I Can See All Obstacles In My Way

I’ve been frustrated in recent weeks with the quality of my photos, from both my Canon compact digital camera and my Sony phone. I had been blaming poor light conditions — too much, too little — but have continued to try. I’ve been improving the results in Photoshop, sharpening focus, reducing what looked like shake, and improving colour. But I prefer to have better quality to start with.

In addition, I’ve begun to collect photos of Dudo and how he creatively positions his tail. He was lying on the bed in the den this morning in the heavenly glow coming through the vertical blinds. I snapped a couple of shots. But the heavenly glow made the photo really unclear.

But I thought, “That shouldn’t produce such a bad photo.” And then it hit me. All my photos had a very “misty” quality. “When was the last time I had cleaned the lens?” I wondered. The answer: Long before the most recent tempesta and vientos ciclónicos (click here).

The camera lenses on both my Canon and my phone had gotten covered in salty sea spray. As Homer Simpson would say, “D’oh!”

And speaking of “d’oh,” the other night, I wasn’t looking where I was going and I walked into the sharp branches of a low-hanging tree. I got a hard knock on the head and some scratches. I even took a selfie when I got home. The quality of the image seemed blurred to me. Maybe it was the knock on the head.

I’m sometimes slow, but I do eventually get there…

Check out Dudo before and after… (Click to enlarge.)


I can see clearly now…

Author: Moving with Mitchell

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