sugary sauce is not my idea of a refreshing treat. I’m only interested in the novelty.

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