Catastrophists / Gatástrofistos

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Yesterday, after the cats started complaining, I made them wait 1-1/2 hours for their afternoon treats. That was still an hour before I had planned to serve them. You’d think the world had come to an end. I don’t know which is worse, the yowling or the staring. Yes, I do. The yowling. Definitely the yowling. They were both impossible. Dudo was the worst. Normally, it’s Moose.


Ayer, después de que los gatos comenzaron a quejarse, los hice esperar 1 hora y media para recibir sus aperetivos de la tarde. Eso fue todavía una hora antes de lo que había planeado para servirles. Pensarías que el mundo había llegado a su fin. No sé qué es peor, el el maullido o las miradas. Sí. El maullido. Definitivamente el maullido. Ambos eran imposibles. Dudo era el peor. Normalmente, es Moose.


Author: Moving with Mitchell

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30 thoughts on “Catastrophists / Gatástrofistos”

    1. sillygirl:
      One of these days I’ll get a good yowling video. They both stop the minute the camera is rolling.

  1. They would weight 40 pounds if I was there, they would get what ever they wanted, such cute little babies,

  2. You should make a video! And then I can play it for Olga and drive her crazy! LOL

    (I’m sure you already have made a video of the cats yowling, and in fact I’m sure I’ve probably commented on it. Such is my memory.)

    1. Steve:
      I’ve tried but they always walk away when they see the camera. “Now is not the time for a camera! Can’t you see how we’re suffering? I have a brief one of Moose I may share.

    1. Oh ….I do agree with you gin blossom those boys have the two human boys whipped!

      1. Mistress Borghese:
        And I’m the tough one of the two of us.

  3. Moose’s face cracks me up. Almost as if he’s saying, Bitch….Fork over the treats now!!!! But I can tell they mean business, even the eyes are on their way to being dilated.

    1. John:
      They can’t help but be adorable… even when they’re being assholes.

  4. I couldn’t bring myself to open up this post until right now (Wed. 5.50 a.m.) ‘cos I was pretty sure that any photos would rip the heart out of me. Well, my heart’s still here though somewhat shredded – but still got the tortuous task of copying them to save for my ‘Blogpals’ file.

    1. Raybeard:
      I have the two stinkers right here and I still keep looking at the photos.

      1. Well at least they can’t misbehave when camera-frozen – as well as not pestering to be fed.

      2. Raybeard:
        They only freeze long enough for me to miss the shot. Then they walk away and continue complaining. The little shits.

    1. Kirk:
      It’s a good thing I’m not fluent in cat. I have a feeling Dudo uses some really colorful language.

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