For the Birds / Para los Pájaros

I think I’m suffering the post-holiday blues. Given my life with clinical depression, I suffered the pre-holiday blues and the mid-holiday blues, as well. But, these past couple of days have been a bit worse than the rest.

Dudo and Moose don’t care. As long as there are birds to watch (and a drain hole to monitor). I wish I could be more like them.

Come to think of it, never mind. Although they both know how to chill, they can be even more anxiety prone than I. The sound of the door bell sends them scurrying into the closet. Nothing could make me scurry into the closet. Nothing.

Creo que estoy sufriendo la melancolia después de las fiestas. Dada mi vida con depresión clínica, también sufrí la melancolia previos a las fiestas y durante las fiestas. Pero, estos últimos días han sido un poco peores que el resto.

A Dudo y Moose no les importa. Mientras haya pájaros para observar (y un agujero de drenaje para monitorear). Desearía poder ser más como ellos.

Ahora que lo pienso, no importa. Aunque los dos saben cómo relajarse, pueden ser incluso más propensos a la ansiedad que yo. El sonido del timbre de la puerta los hace correr hacia el armario. Nada podría hacerme salir corriendo hacia el armario. Nada.

Dudo (bottom) and Moose and, the three photos below, just Dudo. / Dudo (abajo) y Moose y, las tres fotos de abajo, solamente Dudo.
I waved to Dudo from the street. He perked up and met me at the door; because I didn’t ring the bell. / Saludé a Dudo desde la calle. Se animó y me recibió en la puerta; porque no toqué el timbre.
Moose chills. / Moose se relaja.

The Finger

Our dear friend Tynan was teasing San Geraldo while we had coffee the other morning. He does that regularly. Mostly because it’s so easy to do.

Finally, San Geraldo began to threaten, “You know, Mr. T [he likes to call him Mr. T], you’re on a frozen lake, and the ice is thick, and you’re going further and further, and you’re getting to open water, and you’re about to drop in…”

“Jerry,” I interrupted, “You really could just say, ‘You’re skating on thin ice.’ “



The Finger
A few minutes later, San Geraldo surprised us with his knowledge of a contemporary, popular singer. Tynan, as I’ve mentioned before, is from Chesterfield in the English Midlands. Most people would agree that Tynan’s accent is sometimes difficult to understand (well, most people have said a lot worse).

Tynan said, “You’ve got the finger on the pulse of youth, you.”

A confused San Geraldo repeated what he heard, “You’re fingering the pulse of me???”

After all that, I joined Moose and Dudo at the drain.