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FUENGIROLA’S 25TH ANNUAL World People’s Fair (Feria Internacional de Los Pueblos) opened Tuesday night and runs through Sunday. I was there twice Wednesday, first during the day to see the parade, and again that evening with friends. And, of course, I have lots of photos to share. But today’s post is mostly about Amir.

After the fair, we stopped for dinner at Pizzeria Picolo. It was late and quiet (which was a relief after the noise and crowds). Whenever I pass the place during the day, it’s busy, so I figured it was a good choice. It was. We had a great time, great food, and great service. Amir is the owner’s son. Charming, funny — and built like a brick house. San Geraldo asked him about his workout routine. He mentioned his six-pack and I commented that I had just learned that here in Spain it’s called a tableta de chocolate (chocolate bar). San Geraldo pointed to his own large chocolate bar and Amir said, “You’ve got something even bettter. You’ve got an airbag.” Amir’s lucky San Geraldo is such a gentle soul.


LA FERIA INTERNACIONAL de Los Pueblos de Fuengirola abrió sus puertas el martes por la noche y se extiende hasta el domingo. Estuve allí dos veces el miércoles, primero durante el día para ver el desfile, y otra vez esa noche con amigos. Y, por supuesto, tengo muchas fotos para compartir. Pero el post de hoy es principalmente sobre Amir.

Después de la feria, paramos a cenar en Pizzeria Picolo. Era tarde y tranquilo (lo que fue un alivio después del ruido y las multitudes). Cuando paso por el lugar durante el día, está siempre ocupado, así que pensé que era una buena opción. Era. Tuvimos un gran momento, buena comida, y un gran servicio. Amir es el hijo del dueño. Encantador, divertido — y en inglés diríamos que él está construido como una casa de ladrillos.. San Geraldo le preguntó sobre su rutina de ejercicios. Mencionó su paquete de seis y comenté que acababa de enterarme de que aquí en España se llama tableta de chocolate (barra de chocolate). San Geraldo señaló su gran barra de chocolate y Amir dijo: “Tienes algo aún mejor. Tienes un airbag”. Amir tiene suerte que San Geraldo es un alma gentil.

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32 thoughts on “Airbag”

    1. John,
      I know. I know. But he’s only 22 and we both looked exactly like that at 22. (That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.)

  1. Ha! I think I like airbag better than keg. It’s soft and squishy and comforting. I have one and so does Bald Half. It’s a little disturbing (tmi alert) when lying face to face. We look like a seesaw with appendages 🙂 You rock that airbag, SG!

  2. Oh my, airbags.
    The least Amir could have done after that remark would be to show his,um, chocolate bar?

    1. Bob,
      He probably would have had I asked. He was kind of proud of himself.

  3. Never heard of ‘airbag’ in this context, only of someone emptily talkative, but in no way being complimentary. Just as well S.G. didn’t react as some might have done – if he’d understood, that is.

    And I too long to have a lick of Amir’s chocolate bar!

    1. Ray,
      Airbag is not an official term. Amir was just being funny… he thought. But Jerry is much better at laughing at things like that. Anyway, Amir’s third language is Spanish, so he preferred speaking in English (his second language), which meant Jerry understood MOST of what he said.

    1. Debra:
      Well… usually. About 10 years ago, we were out with one of my clients and his very, very young and pretty boyfriend. When Jerry mentioned that he needed to lose weight, this young and pretty boyfriend said, “I thought when you were old you didn’t have to worry about those things anymore. I mean, nobody else cares.”

  4. Airbags,sixpacks,pizza,crazy feria
    ride and wonderful company…. Great night 😊

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