Aw, Nuts!

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I had plans to visit the Museum of Art and Popular Customs today. I got off to a slow start and didn’t get into Málaga until 4:30, which is when I discovered the museum was only open until 5.

So, with no other plans, I wandered the beautiful city and found a new Sabor a España (Tastes Like Spain) shop (click here), where I drowned my sorrows. In nuts. When I got home, I immediately opened the package of turrón duro (hard nougat) with pistachio. Turrón Duro is so hard that I had to lay it on a plate and cut it with a knife, which in my book means I cooked. What a difficult day.


Tenía planes para visitar hoy el Museo de Arte y Costumbres Populares. Tuve un comienzo lento y no entré en Málaga hasta las 4:30, cuando descubrí que el museo solo estaba abierto hasta las 5.

Entonces, sin ningún otro plan, vagé por la hermosa ciudad y encontré una nueva tienda de Sabor a España (haz clic aquí), donde ahogué mis penas. En nueces. Cuando llegué a casa, inmediatamente abrí el paquete de turrón duro de pistacho. Turrón Duro es tan duro que tuve que ponerlo en un plato y cortarlo con un cuchillo, que en mi libro significa que cociné. Qué día tan difícil.

Fig, almonds, and chocolate loaf. / Hard nougat with pistachios.
Sabor a España, Calle Agustín.

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30 thoughts on “Aw, Nuts!”

      1. anne marie:
        Jerry isn’t either. So I’m obligated to do it all by myself.

  1. Turron is also Italian. When we were little, the family always shared a box at Christmas time. My sister still sends a box to us. Excellent memories.

    1. Deedles:
      You’re absolutely right. It quickly softens in your mouth (which might sadden Maddie), but that first bite is a doozy.

  2. Yum!!! I love all nuts. Pistachios are one of my favorites. This reminds me of a nutty divinity that my aunt makes during the holidays that is super sweet but delicious.

    1. hollihd:
      I love all nuts, too. A friend is currently visiting from Arizona (since last week) and she brought a big bag of fresh locally grown pistachios, which are all gone!

    1. Bob:
      Yes, I’m very proud of myself. Sometimes, if a snack requires a knife and plate, I forego the snack.

    1. David:
      It’s hard to believe but I actually DID cook sometimes … a long while back. Jerry has spoiled me. I should ask HIM to plate and cut my turrón.

  3. Always had torrone at Christmas. Either in one large piece to cut up or, my favorite individual pieces flavored with vanilla, lemon or orange that came in little boxes. Bought a large piece imported from Italy for the holidays this year.

    1. Frank:
      I had also always loved turrón and was pleasantly surprised to find it as a tradition here in Spain. This shop had every kind you could imagine… and in assortments, too. You would have been in heaven!

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