“Urology Department. Can you hold?” / “Departamento de Urología. ¿Puedes aguantar?”

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I’m back from my first ever consultation with a urologist. A very pleasant man (I don’t know why that surprised me) who looked at my MRI results and told me I am still a perfect asshole. Well, he didn’t say that exactly. He said my prostate looked perfect. Still, I’ll take that how I like. I have to be honest: I did lose a bit of sleep over this. The lab results had been way off. So, now I’ll have new blood work done to ensure the numbers were simply a post-pneumonia anomaly.

I still have next Tuesday’s appointment with my internist to look forward to, when she’ll tell me all there is to know about my back. But that doesn’t have me as worried (although maybe it should).

Remember the guy with the [ugly] patterned shorts that didn’t go well with his finely done tattoos? That’s him again below. He must have read my blog. I saw him yesterday all in black. I have to admit I found his previous combination a lot more interesting. I saw him just before I passed another guy with short pants (or is that pant?). I missed an opportunity though. He and his friend gave me friendly smiles as they passed. I should have asked him about the shorts. I’ll try and do better.


Regresé de mi primera consulta con un urólogo. Un hombre muy agradable (no sé por qué eso me sorprendió) que miró los resultados de mi resonancia y me dijo que todavía soy un perfecto imbécil. Bueno, no dijo eso exactamente. Dijo que mi próstata se veía perfecta. Aún así, lo tomaré como quiera. Tengo que ser honesto: perdí un poco de sueño por esto. Los resultados del laboratorio habían estado muy lejos. Entonces, ahora me haré un nuevo análisis de sangre para asegurarme de que los números sean simplemente una anomalía posterior a la neumonía.

Todavía tengo que esperar la cita del próximo martes con mi internista, cuando me dirá todo lo que hay que saber sobre mi espalda. Pero eso no me tiene tan preocupado (aunque tal vez debería).

¿Recuerdas al tipo con los pantalones cortos estampados [feos] que no combinaban bien con sus tatuajes bien hechos? Ese es él otra vez abajo. Él debe haber leído mi blog. Lo vi ayer vestido todo de negro. Tengo que admitir que encontré su combinación anterior mucho más interesante. Lo vi justo antes de pasar a otro tipo con pantalones cortos (¿o es ese pantalón?). Aunque perdí una oportunidad. Él y su amigo me dieron sonrisas amistosas al pasar. Debería haberle preguntado por los pantalones cortos. Intentaré hacerlo mejor.

Author: Moving with Mitchell

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24 thoughts on ““Urology Department. Can you hold?” / “Departamento de Urología. ¿Puedes aguantar?””

  1. I cannot imagine sitting still for all of that ink work being done on my body. I have one simple tattoo, and I think that will probably be it. It was a dare from my daughter, and I called her on it. I am so glad that your trip to the urologist went well. It sure can be unnerving not knowing what’s up.

    1. mcpersonalspace54:
      There would have to be some seriously good music playing to keep me distracted for all that time. Not to mention the money work like that costs. Not knowing what’s “up” at the urologist’s. I get it.

  2. We’re in the not-so-exclusive club of Ailments and Medical Appointments…hope all works out well. And did you ever really get to the bottom of the trend of rolling up one leg of the shorts? I find it interesting(?). It must be some sort of signal, like the old hanky code,

  3. He looks better monochromatically.

    I’ve always thought you were a perfect asshole. 😳

    Yeah, I’ve never thought that!

  4. Hey, great news about the MRI read! Good!
    Guy with tattoo — I just want him to pull his pant / shorts legs down. Please. Uggh.

    1. Judy C:
      The fashion statement was a lot stronger with more fabric showing. He didn’t tuck the shorts high until I set up for a photo.

    1. David:
      I like his art. Someone with talent produced it. Not for me, however. And I’m always curious about people who get tattoos on back where they can’t easily see them. Maybe that’s how you do it without getting bored (which would be one of my problems).

  5. Holy moly I can’t keep up with all your doctor’s appointments. I go for my physical once a year and my dentist three times a year. And I can’t even keep up with that.

    1. Mistress Borghese:
      I can’t keep up with them lately, either. I hope this doesn’t become a habit. As it stands, I have one next week and then I hope to have a long, long break.

  6. A few weeks ago at our Eurovision party, I pottered back into the living-room from a pee/top-up/food/whatever to find the entire “gang” talking about ailments, pills and appointments. I exploded, and said: “What the fuck! Will you listen to yourselves?! It’s not that long ago we were all talking about nights out, clubbing, new music, new conquests, new fashions – and here you are at a party, talking like a load of old ladies at a Whist Drive!”

    In the words of Bette Davis (again!): Old age is no place for sissies!” Jx

    PS I’m with the consensus on here – I find tattoos a real turn-off.

    1. Jon:
      For me, it depends on the quality of the tattoos and the person sporting them. As for this guy, I like the art, but I didn’t like his “presentation.”

  7. I’m impressed you even recognized the tattoo guy again, given how much was covered up by his black outfit! I’m glad you got good health news and here’s hoping for more.

    1. Steve:
      I immediately recognized the monkey on the guy’s left calf. Otherwise I would never have known it was the same guy. The body looked completely different more covered.

  8. I like tattoos, but up to a certain point. I’m not sure I would have recognized him right off in the black garb. (which certainly looks nicer than the shorts that looked like ill-fitting underwear)

    I hope the back report next week is good, too!

    1. Kelly:
      I wouldn’t have recognized the guy had it not been for the exposed monkey tattoo on his left calf.

  9. I would look at all these ‘medical procedures’ in a positive light…….you will have some ‘baselines’ established to take you into the future.

    1. Jim:
      And we’re all about baselines. Or is that bass lines? Anyway, no treble.

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