Pricks and manspreading / Pinchazos y el manspreading

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Friday was a bit of a busy day with nothing in particular. We both had our flu and Covid vaccines at different times of the day. I’m happy to have that done. I was worried about all my travel coming up and I can now relax.

Relaxing is what I’ve been doing since Friday afternoon. I felt a bit tired in the afternoon, then had minor body aches and a headache. I realized it was the Covid vaccine side-effects. San Geraldo wasn’t much better. I spent almost the entire day Saturday in bed. While I was getting jabbed, SG went for a Scandinavian sports message. It was good, although too intense, and he’ll choose someone else if he goes back. If he isn’t sore from the Covid vaccine, he’s sore from the massage.

After my shots and SG’s massage, we agreed to meet up in the center of town at the Galeria Market for Mexican food. The person who used to work there hasn’t been there the last couple of times. And, although the food is still surprisingly good, the experience is not the same. The process is you order at the counter, the food is prepared and brought to your table. When we arrived, there was no one working the counter. Two guys were gabbing at the next counter which sells tapas. One had his back to us. We waited 5 minutes and then asked if anyone was working the Mexican food counter. SG even apologized for interrupting the conversation. “Of course,” we were told by the guy who had been looking at us. The other guy turned around and stepped behind the counter. Not a word was said. We placed our order. As I got out my money to pay, he turned away and quickly turned back placing a paper cup marked “TIPS” directly in front of me. Not a very Spanish thing to do and pretty tacky and obvious no matter where you’re from. I was tempted to say I’d see how things went first, but I didn’t want him spitting in my jalapeño poppers. We had to interrupt a conversation the last time we were there, too, and received no apology and unfriendly service, as well.

Whatever problems they may be having at the market, they could at least be civil to us. We probably won’t be going back. Aren’t you glad I told you about that? We find eating out a social opportunity and won’t patronize places that don’t offer good service, no matter how good the food.

That reminds me of the restaurant in Boston called Durgin Park (1829 t0 2019) which was proudly famous for surly service and backtalk. I went once with friends. The couple next to us asked the server a question. She slapped the menu that sat in front of them and snapped, “You can READ, can’t you? Or is this above your level?!?” I’m sure they weren’t all as cruel as that and were probably very funny, but that was enough for me. Since I haven’t been doing much, lots of photos of the boys today. San Geraldo doesn’t want his picture taken while he’s lolling about. I’m still a bit off my game, but about to go out for a walk.

El viernes fue un día un poco ajetreado sin nada en particular. Ambos nos vacunamos contra la gripe y el Covid en diferentes momentos del día. Estoy feliz de haberlo hecho. Estaba preocupada por todos mis viajes y ahora puedo relajarme.

Relajarme es lo que he estado haciendo desde el viernes por la tarde. Me sentí un poco cansado por la tarde, luego tuve dolores leves en el cuerpo y dolor de cabeza. Me di cuenta de que eran los efectos secundarios de la vacuna Covid. San Geraldo no fue mucho mejor. Pasé casi todo el día del sábado en la cama. Mientras me golpeaban, SG tenía un mensaje deportivo escandinavo antes de sus golpes. Fue bueno, aunque demasiado intenso, y elegirá a otro si regresa. Si no le duele la vacuna Covid, le duele el masaje.

Después de mis inyecciones y el masaje de SG, nosotros acordamos encontrarnos en el centro de la ciudad, en el Mercado Galería, para comer comida mexicana. La persona que trabajaba allí no ha estado allí las últimas veces. Y, aunque la comida sigue siendo sorprendentemente buena, la experiencia no es la misma. El proceso es que usted ordena en el mostrador, la comida se prepara y se lleva a su mesa. Cuando llegamos, no había nadie trabajando en el mostrador. Dos tipos charlaban en el mostrador de al lado que vende tapas. Uno nos daba la espalda. Esperamos 5 minutos y luego preguntamos si alguien estaba trabajando en el mostrador de comida mexicana. SG incluso se disculpó por interrumpir la conversación. “Por supuesto”, nos dijo el tipo que nos había estado mirando. El otro tipo se dio la vuelta y se puso detrás del mostrador. No se dijo una palabra. Hicimos nuestro pedido. Cuando saqué mi dinero para pagar, me di la vuelta y rápidamente volví colocando un vaso de papel marcado “TIPS” directamente frente a mí. No es algo muy español y es bastante vulgar y obvio sin importar de dónde seas. Estuve tentado de decir que primero vería cómo iban las cosas, pero no quería que escupiera en mis jalapeños poppers. También tuvimos que interrumpir una conversación la última vez que estuvimos allí, y tampoco recibimos ninguna disculpa y tampoco recibimos un servicio hostil.

