Not The Last Supper / No La Ultima Cena

ON MY WAY home from the orthodontist this evening, I was elated to discover that sand sculptor Paul Blane’s last Last Supper was not in actuality his LAST Last Supper. He’s back on the beach here in Fuengirola creating another meal for Semana Santa. And I hope this one is also not his last. I’ll be back with more photos later in the week. I’m guessing Paul will have this year’s creation completed by Maundy Thursday in time to commemorate that other Last Supper.


EN MI CAMINO a casa del ortodoncista esta tarde, me alegré al descubrir que la última Última Cena de Paul Blane, el escultor de arena, no fue en realidad su ÚLTIMA Última Cena. Él está de vuelta en la playa aquí en Fuengirola creando otra comida para Semana Santa. Y espero que éste tampoco sea el último. Volveré con más fotos más adelante en la semana. Supongo que Paul tendrá la creación de este año completada por el Jueves Santo a tiempo para conmemorar la Última Cena oficial

Paul, getting more water. / Paul, consiguiendo más agua.

Author: Moving with Mitchell

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20 thoughts on “Not The Last Supper / No La Ultima Cena”

  1. Incredible work!
    Like the fact that he has a ‘playful’ spirit with the cat and mouse/rat.

      1. Anon: Nope, not pizza. I guess no one wanted to take the chance and deliver it. I was there today and saw a plate of fish. You’ll see.

  2. Amazing talent. Might I suggest you encourage him to do a gigantic sand Bunny? I know Easter is celebrated in the religious way versus the bunny way but that would be pretty cool too 🙂

    1. Cheapchick:
      Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) sand bunnies aren’t Paul’s style. He does a great drunken pirates tavern, though.

    1. Kirk:
      I agree. Although a passerby gave Paul grief yesterday about the fact that Thomas was giving Jesus the finger! Paul explained that not only wasn’t it THE finger, it wasn’t even his idea and she needed to look at Da Vinci’s Last Supper, which was his inspiration. She didn’t believe him and he didn’t have a photo handy.

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