Jeepers Creepers

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JEEPERS CREEPERS, WHERE’D you get those peepers? Or in this case, where’d you get those Peeps? While we were in Las Vegas in February, I decided to find something traditionally American for Easter to bring back to Spain for some of our friends. And what could be more traditionally American for Easter than Peeps? Those marshmallow (pure sugar) baby chicks and bunny rabbits covered in a slightly crusty coating (of sugar) and dotted with little chocolate (sugary) eyes. And, best of all, they’re non-fat and gluten-free!

I ALSO BROUGHT BACK A couple of special items for my 3-year-old pal Luke — a plastic wind-up Easter bunny that walks and poops jelly beans, and a container of Fluffy Marshmallow Chick Slime, which contains three little chicks. The container says it’s scented. I don’t know if it smells like marshmallows or chickens.


JEEPERS CREEPERS, ¿DE dónde obtuviste esos peepers [ojitos]? (Esa es una canción vieja y famosa de los Estados Unidos). O en este caso, ¿De dónde sacaste esos Peeps? Mientras estábamos en Las Vegas en febrero, decidí buscar algo tradicionalmente estadounidense para Semana Santa que traería a España para algunos de nuestros amigos. ¿Y qué podría ser más tradicionalmente estadounidense para Semana Santa que Peeps? Esos pollitos de malvavisco (azúcar pura) y conejitos cubiertos con una capa ligeramente crujiente (de azúcar) y salpicados de ojitos de chocolate (azúcarado). Y, lo mejor de todo, ¡son sin grasa y sin gluten!

NOTA: “Peep” es el sonido que hace un pollito.

TAMBIÉN TRAJE UN PAR DE artículos especiales para mi compadre Luke (él tiene 3 años): Un “Easter Bunny” [Conejito de Semana Santa] de plástico que camina y rellena gomitas (en inglés, el Easter Bunny es un conejo que trae Huevos de Pascua); y un envase de “Fluffy Marshmallow Chick Slime” [“Malvavisco Esponjoso Baba de Pollitos”], que contiene tres pollitos (plasticos). El envase dice que está perfumado. No sé si huele a malvaviscos (nubes) o gallinas.

Author: Moving with Mitchell

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20 thoughts on “Jeepers Creepers”

  1. How cute. There is Peeps store at National Harbor. The Washington Post usually runs a Peeps Photo Contest.

    1. David:
      Jerry’s mother used to send us an Easter care package every year, which included packages of Peeps. Sweet memories!

    1. anne marie:
      I knew nothing about the company until I followed your link. And the founder started it all in NYC and had his first retail shop in Brooklyn! I love the company name/family name!

  2. I used to work with a woman who liked to put these little critters in the microwave just to see them explode! I’d do it too if I didn’t have to clean up the mess later. It’s better than eating the little suckers 🙂

    1. Deedles:
      That DOES sound like so much fun, except for the cleaning part. Can you imagine?!? Then again, maybe it’s time to buy a new microwave…

  3. Luc will LOVE those gifts! Be sure to get him all “hopped up” on sugar Peeps first, too! His parents will thank you!

    1. Debra:
      I behave myself and follow the parents’ rules. Jerry is the OTHER kind of uncle… and then he disappears!

    1. Bob:
      It really does sound like fine, but I would definitely have to buy a new microwave. I’m not cleaning THAT mess.

  4. Never heard to these’ Peeps’. Poor Canadians……always missing out!! LOL
    Your friends of all ages will have a very Happy Easter by the looks/sounds of things!!

    1. Mistress Borghese:
      I’m the same. Jerry’s mother used to send us an Easter care package every year. We finally told her to stop sending us Peeps.

  5. I read that a backpacker always carries a peep in his fire started tin for a quick start to a fire. If you punch a hole in the package and let them dry out they taste even better.

    cheers, parsnip

    1. Parsnip:
      I love the idea of punching a hole in the package. We used to simply take so long to get around to eat them that they were “naturally” stale… and so much better. (I’ve also heard about using them as fire-starters… and in Smores!)

  6. I don’t think I ever liked them, even before they were known as “peeps.” But those foil-wrapped solid chocolate eggs…

    1. Walt the Fourth:
      I’m too young to have known them before they were Peeps. I never really liked them but I always ate one or two. Those religious holiday traditions you know. And, oh yes, those solid chocolate eggs. My sister used to bring home BIG solid chocolate Easter bunnies. Oh … oh… oh…

    1. Cheapchick:
      I LOVE jelly beans. Just found out my Diabetes is nothing to worry about. Time to go buy some sweets!

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