The Lovecats / Los Amantes Gatunos

La versión español está después de la versión inglés.

I HAD THE written drivers test this morning. Unlike the awful English translations of the 63 practice exams (a total of 1,862 practice questions), the translation of the official exam was quite good. But that wasn’t great news for me because different terms were used on the official exam. Terms for specific laws that I had never seen before. There were three questions out of 30 that left me a bit flummoxed. I’m allowed three errors. So, if those three are the only issues, I’ll be fine. The Spanish exams are done online and scored the same day. The English exams, I discovered today, are done with pen to paper and I’ve just been informed I won’t have my results until Monday.

So, Monday will either be a totally crap day (drivers test results AND biopsy results), or a totally great day, or a mixed bag. Poor San Geraldo! I’m glad we’ve got our lovecats.


HE TENIDO EL teórico de conductores esta mañana. A diferencia de la horrible traducción al inglés de los 63 exámenes de práctica (un total de 1,862 preguntas de práctica), la traducción del examen oficial fue bastante buena. Pero eso no fue una gran noticia para mí porque se usaron diferentes términos en el examen oficial. Términos para leyes específicas que nunca había visto antes. Hubo tres preguntas de 30 que me dejaron un poco desconcertado. Se me permiten tres errores. Entonces, si esos tres son los únicos problemas, estaré bien. Los exámenes de español se realizan en línea y se puntúan el mismo día. Descubrí esta mañana que los exámenes de inglés se realizan de pluma a papel y me acaban de informar de que no tendré mis resultados hasta el lunes.

Por lo tanto, el lunes será un día de mierda (resultados de pruebas de conducción y resultados de biopsia), un gran día, o un día mixto. ¡Pobre San Geraldo! Me alegro que tengamos nuestros amantes gatunos.

Moose (left) and Dudo. / Moose (izquierda) y Dudo.

Author: Moving with Mitchell

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16 thoughts on “The Lovecats / Los Amantes Gatunos”

  1. That’s what they are there for….to give us balance. Gotta love pets!
    Sending positive energy your way….there it goes!!!

    1. Judy:
      Thanks. I’m expecting all good news tomorrow. But I’ll deal with whatever I get!

    1. Walt the Fourth:
      OK, I think this will be a B52s day. I LOVE that song!

  2. Sending love and extra cats your way to calm you while you wait for the good news. It will all be okay.

  3. I wish I had lovecats! Each day has its own worries, so have a stress free weekend. Forget your troubles, c’mon get happy, da,da, da etc. Wishing you unicorns and rainbows for Monday. I see it’s time for me to step away from the blogosphere for awhile 🙂

    1. Deedles:
      Never step away, please, never! Thanks for the unicorns and rainbows. Pedro and Kathleen cooked us dinner Saturday night and we then played card; they made the weekend so much better!

    1. Debra:
      Ah, thanks! As an old hypnotist friend used to say “Positive thoughts will bring me the goals I desire.”

    1. Kirk:
      Thanks! As for Dudo, the final picture was taken because Dudo was staring at me incessantly as I walked around doing things. It can be a bit unsettling. The one before was Dudo jumping up on the bed, glancing at Moose, and then deciding to ignore him and come over and talk to me.

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