Cualesquiera que sean los problemas que puedan tener en el mercado, al menos podrían ser civilizados con nosotros. Probablemente no volveremos. ¿No te alegra haberte contado eso? Consideramos que salir a comer es una oportunidad social y no frecuentamos lugares que no ofrezcan un buen servicio, sin importar cuán buena sea la comida.

Eso me recuerda al restaurante de Boston llamado Durgin Park (1829 a 2019), que era orgullosamente famoso por su servicio hosco y su respuesta. Fui una vez con amigos. La pareja que estaba a nuestro lado le hizo una pregunta al camarero. Dio una palmada al menú que estaba frente a ellos y espetó: “Puedes LEER, ¿no? ¿¡¿O esto está por encima de tu nivel?!?” Estoy seguro de que no todos fueron tan crueles y probablemente fueron muy divertidos, pero eso fue suficiente para mí. Como no he estado haciendo mucho, hoy muchas fotos de los chicos. San Geraldo no quiere que le tomen una foto mientras está holgazaneando. Todavía estoy un poco fuera de juego, pero a punto de salir a caminar.

• Manspreading at the health centre. It looks like he spends a lot of time on his knees. Just an observation.
• Manspreading en el centro de salud. Parece que pasa mucho tiempo de rodillas. Sólo una observación.
• Malformed aloe vera buds appearing out of cycle (4 or 5 months early).
• Cogollos de aloe vera mal formados que aparece fuera de ciclo (4 o 5 meses antes).
· Perhaps the desert rose’s swan song. But I can’t be sure.
• Quizás el canto del cisne de la rosa del desierto. Pero no puedo estar seguro.

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Author: Moving with Mitchell

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22 thoughts on “Pricks and manspreading / Pinchazos y el manspreading”

  1. I was confuzzled with “SG went for a Scandinavian sports message.” but then it hit me.
    I’d have placed my order and then when he placed the TIP cup I would have said never mind. I loathe poor service and am at the point now that I call it out, as civilly and politely as I can.
    The saving grace was cat punim; always a positive!

    1. Bob:
      I really wanted that food and SG would not have been pleased had I cancelled. But that’s the last euro that guy will get from us. Cat punim is currently driving me crazy. They don’t understand daylight savings time (nor do I), so it now seems to always be time for a treat.

  2. Our vaccines hit us in a similar way off and on for about a week.
    Thank the gods for the kitties, eh?! Bringing us back to the present.

  3. Surly service? No ta. I’ve encountered that sort of thing before, notably at one gay bar where, after pouring my drinks in pouty silence as if it was some kind of endurance test, the barman said “we don’t take cards”, to which I said “well, you can pour those back in the barrel, then” and walked out. Don’t try and out-bitch a bitch, dear…

    As you probably know, we Brits are unaccustomed to tipping-as-a-matter-of-course; we only tip if the food and service are particularly good. That server would have received nada. Jx

  4. What jerks! I would never go back to that place. To be so rude and then to HAVE THE GALL to shove a tip jar at you was just beyond the pale! (And I would have tipped too just to make sure, as you said, that nobody spit in my food).

    I hope you’re feeling better now. xx


    1. Jennifer:
      The Galeria was such a friendly place. I don’t know if we’re just hitting it on bad days or if there’s something going on. But, yes, that little tip cup move was appalling. I usually tip 10%, sometimes more. He got 5!

  5. Well, I hope you didn’t leave a tip in the jar. In the past, when service was horrible, I’d give the place my two cents by placing two pennies on the table.

    1. Anon:
      I did leave a tip since he was also the cook and the server. I didn’t want him to spit in the sauce.

  6. Yeah, what is up with those knees? LOL

    I love how you caught one of the cats in the background of your photo of the aloe!

    I agree with you about that restaurant. Why give them your money when they clearly care so little about you or the business?

    1. Steve:
      A shame about that place. It had been such a nice surprise. I had three shots of the aloe buds with one that included Moose. Good timing.

  7. I hope you’ve recovered from your vaccination. Feeling bad from it is better than having COVID, I’m sure. I had my vaccines a couple of weeks ago and had a sore arm for a little while. When I’m in Spain (which, sadly, will be never), I will not eat at that place, thanks to your warning.


    1. janiejunebug:
      I’m recovered. Thanks. I knew how important it was to warn you off that restaurant.

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