Driving clothes / Ropa de conducción

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I thought I’d finally share the first batch of photos from Málaga’s Automobile and Fashion Museum. I know some people who would absolutely love this place — blogger David Travel Penguin, for one. He’ll probably be able to identify all these cars without any help. I decided to not bother with captions. Just enjoy the cars and the fashions that went with them. This museum is worth a visit no matter what your interests. Cars, art, fashion, history, humor. So much to take in. For any age.

The swelling in my arm (see yesterday’s post) went down significantly within the first few hours. It’s now mostly just bruised and sore. Man, is it sore! I’m doing what exercise I can at home, and I’m walking, but there’s no reason to go to the gym right now. Today, I have an eye appointment at noon (it’s all about my diabetes, and it’s all fine) and then I’m meeting San Geraldo for lunch at the Mexican restaurant across from the Post Office (where he has business to attend to). Last night we treated ourselves to a wonderful, quiet dinner at Mesón Salvador. I think San Geraldo plans to bake somehing new this afternoon — with dark chocolate and Mandarin oranges.

Nutrition and Fitness Report
Stretching: Once a day. More limited than usual, thanks to sore arm.
Walking: 6 km / 4 miles Monday.
Gym: Oh well.


Pensé en compartir por fin la primera tanda de fotos del Museo del Automóvil y la Moda de Málaga. Conozco a algunas personas a las que les encantaría este lugar: el bloguero David Travel Penguin, por ejemplo. Probablemente podrá identificar todos estos autos sin ninguna ayuda. Decidí no molestarme con los subtítulos. Simplemente disfruta de los autos y la moda que los acompañó. Vale la pena visitar este museo sin importar cuáles sean sus intereses. Coches, arte, moda, historia, humor. Tanto para asimilar. Para cualquier edad.

La hinchazón en mi brazo (ver la publicación de ayer) disminuyó significativamente en las primeras horas. Ahora solo está principalmente magullado y dolorido. Estoy haciendo todo el ejercicio que puedo en casa y estoy caminando, pero no hay razón para ir al gimnasio en este momento. Hoy tengo una cita para los ojos al mediodía (se trata de mi diabetes, y todo está bien) y luego me encontraré con San Geraldo para almorzar en el restaurante mexicano frente a la oficina de correos (donde tiene negocios que atender). Anoche nos regalamos una maravillosa y tranquila cena en el Mesón Salvador. Creo que San Geraldo planea hornear algo nuevo esta tarde, con chocolate negro y mandarinas.

Informe de Nutrición y Estado Físico
Estiramiento: Una vez al día. Más limitado que de costumbre, gracias al brazo dolorido.
Caminando: 6 km / 4 millas lunes.
Gimnasio: Lo que sea.

• The same model car that Jack and Rose had sex in during the film “Titanic.” (Barf.)
• El mismo modelo de auto en el que Jack y Rose tuvieron sexo durante la película “Titanic”. (Vomitar.)

Click the thumbnails. The Twizy will be almost actual size..
Haz clic en las miniaturas. El Twizy será casi de tamaño real.

Author: Moving with Mitchell

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      1. Jon:
        I had some reason for allowing anonymous comments. I can’t remember why.

    1. That comment was from me, btw. I am not used to WordPress allowing anonymous comments – I have my blog set so this isn’t possible without a Blogger profile. Jx

      1. Nor am I used to there being a delay in a comment appearing, obviously, as now I have posted twice… (I think I’ll just go back to bed). Jx

      2. Jon:
        I have no clue why the delay. It’s usually immediate. I have the same problem at times on other blogs.

  1. Amazing display, the cars are jammed in next to one another, The really old cars, I don’t know, I recognized the Eldorado from a fraction of a front corner (that was a fun car to drive.)

    1. David:
      The photos are a bit misleading. There’s more space between cars than it seems. You, I seriously believe, would enjoy this museum.

