The Hood / El Capó

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Nephew Matt and niece-in-law Lindy came to Fuengirola from their place in Málaga yesterday and, after saying hi to the cats (Moose stuck around; Dudo walked away — the little shit), we went for coffee. We then went to Tapa y Tai for lunch. Then I went with them to Plaza Mayor where Lindy intended to buy a sundress, but bought a bunch of clothes she can wear in the warm weather we’re experiencing here. She’s the most efficient shopper I know. And they both make us so happy. I bought a new pair of sneakers. You’ll see those another day. They then headed back to Málaga and I came home. Plaza Mayor is a bit more than halfway to Málaga on the train, so a quick trip either way.

I haven’t left the Automobile and Fashion Museum, at least not on my blog. I didn’t take a bunch of car photos this time (click here for my first visit). I did, however, get photos of every (I think) hood ornament. I won’t share all because I found some of them unworthy of a share. But here’s the first round. Now we’re headed to the Toyota dealership to get a new windshield wiper blade and to see if we need to schedule service. This afternoon, I’m off to the medical center (during siesta when it’s quiet) to schedule another MRI. I’ll bring my own ear plugs next time.


El sobrino Matt y la sobrina-en-ley Lindy vinieron ayer a Fuengirola desde su casa de Málaga y, después de saludar a los gatos (Moose se quedó; Dudo se alejó, el mocoso), nos fuimos a tomar un café. Luego fuimos a Tapa y Tai a almorzar. Luego los acompañé a la Plaza Mayor donde Lindy tenía la intención de comprar un vestido de verano, pero compró un montón de ropa que puede usar en el clima cálido que estamos experimentando aquí. Es la compradora más eficiente que conozco. Y ambos nos hacen tan felices. Compré un nuevo par de zapatillas. Los verás otro día. Después volvieron a Málaga y yo volví a casa. La Plaza Mayor está un poco más de la mitad del camino a Málaga en tren, por lo que es un viaje rápido de cualquier manera.

No he salido del Museo del Automóvil y la Moda, al menos no de mi blog. Esta vez no tomé muchas fotos de autos (haz clic aquí para ver mi primera visita). Sin embargo, obtuve fotos de cada (creo) adorno de capó. No compartiré todos porque encontré algunos de ellos indignos de compartir. Pero aquí está la primera ronda. Ahora nos dirigimos al concesionario Toyota para obtener una nueva escobilla limpiaparabrisas y para ver si necesitamos programar el servicio. Esta tarde, me voy al centro médico (durante la siesta cuando está tranquilo) para programar otra resonancia magnética. La próxima vez traeré mis propios tapones para los oídos.

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32 thoughts on “The Hood / El Capó”

    1. Debra:
      I was thinking what a great collectible they’d make. But they must cost a fortune.

  1. Like Jim, it’s Art Deco or nothing for me! What drag queen owned the car with the diamanté gloved hand ornament and matching headlight trims, I wonder? And desecrating a Rolls-Royce with rhinestones?! Must have been a rapper. Jx

    1. Jon:
      The windscreen frame was lined with crystals, as well. And as for the Rolls-Royce, not even a touch of class.

  2. Maybe the first Oldsmobile, was the only car I have owned with a proper hood ornament.

  3. I love the bejeweled hand. What the heck is that thing behind the Imperial? (Sixth photo down after your writing.) The spiny creature with the big mouth? It looks like a lamprey.

    1. Steve:
      That one is strange, isn’t it? I almost didn’t share it because I had no clue what to make of it.

  4. That first car with the hood ornament… is it me or does it look like it’s getting ready to give a handjob?! Certainly looks like an interesting Museum.

    1. Mistress Borghese:
      “Is it me or does it look like…?” I think it’s you. (It looks more to me like it’s doing some fingering.) I had no interest in the museum when we moved here. But then I kept hearing friends talk about it. I love it.

    1. I did that wrong. I meant, are they trying to say you CAN take it with you?

      The capitalization makes all the difference.

  5. How hot is it? The weather maps I’ve seen make it look pretty darned hot where you are. We’re are not hot. We’re just at the low end of warm. Make that the low end of lukewarm.

    1. Walt the Fourth:
      It’s been warm here, but just high 70s. We’re expected to hit 86 or higher here in Fuengirola on Saturday. So, nothing like what is apparently hitting other parts of the country. Today in Nerja was beautiful.

    1. Sassybear:
      I once saw a Lalique cock hood ornament. But you’re talking different kind of cock. I’m imagining its position. Could be very cool.

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