Noah’s [P]ark[ed] And Moose, Too / Noé Y Moose Estan Estacionado

IT LOOKS LIKE perhaps Noah (aka The Skipper) has been told to stop building his “boat” on the very public Paseo. He’s moved on to building castles in the sand. The boat is parked nearby. Moose is also parked. He’s much better at it.

PARECE QUE TAL vez a Noah (alias The Skipper) le han dicho que deje de construir su “barco” en el muy público Paseo. Se trasladó a la construcción de castillos en la arena. El barco está estacionado in the neighborhoodMoose también está estacionado. Él es mucho mejor en eso.

Another use for his skipper’s cap: collecting donations. / Otro uso para su gorra de capitán: recoger donaciones.

Author: Moving with Mitchell

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28 thoughts on “Noah’s [P]ark[ed] And Moose, Too / Noé Y Moose Estan Estacionado”

  1. Is ‘Noah’ a street person?….living out of his van?
    Very talented none the less…..and Moose has the cuteness factor down to a ‘T’.

  2. The Skipper builds a much better sand castle than boat. Moose on his back is always a delight! My Maltese naps like that. It is weird 🙂

    1. Deedles:
      Yes, he does build a better sand castle than boat… But then that’s not saying much!

  3. I love how Moose’s back foot hangs off the side of the bed – he is an excellent role model for relaxation.
    I can’t make out what the sand sculpture is, although the writing is perfectly clear. The ark seems to have suffered in its removal from the roadside.

    1. Wilma:
      Jerry called me in to see Moose like that. One roll in the wrong direction and he’d have been on the floor. The sand “castle” wasn’t much. The writing was clear. There were also requests for donations written in the sand framing the “sculpture.” I gave. If i photograph, I give.

    1. Jennifer:
      Yay! You can also sign up for email notification (at top right of sidebar). I promise you won’t receive 2,000 emails in one day; that ship has sailed.

  4. Oh good, my comment got posted this time! I’ve been having major trouble with my comments not appearing on your blog. Did you fix something or did I just get lucky, LOL?

    1. Debra:
      Your comments were going into a Spam Comments area (that I didn’t even realize existed). I found them all today and I’m hoping that maybe by simply “approving” them WordPress will no longer put them in Spam. Uf!

    2. Just read your return comments on the last post — all is now clear! Thanks for fixing the problem. Damn spam folder!

      1. Debra:
        Thanks for sticking with me and continuing to try. A couple of other people had the same problem. And i’ve got some other issues that WordPress is trying to fix. It may not be perfect yet, but they sure do try to help.

    1. anne marie:
      He falls asleep like that often. He was probably mid conversation (he’s a talker).

    1. Adam:
      Did you LOOK at that boat. The only way he’ll be dry is if he climbs onto the roof of his van and the waters don’t reach that high.

    1. Mistress Maddie:
      He just gets sweeter and sweeter. He’s a sheepcat; he doesn’t settle until he knows where everyone is… and preferably with him.

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