Horsepower / Fuerza de caballo

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Since yesterday’s pink loveseat was such a hit (or not), I thought I’d share a few other pieces of furniture I saw at the Automobile and Fashion Museum. With the one above, you’d (well, I’d) have to be very careful where you sat. I’d then probably fall sideways off the whale below.

Our nephew Matt and niece-in-law Lindy are here for a good long visit. They enjoyed a few days in the countryside with friends and we get to see them for the first time today. In preparation, I buzz-cut my hair and trimmed my beard yesterday. And I even plan to shower (again) today.


Como la sofá de dos plazas de ayer fue todo un éxito (o no), pensé en compartir algunos otros muebles que vi en el Museo Automovilístico y de la Moda. Con el de arriba, tendrías (bueno, yo) que tener mucho cuidado donde te sentaste. Entonces probablemente me caería de lado de la ballena debajo.

Nuestro sobrino Matt y nuestra sobrina-en-ley Lindy están aquí para una buena visita larga. Disfrutaron de unos días en el campo con amigos y hoy los vemos por primera vez. Como preparación, ayer me corté el cabello y me recorté la barba. E incluso planeo ducharme (otra vez) hoy.

• Perfect for that big skirt.
• Perfecta para esa falda grande.
• I sat outside in one of the wheel chairs and it was surprisingly comfortable.
• Me senté afuera en una de las sillas de ruedas y fue sorprendentemente cómoda.
• Is that what 1-horsepower looks like or can there be more horses under the hood (bonnet)?
• ¿Es así como se ve 1 caballo de fuerza o puede haber más caballos debajo del capó?
• Unlike the blonde, I don’t sit in public toilets. And I’d avoid the upholstery at all costs.
• A diferencia de la rubia, no me siento en baños públicos. Y evitaría la tapicería a toda costa.
• The wing chair looked like it could take wing. Perfect for our living room.. Yesterday’s pink loveseat could go on the terrace.
• El sillón orejero parecía que podía volar. Perfecto para nuestro salón.. El sofa de dos plazas de ayer podría ir a la terraza.
• There was a sign inviting visitors to sit and take a picture. My selfie arm wasn’t long enough, so I took a wide-angle shot and that completely distorted me.
• Había un cartel que invitaba a los visitantes a sentarse y tomar una foto. Mi brazo selfie no era lo suficientemente largo, así que tomé una foto de gran angular y eso me distorsionó por completo.

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26 thoughts on “Horsepower / Fuerza de caballo”

  1. Surreal stuff!

    I strangely like the “wing chair”, but not in that acid yellow.

    Neither item would survive five minutes with two cats in the house, surely? Jx

    1. Jon:
      The cats would have a field day on that furniture. The little shits. Strangely, I like the color of the wing chair.

    1. sillygirl:
      I did love the whale chair. Another great addition to our place. Just not very comfortable without arms.

  2. The ‘wheel chairs’ are interesting, as is the horsepower car.
    You look ready for company…..

  3. I like the whale chair. It looks like it was just made for straddling. The horsepower thing is unsettling. All of this furniture is better than that pink love seat. I’m with Jon on the color of that wing chair. Putrid. Other than that, I like it.
    You look pretty darn good distorted, Scoot. Not many can pull that off.

    1. Deedles:
      That would be a wide straddle… but I’m sure I’ve done it before. I love the horse power. I’m sorry you and Jon don’t like the color of the wing chair. Just don’t say anything when you see it at our place. I don’t mind the photo. I find it fun. But the first things I noticed were my flattened and twerked torso and my spindly and oddly bendy arm. Even my face got twisted.

  4. There’s something hauntingly beautiful about the first pic … the elegant scarecrow, and I agree with Deedles. You do absolutely look good distorted.

    1. Shirley:
      I guess the twisted photo fits the personality. I, too, love that first set-up.

    1. Kelly:
      I love the horse car, but it is bizarre. As for the cream sofa, the cats would tear it to bits but not before leaving skid marks all over it.

  5. The blue dress is stunning in terms of colour — pleats are hellish to wear though! And I like your selfie on the winged chair — you look relaxed, friendly and approachable. I suspect Jon is correct about the chair going home with you though: Dudo & Moose would claim both wings for themselves and the fight’d be on, LOL!

    1. Steve:
      I would, too, but I’d have to be able to take the sofa along for posing.

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