  2. You are correct….this is a very fascinating display. Wondering if they ever considered adding men’s fashions from these times?

      1. Jon:
        I agree. There might be something of interest here and there, but I think it would be mostly staid.

    1. Jim:
      Men’s fashion, although interesting at times, I don’t think was quite artful enough to include.

  3. I was thinking fashion and cars were an odd pairing, but you see how, as cars became more sleek, fashion became more sleek, or vice versa.
    Reminds me of the old Harrah’s Automobile Museum outside Reno that we went to when I was a kid. So many cars of all kinds.
    Carlos has his recipe book out for cakes and such; says he’s baking something sweet for me when in fact he’s baking it for himself. But it is sweet.

    1. Bob:
      I thought the same thing. I wasn’t much interested in a car museum and couldn’t see how one went with the other, but they did a great job. And the cars are pretty amazing. Wait until I share more of the fashion.

  4. Wow, what a cool concept! The cars are really cool to see, but pairing them with the elegant clothing of the era is genius. I love it!
    I’m glad your arm lump went down. Crazy.

    1. Judy C:
      The concept seemed really strange to me — until I saw it. Arm is doing great.

    1. Debra:
      I’ve always been partial to Bentleys. But, yeah, the pink Cadillac (crushed velvet seats, riding in the back, cruising down the street, waving to the girls, feeling out of sight, spending all my money on a Saturday night).

    1. Debra:
      I never thought a bunch of rednecks destroying a motor vehicle would give me so much pleasure. Better than the original. Oh, how I hated that film.

  5. All of those luxurious vehicles and fashion, and what catches my eye? That Campbells Soup dress which I would so totally wear! I would love to visit this museum. Cars used to have so much personality! If your arm is still sore in a couple of days, I would suggest you go get it checked out just to be safe.

    1. Deedles:
      Arm quickly improved throughout yesterday and it continues to improve today. Just the normal sore I get every time I have blood drawn. Still, no gym today. But Friday for sure. I usually don’t have much interest in auto museums. And I couldn’t understand the inclusion of fashion. But this was a huge surprise to me. Great combination. Great displays. I loved it and look forward to going back.

  6. So glad your swelling is going down but I’m still mad about it. While I am not a “car person” I would enjoy this museum. Cars definitely used to look more like pieces of art than they do now.

    1. Sassybear:
      Yeah, I’m annoyed about the arm, but it’s doing fine. I always get sore after a blood draw and it feels and looks like that normal soreness now. I am also not a car person. But this museum is a blast.

  7. Now that is my kind of exhibit!!!! Back when auto’s and clothing had style and flair. I could see Frannie Fisher wearing some of those earlier ensembles. Such a swank PI she was.

    1. Mistress Borghese:
      I have more of the fashion to share. It made me think of you. (And as a result, you will be featured prominently.)

  8. Oh, wow! This museum’s fantastic! I can imagine the cast of Singin’ in the Rain driving those cars and wearing those clothes. Except towards the end. Then it becomes Grease. Or maybe Absolute Beginners.

    By the way, I didn’t like Titanic either, but it did introduce the world to Kate Winslet, and that’s a plus.

    1. Kirk:
      The museum is worth more visits. I hated Titanic so much I thought I would implode while I watched it. Can’t believe it got so many awards. And, yes, Kate Winslet is an exceptional actress. What a crapy role!

  9. An interesting juxtaposition of two somewhat unrelated things — cars and clothing. Although one of my favorite poets, Diane Wakoski, has a poem called “Driving Gloves.” Maybe she should have called it “Driving Gowns.”

    1. Steve:
      When I first heard about the museum, I thought it a strange combination. But it works really well and was a lot of fun.

  10. I’ve not ever stopped to consider fashion and cars together, but it makes sense.
    It is funny I suppose to see a fancy car and have someone get out of it as if they just came from doing yard work.

    1. Urspo:
      I had never considered it either and it seemed like such a strange combination, but it was done well and made perfect sense.

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