Speed poo fashion model / Modelo de moda de caca rápida

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There’s no denying our friend Pedro is fashion-model–handsome. But we had no idea he’s actually been in the business. I bought the boys some silly things at Ale-Hop for Christmas and we got together for dinner at Primavera Monday night, so I brought them along. Kathleen phoned and asked, “Do you have time to meet us for dinner… now?” And we said, “Absolutely.”

Each boy received a box containing remote-controlled poo — with fart sound effects. I love educational gifts. Three-year-old Beckett took one look at the box and began to laugh. I thought he was laughing at the poo. It turns out he was laughing at the photo of his father on the box. He knew it wasn’t him but immediately caught the resemblance. I hadn’t even noticed.


No se puede negar que nuestro amigo Pedro es tan guapo como un modelo de moda. Pero no teníamos idea de que en realidad había estado en el negocio. Les compré unas tonterías a los chicos en Ale-Hop para la Navidad y nos reunimos para cenar en Primavera el lunes, así que los traje. Kathleen llamó por teléfono y preguntó: “¿Tiene tiempo para reunirse con nosotros para cenar… ahora?” Y dijimos: “Absolutamente.”

Cada niño recibió una caja que contenía caca a control remoto, con efectos de sonido de pedos. Me encantan los regalos educativos. Beckett, de tres años, echó un vistazo a la caja y se echó a reír. Pensé que se estaba riendo de la caca. Resulta que se estaba riendo de la foto de su padre en la caja. Sabía que no era él, pero inmediatamente captó el parecido. Ni siquiera me había dado cuenta.

Pedro back at home Monday night. The resemblance is astounding. Imagine him walking the runway. Pfft!

Pedro de vuelta en casa el lunes por la noche. El parecido es asombroso. Imagínalo caminando por la pasarela. ¡Pfft!

• I also bought the boys a giant, blow-up Santa Claus and a collection of Santa mustaches. All Luke wants for Christmas is his two front teeth.
• También les compré a los niños un Papá Noel gigante e inflado y una colección de bigotes de Papá Noel. Todo lo que Luke quiere para Navidad son sus dos dientes frontales.

Author: Moving with Mitchell

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26 thoughts on “Speed poo fashion model / Modelo de moda de caca rápida”

  1. I used to love that song when I was Luke’s age! Jx

    PS I also had a joke-shop plastic poo, but mine wasn’t remote controlled.

    1. Jon:
      SG has that rubber (squeezable for stress relief) poo I bought him at the same time as the kids’ remote-controlled poo. It sits on his desk. I wonder what Isabel thought when she saw it last week. I had all sorts of gag gifts when I was a kid, but never poo. A rubber hot dog, rubber pat of butter…

  2. Another great title from Moving With Mitchell. What great gifts! You done good, Scoot. It’s great to see children smiling over poop and farts.


    1. Deedles:
      Oh, Luke will figure it out. But first we’ll have to teach him what vogueing is.

  3. After a quick lens you would swear that his page row on the box! And I must say that Beckett is a little cutie. I mean look at that smile and those twinkly shiny eyes.

    1. Mistress Borghese:
      Beckett was so right and so quick on the uptake. It really does look like Pedro. And, you’re right about Beckett’s twinkle. He is a sweetheart. Kathleen and Pedro know how to make them!

  4. Remote controlled poop complete with fart sounds — what little kid wouldn’t giggle with glee?! And the box photo sure looks like Pedro too — bonus, LOL!

    1. Tundra Bunny:
      It amazes me how quickly observant Beckett was. I didn’t even notice the likeness, and it’s so obvious. Those kids make us happy.

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